Columbia Pike’s New Late Night Hub

by ARLnow.com May 23, 2011 at 12:20 pm 7,417 44 Comments

Within a year the area around Bob & Edith’s Diner (2310 Columbia Pike) will become a late night hub, complete with a 7-Eleven, a 6,500 square foot bar/restaurant and a 24-hour fitness center.

The first of the three new businesses to open will be Xsport Fitness, a 12,000 square foot, 24  hour per day, 365 day per year gym on the ground floor of the Siena Park apartment complex (2301 Columbia Pike).

If you’ve driven by during the day, you’ve probably seen muscle-bound Xsport representatives promoting discounted pre-opening memberships. General manager Matt Minuth, who can apparently bench press 900 pounds, says the company is offering free enrollment and a lifetime monthly rate of $19.95 for customers who sign up in advance. (Normally there is a $99 enrollment fee.)

Minuth says he expects the gym to open mid-July. In addition to modern fitness equipment, the gym will offer personal training sessions, tanning booths, a juice bar, a club store and a child care area.

Next up is William Jeffrey’s Tavern, a new neighborhood bar/restaurant concept from the owners of Rhodeside Grill and Ragtime.

Also located on the ground floor of the Siena Park apartments, William Jeffrey’s will offer “quality eclectic-American cuisine at reasonable prices,” according to a press release. The restaurant will feature “a well-stocked bar with several beers on tap, a full wine list, space for private parties, weekend brunch, live acoustic music, and multiple HDTVs.”

Restaurant partner Wilson Whitney says he’s hoping to have William Jeffrey’s open by mid-November.

Finally, a new 7-Eleven store is reportedly opening across the street, in the old Saah furniture store at 2330 Columbia Pike. According to Pike Wire, the new 7-Eleven — located just four blocks from an existing 7-Eleven — is expected to open in the first quarter of 2012.

  • Tabby

    P. Brennan’s must be nervous about “William Jeffrey’s Tavern” coming in…

    • Pat

      What about how nervous Bob & Edith’s must be feeling. They have been around a long time, and this is going to cut in their business.

  • Tabby

    Tanning beds are so not healthy. That’s a disappointment–man, what a throwback to the 90s.

    I heard this is an “express” XSport and won’t have classes. Is that the case?

    • Jules

      Yes, no classes at XSport. I decided not to join b/c of that.

  • PhilL

    Any back-story on the name William Jeffrey?

    • It’s the first names of two of the co-owners’ fathers, both of whom passed away last year.

      • PhilL

        Cool. Thanks.

      • Tabby

        That’s sweet but it’s too cumbersome a name. People will shorten it to BillJeffs.

  • david

    I don’t know anything about XSport but I do feel sorry for those apartment dwellers above the gym. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as the Golds at the Station Square building.

    • LP

      What’s bad about the Golds at Station Square?

      • david

        Nothing’s bad about the gym but those of us who lived in the building when it first opened had a lot of problems with noise from dropping weights, music from the classes, etc. They finally installed some sound proofing after a lot of meetings with the residents. It just took a lot longer than it should have.

        • LP


          I’m on the 5th floor of Building A and have to say, I never have any issues with noises from Golds, but then again, I’ve only been there for 2 years. Guess the building and Golds just needed to get the kinks worked out.

          • david

            Yeah – it was all in building A back in 2006 when it opened. Nothing like weights dropping at 5:30 am. Be glad you missed it!

        • LyonSteve

          It seems like lots of corners were cut at Station Square. I went to a few open houses a few years back to take a look and saw a few units.

          • LP

            Such as? As an owner, I’m very pleased with the quality of the building, amenities and the low condo fees.

          • LyonSteve

            The main thing I noticed was that the walls were “thin” (I could hear their neighbors) and the windows didn’t do a great job of keeping outside noise out. That’s probably a symptom of the horizontal sliding windows that most units had instead of vertical as most places.

            I wasn’t a 100% sure of the HVAC system either. Heat pump in the winter?

          • LyonSteve

            Oh, one more thing. This is in no way related to construction quality, but I disliked the shared garage (resident and public.)

          • david

            I don’t disagree – the walls were a bit thin and the hollow interior doors were a complete joke for that price point. But overall I thought it was a really good building with great (low) condo dues. I do wish they could do something about the number of renters but that may have changed recently.

          • Southeast Jerome

            I think the number of renters is due to people being underwater on the mortgage and needing to be creative to pay it. From what I hear the majority of the units with renters in them, this is the case. Unfortunate i f they are not as respectful as an owner though.

  • Gordy

    Anyone know what the parking situation is at this gym? I’m on the fence about joining but have no interest if I have to drive around for an hour looking for a spot.

    • LP

      You really think you would need to drive around for an hour on Columbia Pike to find a parking spot? 5 minutes, max.

      • Gordy

        I was exaggerating but even if I have to drive around for 5 minutes it’s too much for me. I want to be able to drive there and park without the hassle of searching for a spot.

        • (another) Greg

          The building has a garage. I think XSport has some parking dedicated, but am not sure about that.

    • Jim

      the xsport on King street has 2 hrs free validated parking… i would assume the new one would have something similar. xsport is a great gym. i don’t know anything about xsport express, though.

      • MC 703

        Went in to check out Xsport for the advertised “7-day Trial Membership” Had the tour and the sales pitch, they offered some great deals if you sign up for 18 months. I was curious, figured “Hey I’ve spent all of 11 minutes here, before I sign in blood for 18 months, I’ll work out a few times and see how it is.” Nope! Sign up before you go change or you don’t get the deals.

