Suspect Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Langston-Brown Tire Slashings

by ARLnow.com February 2, 2011 at 1:36 pm 3,382 46 Comments

(Updated at 2:45 p.m.) A 22-year-old man has been arrested and has pleaded no contest to two tire slashing sprees in the Langston-Brown area.

Cameron Scott Fraley, of no fixed address, was arrested on Dec. 19, 2010, four days after allegedly slashing the tires on more than 30 cars near Glebe Elementary School and Virginia Hospital Center.

Fraley was charged with misdemeanor destruction of property for the December tire-slashing spree. He was charged with another count of destruction of property for another tire-slashing spree in the same neighborhood in October, when 15-20 vehicles were hit.

Fraley pleaded no contest to both charges, and was sentenced to 200 days in jail with all but 40 days suspended, according to court records. He was also assessed $356 in court costs.

The tire slashings came at a time when Fraley was facing a felony charge for possession of oxycodone. According to court records, Fraley was indicted by a grand jury on the oxycodone charge on Oct. 18. The first tire slashing was discovered early on the morning of Oct. 20.

The second tire slashing was discovered on Dec. 15, the same morning Fraley entered a plea. A pre-sentence hearing on Fraley’s oxycodone charge is scheduled for Feb. 18.

  • BallstonDude

    No fixed address…

    So he was homeless? Did he stay at the Courthouse homeless shelter?

    • This doesn’t really answer your question, but it does appear that he has a MySpace page.

      • KalashniKEV

        I’ll bet if we extended the Library Hours to 24/7 he would have just been Facebookin’ and super pokin’ other Bums all night rather than out raising hell. The Bums in DC have Facebook (seriously), why are ours still using MySpace?

    • CatLover

      There had to be more that Arlington could have done to help this lost soul – I truly feel the community has let him down.

      • Scott

        Arlington fianlly did do something once it made the news on CBS. They made an effort to catch him and then there is the real question on if they caught the right guy. 3 meals and a place to sleep is a good motivation to plead to this.

  • JimPB

    What about a work plan to earn the money required to reimburse the owners of the vehicles whose tires were slashed for the replacement tires and the time and hassle his criminal conduct caused?

    • Bluemont John

      +1. They ought to make him do hard labor to pay for all those people’s tires.

      I wonder if his crime was racially motivated. That neighborhood is almost exclusively African American. Seems odd that this guy would target that area if he doesn’t live there.

      • KalashniKEV

        OMGosh you’re right!

        I wonder if the cars were “Black Cars” in which case he could have targeted them specifically for that reason. If this is true, and the victims enjoyed some minority or protected status, then they should definitely double the penalty! The more I think about it, this is clearly a Hate Crime…

        (I hope your comment was a joke!)

        • Bluemont John

          No, I’m not joking. It’s a 98% black neighborhood with a few McMansions from the last 3 years or so. I’d bet the farm that he’s never lived there. That raises the question of why he would single it out from among the many neighborhoods surrounding it–neighborhoods where he would not stick out like a sore thumb.

        • Scott

          He did not discriminate on who’s tires were slashed. He also slashed a lot more tires than what is being reported. The tire slashing has been going on for years in this community. The only reason the police finally did anything was simply because the October 2010 slashing finally made the news.

      • charlie

        RE: BJ (bluemont john): you need to expand your horizons. that neighborhood is hardly 98% African-American anymore. Go look at the 2010 census data. of course you probably never go to “that” neighborhood, so i understand your misinformation.

        • Bluemont John

          Dude. What is your problem? I’ve been through that neighborhood many times. No, I did not research the latest census data on that particular area, and OK, maybe it’s gentrified faster than I’d realized. Still–I’m pretty sure it’s still mostly black.

          I was simply wondering if that was his motivation. Maybe it’s not. I don’t really care. If it was up to me, I’d have him digging ditches for 10 years.

