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Psychic Replaces Cherrydale Clockworks

by ARLnow.com May 12, 2011 at 10:04 am 3,382 24 Comments

The tick of time has brought some changes to the 3500 block of Lee Highway in Cherrydale.

Cherrydale Clockworks closed in October, prompting the landlord to start looking for another tenant. Earlier this year a tenant was found: a psychic who specializes in astrology, palm and tarot card readings.

  • There are so many vacant buildings in this area, I guess because there’s really no parking and it’s not pedestrian friendly either.

    I go to the dunkin’ donuts near here and am surprised there aren’t more car accidents as people either fly by at mach 2 or are slowing down to park at DD.

    The strip mall across the street is also a revolving door for most businesses.

    I think they need to re-do the stop lights so that people don’t fly through this area, particularly after they move the fire department.

    • Arlington, Northside

      They just need a trolly line…

    • Virginia^2

      This is why I was so surprised to find out that the Bromptons were going to have ground floor retail space – who would lease there?

  • BoredHouseWife

    I wonder if they saw this coming. Only time will tell.

    • Wayne Kubicki


      Initial readings and analyses foresee a higher real estate tax rate for CY12 and continued financial troubles at Artisphere.

    • Dan

      Wow, a double pun……I am impressed !!

    • Brandon C

      Unless they’re doing what most “Psychic” places do and deal pot under the table – not that I have a problem with it… I just wish it were legalized and taxed.

      • TGEoA

        God I hope they do sell weed. I’d love a dealer in walking distance.

        • Brandon C

          “I predict *touches head* you will pay a premium for even a nickle bag. Seller’s market jerkface, now make with daddy’s money!”

  • Rosslynite

    I am getting a vision….. This business will fail within 6 months.

  • CrystalMikey

    Oh, apartment above psychic for lease.

    • charlie

      talk about your landlord knowing what you are up to all the time.

      regardless that stretch of Arlington needs an 200 ft wide bulldozer…

  • James

    [This post has been deleted]

    • Skeptical

      I had always wondered how the hell storefront “psychics” could ever break even; that’s as good a theory as any.

    • Please refrain from accusing people or businesses of crimes without evidence.

      • Rosslynite

        The real crime is that these people take their customers’ money and all they give in return is a bunch of bullcrap.

        • dynaroo

          Much like a subscription to the Washington Times.

          • Or the Post, or any other rag with journalistic political bias. That’s a good reason to read your news online instead of shelling out for a paper copy.

          • dynaroo

            The Post is not nearly as biased as the Times. Reading your news online is probably the worst possible strategy for avoiding bias, or getting facts straight.

          • My opinion of all journalism is there is bias. The times where news was reported as news is long gone when it comes to political issues. Everybody puts their spin on it. You can think the Post is better in this regard, and maybe it is, but there is certainly a heavy liberal bias from that newspaper. That said, I read both sporatically to get differing viewpoints and call BS when I see it.

          • MC 703

            Now THAT is fair and balanced, OB.

        • pretty sure that’s more the fault of the consumer than the business… isn’t there some fine-print asterisk that states it’s all for entertainment purposes only? and really, who’s going to complain that they got ripped off by a psychic? uh… you paid money… to a “psychic.”

  • Neon Sucks

    Arlington’s sign nazis should address the giant red sign in her window. Casts a nice glow on the neighborhood at night.

  • charlie

    i wonder if they knew the power would be out. again. somehow slowing traffic in front of their store. coincidence?


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