        Told the guy “In that case I am not interested. Thanks and have a good day.” He got his manager, sent over other sales people, they were basically asking me “How can you be so stupid as not to sign up right now!!??”

        Felt like I was trying to buy a used car from one of the sketchy 10th St lots. No thanks.

        • MC 703

          Meant to say that was the Rt 7 location. I would consider the Xpress location because it sounds much more reasonable and I’m tired of Golds.

  • Joe

    THIS is the improved Pike? Give me a break…………..

    • MC 703

      What would you prefer? A county-funded art center?

      • Joe

        You got me wrong, guy. Arlington County govt is the most screwed up in the metro area and the last thing I want is them to fund anything new because it is sure to be a cluster F. But theme restaurants and 7-11s don’t float my boat. Neither do gyms since we have one down the block now. The friggin’ strip mall with the Cowboy Cafe neighborhood bar and the dollar store and barber shop were much better. This ain’t progress except to the nitwit CPROs.

        • Frenchy B

          Just curious – what makes William Jeffrey’s Tavern a “theme restaurant”?

          • AV

            I was thinking the same thing…Theme resturant??
            And how is the ARL. GOV. the most screwed up in the area?
            Im very happy the way Arlington works for the most part!
            Matbe we should just keep run down buildings on the pike!

  • Sonny

    Uh, let me get this straight, ANOTHER 7/11 on Columbia pike? So that will make three stores within a mile, brilliant.

    Hate to say this, but a freaking Starbucks would be nice. Hate having to go to VA Square or the Westin to grab a cup o’ crack…anyway, flame away Starbuck haters. 🙂

    • CW2

      Try the Rappahannock Coffee and Roasting shop right up the street (2406 Columbia Pike.) I don’t drink coffee, but I see people frequent this place, and it looks pretty reputable from the outside.

      • Mesbah

        These are great coffee places, but they close so early! I wish coffee shops would recognize that there’s a market for late night sippers. They’re already paying the rent on the location, the additional cost of staying open til midnight can’t be terribly high.

        • Josh S

          Rappahanock is definitely a good option for local coffee and for supporting local business. There are lots of regulars, Paul is great behind the bar, the coffee and food are decent. It has its drawbacks, for sure – too small, service can be slow, the coffee could be better. But, in sum, WAY better than going all the way to Virginia Square for coffee.

          They used to open past 7, but apparently business was very slow so they cut back. Maybe with all the new apartment buildings, they’ll reconsider. You have to think competition is coming, so they better do something.

          • Tabby

            Is Paul the guy who looks like Mark Twain? Yea, if he’s not making the coffee drinks, I’m not buying.

            They need to clean that toilet. It’s disgusting.

  • John Andre

    As I’ve said before, the Pike does NOT need yet another 7-11.

    There must be ten or more 7-11’s between the Pentagon and Annandale!

    How about a more upscale grocery store…say, a Bloom, Magruders or Wegman’s??? Or a store such as Fresh Fields or Trader Joe’s? We don’t need a tanning parlor or an “adult-themed” massage parlor as I’ve heard about recently. We could use a dance facility like the Clarendon Ballroom, the Dance Factory, the Spanish Ballroom or the Colvin Run dance hall. If we’re gonna get a trolley, let’s get some upscale digs like Clarendon, not the same ol’ schlock we’ve had for years. The problem with the Salsa Room is that they apparently serve alcohol to the extent that a bouncer is needed to maintain order. It’s true that the Clarendon Ballroom sometimes generates police calls, but they’re apparently owned by the same folks who run Spider Kelly’s. Maybe we could replace the Brown’s or Rosenthal’s facilities with a decent dance venue right on the Pike.

    One issue: We seem to be promoting drinking establishments on the Pike while Falls Church City has an Alcoholics Anonymous facility right smack dab on downtown Broad Street.

    • ARL

      One of the largest pubs in NOVA is right near the AA and a brewery too. There are more places on Broad St. that serve alcohol then on the Pike. Would you rather have establishment that don’t serve alcohol at all? Or do you just want an AA facility or something similar as a choice too? I am missing your correlation here or just your point.

  • BoringDan

    I have tried to like Rappahannock Coffee but they can’t compete with Starbuck’s beans and brewing. The original owner did a great job with the build out and food and I used to love going there. Stopped going a few years back with the mediocre food and the indifferent staff. We do need a Starbuck’s on the Pike. Looking forward to joining the gym on the corner if they aren’t too pushy.

  • Ren

    I’ll take food/pastries at Rappahannock over the mass-produced, refined crap at Starbuck’s any day. Rappa actually makes sandwiches as opposed to putting something in the microwave. I suppose the coffee is about even, but the independent-business aspect tilts me toward Rappa too. And staff? I’ll take Paul over the sweet but clueless teenage girl who last served me at Starbucks. She had never heard of shade-grown coffee.

    • BoringDan

      I’ll try it again. Yes, the food at Starbucks sucks, but I don’t go there for food. When Rappahanock was first opened, I would go often for breakfast or lunch. Good or bad, I’ll report back to this feed.

    • Arlingtonian

      Amen Ren. I like Starbucks as much of the next girl, but I adore Rappahannock. I would hate to see all the unique local businesses in the Pike area get taken over by a wave of the same old chains we have everywhere else around here. Bor-ing!

  • YTK

    Yay 7-11 — you can never have too many 7-11’s. But I feel sorry for that mom & pop convenience store 1 block west of it. But then again, you can never have too many convenience stores either.

    • FrenchyB

      Is the mom & pop store you’re referring to the K-1 Market? They’ve actually morphed their store into a craft beer and wine shop (something that 7-Eleven never will be). I can’t speak for their wine selection, but they do have a really nice selection of beers.


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