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New Restaurant Coming to Ballston

by ARLnow.com April 15, 2011 at 9:20 am 5,866 84 Comments

A new restaurant is coming to Ballston. Just for kicks, take a moment to guess what kind of restaurant it is.


If you said ‘burger restaurant,’ you are correct! A new burger concept called “Wiinkys” (no, that’s not a typo) is coming to the storefront at 3902 Wilson Boulevard. The space used to house the Pike Grill and, after the grill closed, Papi Pollo.

All we know about Wiinkys so far is that it has a web site with pictures of burgers and wings and a note that says “Wiinkys Coming to a city near you. Spring 2011.”

Wiinkys will be within a short walk of Brgr:Shack (4215 Fairfax Drive) and the future Virginia Square home of Z Burger.

  • JamesE

    I guessed pizza, I fail at life.

  • DudeGuy

    So are burgers the new cupcake and pizza of Arlington?

  • jan

    Really creative!

  • wat

    the name wont last long if nintendo finds out about it.

  • stephanie

    bahh, sooo boring! people in arlington want more than pizza, cupcakes, and burgers!

    • JamesE

      I could use a taco bell within walking distance

      • Tre


      • CW

        Are we the same person? All of your posts are about cars and/or Taco Bell…

        • JamesE

          haha maybe

    • Too bad that wasn’t a District Taco.

  • Vik

    I wish this building and that shady mechanic shop next to it would both be demolished. I do think that a cheap food option in that vicinity could do alright because there’s a couple blocks or so before anything else like subway or sichuan wok, but I think the building and the way the property is laid out with that useless parking in front will deter people.

  • Why do we need another burger place? How about some Ethiopian food in Ballston?

    • Ew

      • mehoo

        Ethiopian is delicious.

    • JamesE

      I am still waiting for someplace to open up where Aladdin’s use to be, like another middle eastern restaurant.

    • CW

      Not likely in the near future…go to Dama down in Foxcroft Heights for the time being. Yum.

    • CarsSuck

      seriously, Ethiopian is the $hit! What else does Ballston really need, a “real” DELI! Not a sub shop, or the sandwich line at Harris Teeter. Mikes is pretty decent, but a real DELI that’s open at the buttcrack of dawn and puts up fat breakfast subs, not those wimpy 1 egg pre-cooked rubber on a stale biscuit you get at dunkin donuts. And for lunch, pretty much anything you can think of, made fresh to order. And not another SUBWAY or Quiznos, those aren’t DELI’s!

      • Novanglus

        For several years, there was a coming soon sign for “Chutzpah Deli” across from this place — in the space now occupied by Tennis Factory. Too bad. We do need a good deli. Luckily, Kogod’s is right near my office downtown.

      • Maria

        I agree. I miss the $3.50 foot-long sub I used to get all the time growing up in NY (State, not city… even the state has better delis than we do!)

    • Sfuss


  • Chad

    Here’s a site with more info: http://www.wix.com/wiinkys/draft1#!menu

    Anything would be better than what’s been in there – but really? Another burger joint?

    Can a brother get some tex-mex?
    Green chili? Hoagies?
    Wings-only place?
    Neighborhood dive bar?

    Whatever… I’ll give it a shot.

    • Evil

      Um… how about a corndog shack! Corndog’s are delicious! But I have to wait for summer fairs to get one:(

    • GoVegArlington

      +1 on the Mongolian

  • mehoo

    Make it stop.

  • Aaron

    Thanks for that link Chad .. their wink burger has peanut butter! Yuck. And that storefront will definitely be a deterrent with awkward parking and it looks like a trailer, let’s hope they improve it.

  • Anon

    My question is – will this place still have young asian waitresses that outnumber and fawn over the customers?

    • JamesE

      What? why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner?