          • charlie

            Bluemont John, my problem is that you think it is an African American neighborhood. My second problem is that you think because it is an African American neighborhood it got targeted for this tire slashing. Do you believe that African Americans should be targeted? More so that people who drive Volvo’s? Or live in overpriced homes? IMHO your comments are racist.

            Anyways, on a quantitative level, the 2000 census showed that Arlington Census Tract 1008 (which is Langston Brown and the majority of “that” neighrborhood) it was only 65% African American and only 3.9% African-born Citizens.

            Go to page 10 of the report and the write-up about African Americans in Arlington. You will find that in both of the traditional African American communities of Arlington that just about LESS THAN TWO-THIRDS of the people are listed as African-American. And while the 2010 census doesn’t seem to be available to the general public, I would be willing to bet that those percentages will drop even more.


            I hope this will help you move-on from your prejudices.

          • DouroDouro

            Your own statistics show that a majority of the population in that neighborhood is African-American. I’m not saying that Bluemont John was spot on, but you have to admit that most Arlington neighborhoods do not have majority African-American populations. Also, while I highly doubt that race was a factor in where this guy chose to do this horrible deed, it doesn’t sound at all like Bluemont John is being racist in any way.

            Lastly, I may or may not drive a Volvo so I am thoroughly offended by your suggestion, sir 🙂

          • Bluemont John

            Thank you.

          • Bluemont John

            Your crazed ramblings don’t really deserve a response–but I can’t resist. If that neighborhood is 65% black, then it’s about 64% more black than any other neighborhood within a mile radius, at least. I had initially thought this creep (who’s white) had hit only that neighborhood. Had that been the case, it would’ve been like a white guy getting caught for slashing tires in East LA or Suitland, MD. In which case, it would’ve been a hate crime–which I doubt any racist would believe is a something anyone should be charged with. Think what you want, but I’m not a racist, and I don’t drive a Volvo or live in an overpriced house. So–whatever. I shall now ignore you.

          • charlie

            BJ: You continue to throw the race card around.
            First, Tract 1008 is only 66% African American, == your “guess” is off by 33%. That is significant margin of error.
            Second, throwing Suitland maryland out is also blatant stoking — that community, while much more African American that 1008, is actually only 87% African American. The 13% who are NOT African American may take exception to your flaming post.

          • borf

            “My second problem is that you think because it is an African American neighborhood it got targeted for this tire slashing. Do you believe that African Americans should be targeted? More so that people who drive Volvo’s? Or live in overpriced homes? IMHO your comments are racist.”


          • YoBimbo

            Actually, I got a bigger racist vibe from Charlie’s comments than Bluemont John’s. “More so that people who drive Volvo’s? Or live in overpriced homes?” Really? Bluemont John was merely wondering if that was the reason for that neighborhood being targeted. At no point did I get the sense that he thought African-Americans should be targeted.

            Project much, Charlie?

          • KalashniKEV

            I personally found Bluemont John’s posts to be blatantly racist, particularly the Gentrification = Whiteness, and the long stretch argument he’s making that the victims may possibly 1) be in a protected class 2) have been selected because of their membership of a protected class.

          • charlie

            BJ in my opinion, has a long streak on this blog of not liking homeless, hispanics and blacks. he continually makes remarks about “them” and how “they” don’t belong. I’m just tired of hearing it and was able to prove his inflamatory remark false before my boss came back from coffee break.

          • goredskins

            weird that you are offended that someone called a historically and mostly Black neighborhood a Black neighborhood. like you think thats a negative? i think a racist would be like “hell yah slash them tires of those black folks, heh heh”. not worrying that it could be a racist motivation behind it.

        • DT

          Halls Hill (as it is known to those of us who didn’t just move here) is a black neighborhood and proudly so. It has a very interesting history actually.

  • KalashniKEV

    I’m glad he only has to do a little over a month in jail… street drug sales will probably be down, his buddies will miss him in the Courthouse nest, and my plants need watering and fertilizing.

