Z-Burger Coming to Virginia Square

by ARLnow.com March 21, 2011 at 2:34 pm 7,644 43 Comments

A Z-Burger restaurant is coming to Virginia Square.

The small District-based burger chain is in the midst of renovating a two-story red-brick house at the corner of Wilson Boulevard and N. Kenmore Street, according to county records.

Reached by phone, Z-Burger owner Mohammad Esfahani said that he is hoping to have the restaurant open by this summer. This will be Z-Burger’s fourth location and its first Virginia outpost. The restaurant serves burgers, hot dogs, cheesesteaks, fries, onion rings and 75 flavors of shakes and malts.

The building — which is situated 3-4 blocks from both the Clarendon and Virginia Square Metro stations — once housed a couple of business, including a video conversion business and a realty company. An attached one-story building that housed a palm reader, Madame Jacy, has been demolished. (A Yelp review of Madame Jacy once complained that the building “smelled really, really raunchy.” The same reviewer bemoaned that the predictions came true but were not specific enough.)

Once it opens, the restaurant will have a limited amount of off-street parking available to customers. It will face competition from Mario’s Pizza House, across the street, and the soon-to-open BGR: The Burger Joint in Clarendon.

Photo (and tip) courtesy Garrett P.

  • local

    Madame Jacy predicted that Arlington would someday be completely filled with nothing but burger, pizza, frozen yogurt, and cupcake joints.

    • rcw


    • Steve

      oh, and gastropubs. We have to have extra overpriced bar food only. There will probably be a law banning dive bars.

  • JamesE

    I still can’t believe the place where Aladdin’s use to be hasn’t been taken. I guess the asking price is absurd, but I really want another middle eastern place within walking distance (RIP Food Factory)

    • Tre

      Flat Top (RIP) was much better than Aladdin’s. That said, Clarendon has a ton of middle eastern / south asian food.

  • John Fontain

    Thanks for the post Arlnow. I’ve been watching the demolition on that property for the past several weeks and have been wondering what was in store. While we can debate whether we have too many burger places, this is a welcome improvement over the palm reader.

  • Jared

    Somehow I don’t think this will help ease the congestion there at the El Pollo Rico parking lot.

  • cj

    The real gem of the Wilson/Kenmore area is Pollo Rico. Mario’s is also in a class by itself, though I’m not sure what that class is called.

    • MentalMiddleSchooler

      What class is Mario’s in? The class you get to by taking the short bus.

      • mehoo

        Don’t be an ass.

  • Southeast Jerome

    So many burgers……. not enough places to get deli sandwiches/subs at the same price point as these burger/pizza joints. This will be the 3rd new burger joint in the last 6 months in a 1.5 mile strip, just bizzare.

    • JamesE

      Mike’s Cafe has some of the best sandwiches in the area, crappy hours though.

  • Aaron

    As an AU student, I ate at Z-Burger in Tenleytown quite a bit. It is very, very similar to Five Guys and the shakes are pretty good.

    But looking at Google Maps, I see one major problem. There will be very limited on-site parking and you cannot park on Wilson at that point. Being far from Metro stations, that will be a problem,

    • BallstonDude

      Far from Metro this is not.

      • Agent Michael Scarn


    • BallstonDude

      0.2 miles from VA Square and 0.4 miles from Clarendon metros.

    • Z What Time is it?
      It’s Z Burger Time..

      Z Burger is the place to be

      By American University

      Z Burger is the place to be
      Turnin’ out tight Burgers,
      Sometimes For Freee!

      Get your Cow or your Vege style
      Hot Z Fries up in a pile

      So many Milkshakes up on your face,
      You be sayin’ That’s My place!

      So if your Hungry in DC
      Z burger is the place to be
      Near that AU joint
      Metro to Tenley

      Come get your Milkshakes Baby,
      We know you’ll like it cool,
      And when you find your flavor,
      You’ll take it back to school

  • SB

    Umm is everyone ignoring the 75 flavors of shakes and malts? And also, hot dogs! Skip the burgers.

    Maybe it was just the one time I went to Marios, but yuck. Never again.

  • G. Clifford Prout

    Man does not live by burgers and cupcakes alone.

    • Maria

      Speak for yourself.

  • Curious George

    Right next to Capital Cat Clinic? mmmmmmm roof rat burgers…

  • Arlingtonian

    Sweet, I can treat myself whenever I have to take my cat to the vet next door

    • Tabby

      Really? My wallet aches so badly every time Tabs and I visit Dr. Brown and company–no can afford to buy burger.

  • Lumiere

    People seem to forget that Wilson/Kenmore is a block away from the GMU Arlington campus.

  • The Dope Of South Arlington

    I’m glad that tranny movie joint is gone.

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  • HowDoTheyDoIt?

    Get financing, I mean ? In such a saturated market. Also point out that Dittmar keeps claiming there is no demand in VaSq.

    • Justin Russo

      Demand for burgers?

    • Lumiere

      I used to work at VaSquare… there was actually plenty of lunch crowd near there between FDIC/Darpa/BAH on Fairfax Dr.

  • eosacritic

    Only been to Z-Burger twice-but found it far superior to Five Guys, yet still very affordable. I’m very happy it’s coming.

  • Burger

    Clearly, the cupcake and burger joint bubble has not popped, yet.

    • Tre

      Burger’s will persist…. but these crappy cupcakeries really make horrible cupcakes in comparison to Georgetown Cupcake. Crumbs was really disappointing… I’m not sure how they have any staying power.

      • mehoo

        You can make cupcakes at home, people.

        • Arlingtonian

          I’ve never gotten the cupcake craze myself

      • Vinh An Nguyen

        They are all silly. Georgetown Cupcakes’ product is no different than something you’d get at Giant or Safeway.

        Don’t believe the hype.

      • ChrisW

        Gtown Cupcake is mediocre. Bake Shop is far better and actually in Clarendon.

  • wava_2

    That looks like Dr. Hazel’s old office. His son John “Til” Hazel is the famous lawyer/real estate developer who created Tysons, Burke, Fair Lakes, etc, and who helped to set up the George Mason Law School.

  • Andrew

    I wonder how Mario’s Pizza across the street will fare with the competition. Ditto Pio Pio and Carvel…

    • CW

      Mario’s will be fine. No one goes there for burgers, fries or shakes. It’s about the cheesesteaks, other subs, and yes, their interpretation of “pizza”. Carvel is overpriced and stupid, and pio pio can rot in hell. It’s either a front for something or just makes enough money towing cars to stay in business, because there’s never anyone in there and the best pollo a la brasa on earth is across the street at EPR.

  • Rick

    Z sauce on onion rings is probably the least healthiest thing I could do for myself. That being said, I will be walking there several times a week. I would bathe in z-sauce if it was thinner

  • the king

    Pub crawl replaced with burger crawl.
    Ray’s –> Five Guys –> BGR –> Z-Burger –> ??? –> Big Buns
    Too bad there isn’t one in Rosslyn. It would have been nice to start at the beginning. And it is a long distance between Z-Burger and Big Buns. Hopefully something opens up in between.

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  • Scott

    Is Z-Burger still planning to open? I haven’t heard anything about this place lately and it appeared to be sitting quite for a while.


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