Bozzelli’s Now Serving Pizza in Crystal City

by March 22, 2011 at 10:51 am 2,498 13 Comments

The selection is a bit limited at the moment, but Bozzelli’s Italian Deli in Crystal City (2600 Crystal Drive) is now serving pizza.

The addition will bring Bozzelli’s, which opened in November, into direct competition with one of the few other street-facing quick-serve options on the southern end of Crystal Drive, Pizza Autentica (2450 Crystal Drive).

Bozzelli’s is serving plain cheese, pepperoni and veggie pizzas for now. Fancier options like the white pizza are still a few days away, an employee said. In addition to the pizza, Bozzelli’s is also now offering mini cupcakes and other sweets in Crystal City.

One repeat customer who may be sampling the new menu items is Crystal City resident and former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain. We’re told McCain has been known to swing by the restaurant on occasion.

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  • SoCo Resident

    Pizza + Cupcakes = an identity crisis.


    more pizza and condos, WTF, welcome to arlington

    • Too Easy

      If you don’t like it you can leave

    • OX4

      Yea. You can go to Georgetown where they have cupcakes and condos.

      • Lou

        And they hate pizza.

    • Tre

      WTF…. why do humans live and eat?

  • Aaron

    There’s safety in numbers. If you open an authentic Mongolian place in Arlington and it fails, well you were stupid for opening something stupid. If you open a pizza/gourmet burger/cupcake/microbrewery and it fails, oh well, it was just the vicissitudes of the market and not your fault at all. More venture capital please!

    See also: mediocre Thai restaurants and ultra-lux high-rise condos.

  • Kathy

    Hey, try working at this end of Crystal City. Unless you want to walk for 10 minutes, our options are an over-priced deli located in our gov’t building and Bozelli’s just across the street…so yes, the addition of cupcakes and pizza is a big deal.

    • DouroRouro

      I think Bozzelli’s is delicious but they are WAY overpriced. I should scan my last receipt – a cheeseburger, fries, and a box of four-mini cupcakes = $18.00.

      • NoDoubt

        Sampled the pizza with some co-workers and everyone agreed it’s AMAZING…..The Cheese perfect, crust is moist and chewy and overall not greasy. Bozzelli’s got pies, son….YES!

    • CrystalMikey

      Kathy – yeah, I feel sorry for those who live and/or work on that end. The middle of the neighborhood is truly where it’s at!

  • Great news! I hope Bozelli’s will have some outdoor seating.

  • Mark

    Had a slice of the pizza today. It was very, very good.


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