    At least when he gets out it will be a little bit warmer outside.

    • ClarendonKing

      I for one think he should be hanged.

      • KalashniKEV

        OMG… that dude is Grimy.

        • DouroDouro

          And here I was thinking that the police had finally got you… or did you get out on bail? 😉

          • KalashniKEV

            I’m actually quite handsome. Think James Bond meets Indiana Jones plus Dutch from Predator.

          • local

            “I’m actually quite handsome. Think…Predator.”

            Your words, not mine. 😉

    • Scott

      He was let go at sentencing for time already served so he is back on the street.

      • Lou


  • Katie

    Who needs drugs and tire slashing when there are cupcakes?!!

  • Rover

    Have you ever tried to slash a tire with a cupcake? So hard. Besides, cupcakes cause homelessness. At $4-5 a pop, who can afford rent, or acne cream, or a hair cut?

    • Lou

      And that’s why you need to sell drugs.

  • wow – this guy looks like a teen who ran away from home, has been on the streets and got into serious trouble with drugs. What a sad looking face. Teens should have to look at this mug shot to see the consequences of drug abuse.

  • Brendan

    40 days seems a little light…

    assuming a minimum cost of $200/car x 45 or 50 cars.
    = $9,000 to 10,000 in damage.

    not sure the extent of the damage or what people had to go through but getting new tires tends to cost me 4hrs minimum…
    =180-200 hrs of wasted time for people

    plus the cost and time to APD.

    This guy is getting off extremely easy.

    • Scott

      The police omly charged him with 2 counts casue that home owner had security cameras. They had a weak case agains’t him so could not charge him with the other victims.

  • NomNom

    I am surprised that the two charges were both misdemeanors. It is my understanding that “destruction of property” is a class 4 felony in VA if the property destroyed is over $200. I am surpised that not one of the tires slashed was not over that amount. I guess he avoided the Pirelli tires and aimed for the Firestones.

    • Scott

      The 2 counts were for a Scion, 1 tire in October and again in December for 1 tire.

    • Just the Facts

      What code section would you cite for this?

      Code section 18.2-137, Injuring, etc., any property, monument, etc., states that the crime is a Class 3 misdemeanor if done unlawfully, a Class 1 misdemeanor if done unlawfully and intentionally and the damaged property is worth less than $1,000, and a Class 6 felony if done unlawfully and intentionally and the damaged property is worth $1,000 or more.

      • NomNom

        § 18.2-81. Burning or destroying personal property, standing grain, etc.

        If any person maliciously, or with intent to defraud an insurance company or other person, set fire to or burn or destroy by any explosive device or substance, or cause to be burned, or destroyed by any explosive device or substance, or aid, counsel, or procure the burning or destroying by any explosive device or substance, of any personal property, standing grain or other crop, he shall, if the thing burnt or destroyed, be of the value of $200 or more, be guilty of a Class 4 felony; and if the thing burnt or destroyed be of less value, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

  • KArlington

    He must have been educated at Williamsburg, which I understand has a strict dress code.

    • Katie

      Being ordered to “re-do” walking down the stairs would turn me feral.

  • G::TheNativeArlingtonian

    People are making a joke of this doof, but you might not be when he finally graduates from tires to breaking into houses and stealing valuable and trashing houses. Especially if his sad drug use makes him desperate enough to confront someone with the knife he has been slashing tires with.

    This kid (which is what he is acting like) got off way to easy for the crimes he committed and aggravation he caused the car owners. Unfortunately it is almost a given we haven’t heard the last of him.

  • John Fontain

    Justice should be about making sure a criminal pays for what he does. In my opinion, the appropriate punishment in this case would be to put him in jail, make him work while locked-up (stamping license plates, etc.), and end his jail time only after he has earned enough money through his in jail work to pay restitution to those whose tires he slashed.

  • jar

    got oxy? hurray for legalized heroin. you can thank big pharma for this epidemic


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