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by ARLnow.com April 21, 2011 at 9:09 am 3,017 13 Comments

Empty Courthouse Office Building for Sale — The big, white Verizon office building at 1320 N. Courthouse Road is actually vacant — and for sale. After nearly 30 years as a tenant, Verizon left its offices in the building. The owner is now seeking interested buyers or joint venture partners. [GlobeSt.com]

Westover to Hold Easter Egg Hunt — Children 9 years old and younger are invited to participate in Westover Village’s Easter egg hunt on Saturday. The event is being held from 10:00 a.m. to noon next to the Westover Library. Admission is free and yes, the Easter Bunny will be there. [VisitWestover.com]

State Senate Candidates Forum — Democratic candidates for the 30th District state Senate seat participated in their first public forum of the campaign. Del. Adam Ebbin, Alexandria City Councilman Rob Krupicka and Arlington School Board member Libby Garvey answered questions about their stance on business issues and other policy matters. [Del Ray Patch]

  • LyonSteve

    Looks like Charlie got a DC Police escort on VA (possibly Arlington’s) highways on Tuesday night from Dulles.


    • Larchmont

      Looks like it was too dark for him to get a picture of the uniformed ACP at every overpass.

    • ArlLiver4

      What are the rules regarding DC Police providing escorts with lights while in Virgina?

      I’ve seen escorts before, presumably for actual VIPs.

  • steve

    DR DREMOS!!!!

    • Burger

      Think how many Burger Joints you could put in that building. It would be a quasi-example of Darwainism to see which ones are the best.

      • steve

        Why don’t they make the building turn into a sailing ship like in The Meaning of Life? Then it could be a mobile burger/cupcake mega center/sailing ship though it wouldn’t be led by accountants.

    • Wildhair


  • Wayne Kubicki

    On 1320 Courthouse – the $45 per square foot number is the asking annual rent, not the hoped for sales price. Even empty, the building will sell for much, much more than that per square foot.

    • This is why I’m not in the real estate biz. I’ll take that part out.

    • CW

      Yeah, seriously. If you can find me a place that I can buy for $45 / sq. ft. around here, please let me (and no one else) know.

      • KalashniKEV

        That’s what I was thinking… is it junked out? At $45/ft sale I’d pay to move my office there… or at least *just* my office.

  • Arlwhenever

    So Libby Garvey wants to be elected so she can “travel around the state and tour different districts.” Great platform, but why doesn’t she just buy a car?

    • steve

      she’s on the car free diet!


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