  • CW

    Does anyone know what is going in the new construction on Quincy between Wilson and Glebe? I’m referring to the smaller standalone building on the same parcel as the huge Founder’s Square development and sharing a property line with the towing company. The sign for the longest time said it would be a Sandy Spring Bank and Super Pollo. I always thought the latter was weird because Super Pollo had just moved to a brand new building only a year ago. Now the new building on Quincy has a huge window cling showing what appears to be some sort of roast beef sandwich which says something generic like “coming soon”. Doesn’t look like something they’d serve at Super Pollo – does anyone know what’s going in there?

    • CW

      Why in the world is this comment “awaiting moderation”?!

    • Ballston Mike

      Its still slated to be a Super Pollo. When the Founders Square people bought up the block, including the old Super Pollo, part of the deal was that they would have a new space in the development.

      • CW

        That’s what I’d figured (with respect to the deal for them to have a guaranteed space). But what’s with the giant pictures of delicious roast beef sandwiches? It looks very professional and corporate and un-super-pollo-like.

        • JamesE

          That’s DARPA’s new genetically enhanced super roast beef

      • Southeast Jerome

        Hopefully its still a Super Pollo. That place is the best. Excellent food and even better people watching. Its like a little mixing bowl of construction workers, yuppies, hipsters, Lyon Village aristocrats and .govs

        • CarsSuck

          +1,000,000. I can’t stop eating Super Pollo. I started clucking in my sleep, and one of these days, my pubes will be replaced by feathers.

          • Maria


    • cj

      Super Pollo is occupying only part of the new space, leaving room for some other cuisine, or perhaps a tanning salon and/or bank.

      • Kmr

        A nice banh mi place would be just lovely, or a good Indian place

        • Chris

          A banh mi place would be perfect there – hate having to go all the way to Eden Center for a decent one

  • Moooo

    If I was a cow I would be very concerned about this burger trend.

    • .

      • Bluemontsince1961


      • CrystalMikey

        And now I’m going to have to hit CFA for lunch…

  • Bender

    I’m so very glad that our superiors have brought us this wonderful smart growth urban village. We are so much better off without all the small businesses and having ten bars and burger places on every block instead.

    • mehoo

      Lame cheap shot. Without smart growth we’d be a strip of gas stations, car dealers and McDonald’s.

      • Lou

        And we don’t have any of those businesses now?

        • mehoo

          Not really. Taco Bell is the latest loss (not a good thing though).

      • CW

        Yeah, seriously. Would you rather have a Winky’s, Five Guys, Z-Burger, brgr:Shack, BGR, Ray’s, and Big Buns or replace them with seven Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s franchies like most other sprawling, unplanned American suburbs?

        • Southeast Jerome

          “seven Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s franchies like most other sprawling, unplanned American suburbs?”

          are you referring route 1 in alexandria? or anywhere in florida?

          • CW

            Why, yes I am…I grew up in Florida.

          • Southeast Jerome

            or even more appropriate, the seven fast food restaurants in a two mile strip pretty much describes the entire state of Mississippi

          • V Dizzle

            It describes most of the US at this point.

          • Larchmont

            Or Lee Hwy between Glebe and George Mason – 5 fast food joints in 5 blocks.

          • I don’t know…. they didn’t call it Happy Days for nothing….

          • CarsSuck

            sounds like US 192 in Kissimmee, what a dump! (like most of Florida)

        • mehoo

          And, of course, along with BGR and Winky’s and such we have Rustico and all the other good stuff. So it’s not like we’re anything close to a sprawling strip-mall hell.

      • Bender

        “Lame cheap shot”

        Ignorant retort. Have you ever been along the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor? Before this pro-developer insanity, was it block after block of gas stations and McDonald’s?? No. It was filled with family-owned small businesses. And a great many good ethnic restaurants. No more.

        • CW

          Why is your definition of “small business” exclusive of anything that is moderately trendy, modern, or located in a newly built building? Do only body shops, headstone carvers, and hardware stores qualify in your world? I’ve pretty sure that a large number of the businesses in the corridor would fit the applicable SBA criteria for being a small business.

        • Lou

          The diversity of retail was also better before all the restaurants took over, and the stores were definitely more on the locally owned side. Places like Sampson’s Sporting Goods.

