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Scenes From the Clean-Up

by ARLnow.com January 27, 2011 at 4:34 pm 1,720 14 Comments

Drive across the county today and you see the same scene repeated over again.

Tree limbs down the the score. Fallen utility lines coned off and marked with orange flags. Neighbors out with shovels and snow blowers. Kids, off from school, toting around plastic sleds. Stretches where power and traffic lights were out (including a busy section of Lee Highway between Kirkwood and Veitch). Police and firefighters responding to call after call after call.

In the aftermath of what caused so much frustration last night were more glimpses of the good that snow brings out in many of us. On side streets, many of those neighbors with shovels and snow blowers were out helping to clear the still un-plowed roads. Others could be seen clearing public sections of sidewalk so others didn’t have to walk in the street.

From reader Ann B.:

I have to give a shout out to two great neighbors today.

I’ve lived near the corner of N. Adams and Lee HWY for over 6 years now. This morning, two neighborhood guys actually shoveled the snow from the southeast corner to the bus shelter on Lee. This is one of the few times this has ever happened in 6 years.

I had a young one with me and it made all the difference. It’s nice to see neighbors giving a hand!

(Reminder: Per the county’s snow removal ordinance, property owners must clear their sidewalks by early tomorrow morning.)

Although it was difficult to find a navigable place to park in many parts of the county, here are some of the photos we managed to snap around North Arlington this afternoon.

  • GeorgeOrwell

    the county got it right, despite my misgivings.
    THREE of my neighbors who NEVER shovel where out there this year shoveling so that they wouldn’t get stuck with a $200 fine.
    Bad Government can cause Good things to happen.

  • JamesE

    I do enjoy how my street (N. Stuart) is never touched, makes me feel special.

  • cj

    Tomorrow (Friday) morning the county starts accepting complaints about sidewalks not shoveled. Several businesses that should know better are high on my list. At 2 pm the McDonald’s at Wilson and George Mason had its parking lot and drive-through lanes clear to the concrete, but had done nothing about its sidewalks, including a heavily-used bus stop. Somehow it didn’t look as though a burst of civic spirit would erupt before dawn.

  • burger

    Where’s the link so I can report the county for when they, again, don’t plow our street within the same requiste timeframe?

    • mehoo

      Yeah, I was going to suggest that too. If they can do it for sidewalks…

  • anonguy

    Isn’t compelling private citizen labor to clear public property somehow unconstitutional?

    • tea?

      Yes, under the 13th amendment!

  • Mark

    I wish some of my neighbors had shoveled their sidewalks. Their driveways are pristine and completely free of snow. Looks like I’ll give the county a call at 10.

  • Smithers

    The Charleston Condo on Clarendon Blvd @ Barton St needs to be fined. A whole city block of hard packed ice and no attempt to clear it at all.

    • LP


  • charlie

    and yet some of the owners in there are Zimmie’s biggest supporters. tsk tsk.

  • LP

    Believe this is the link to report un-shoveled sidewalks.


  • Veeta

    I have already reported the 7-11 on 2nd St S. That intersection is dangerous on a good day, so an icy sidewalk on the path to a bus stop needs to be cleared. Don’t they sell salt?

  • shirley

    what good is the County webpage for reporting snow violations if IT DOES NOT WORK??
    The GIS MAP IT Feature is not working today and you MUST use that to report a violation.


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