          • Bluemontsince1961


        • mehoo

          But that was then. Change was coming, one way or the other.

      • karzai

        You’re right on target, Mehoo. However, I think the critics also have a point that we’re getting too much of the same time of thing on the corridor: burgers, pizza, and cupcakes. I myself am hoping for a more diverse retail environment to emerge, including art galleries, gift shops, avant-garde boutiques, clothing studios, etc. We’re only getting food and drink at this point.

        • mehoo

          I agree completely with that. Bender seems to think we’re not better off.

  • Michael H.

    Would some people avoid this place simply because they don’t want to say, “Hey, I’m going to Wiinkys”?

  • Chris

    I can’t remember who said it first, but I do remember several years ago reading an article where an economist wrote that the US is becoming an economy based off of selling each other cheeseburgers and condominiums. I thought it was a funny joke at the time but it would appear to have a ring of north county truth to it.

  • FrenchyB

    I was hoping for a Winky Dinky Dog franchise.

    • Lou

      Who want ho cakes?

      • V Dizzle

        Ho’s got ta eat too.

  • outoftowner

    A hard boiled egg stand would be nice.

  • Lacey Forest

    Another burger joint? What this town needs is a good meat and three place.

    • Bluemontsince1961


  • Andrew

    When I was growing up in southwestern PA, there was a chain of burger joints called “Winky’s” similar to McDonald’s or Burger King. The burgers were dry and flavorless and the only time I remember being happy to see Winky’s was when my mom accidentally shut the car door on my fingers and we needed a cup of ice to reduce the swelling!

    Their jingle was:
    Winky’s makes you happy to be hungry
    Winky’s adds a little bit more!

    We changed it to:
    Winky’s makes you happy to be hungry
    When there’s a McDonald’s next door!

    Let’s hope the “new Winky’s” is a lot better than the old one!

    • OX4

      Threadjack I know, but I can’t help but submit my favorite jingle. In Denver, Channel 2 used to play Star Trek reruns. They sang this during the promos, to the tune of the Dead’s “Truckin'”:

      Trek-in’, here on Denver’s 2
      Star Trek-in’, with Captain Kirk and crew
      Warp speed, through the galaxy
      Gonna keep Trek-in’ it’s the cool thing for me

      Been in my head for 25 years.

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  • CW

    This place’s website looks like it was designed by aliens who were high on crack.

    My favorite quote: “When you come to our restaurant you may not know what to eat from our extensive menu. Here are some of the favorite foods our patrons enjoy to eat at Wiinkys. “

  • Ummm there are also also hot dogs and wings on the menu! But i’m not going because there are no burger or pizza cupcakes!

  • CarsSuck

    since we’re on this burger kick, and all the “gourmet” burgers pretty much suck around here, can we just get a damn White Castle? Is that asking too much? Even if it pops up on Leesburg Pike, at least it’s still a short trip away for some belly bombers.

  • Vik

    It looks like the type of place that would serve franks and beans.

  • dk

    Everyone talks about the plethora of pizza joints, but I still can’t find a decent pizza in A’ton.

    • Maria

      Depends what kind of pizza you want. If you just want a big, cheesy slice with a good, thin crust, that’s much harder to find. “Gourmet” pizza is much easier to find.

    • CarsSuck

      Pupatellas, best I’ve had around here… Wilson Blvd @ Edison St. So is Fireworks Pizza in Courthouse

  • Brandon

    Wiinkys is now open, though there isn’t a “Wiinkys” sign up outside yet – I just happened to notice a neon open sign that was on. I didn’t eat there but did grab a menu…

    • Brandon

      I just noticed a slightly odd pricing structure for their wings… the more you buy, the more expensive they get. It’s cheaper (by 3 cents) to get 3 orders of 10 wings than to get an order or 30 wings. Weird.

      • Glebe Roader

        Actually, by 2 cents. $23.97 versus $23.99. Sorry.

    • CrystalMikey

      Does that say Peanut Butter as an available burger topping?


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