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Deal of the Day: Burger for a Buck

by ARLnow.com July 20, 2011 at 1:21 pm 4,723 36 Comments

If you like juicy burgers and ridiculously inexpensive food, our partners at WTD have an offer for you.

WTD is offering $7 worth of burgers, shakes or fries at Ballston’s brgr:shack restaurant (4215 Fairfax Drive) for one dollar. Haven’t been yet? Check out brgr:shack’s menu, including their specialty burgers, shack salads, sweet potato fries and thick shakes.

The offer is on sale for the next five days. Already, more than 1,400 vouchers have been sold.

If you’re not hungry for burgers yourself, the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network is asking locals to consider donating the voucher so that the organization’s homeless clients can enjoy a nice meal.

  • TJ

    I’m all for helping the homeless, but donating these isn’t doing brgr shack any favors.

    To not lose their shirt on these deals, the retailer depends on upsells and new (read: future returning) customers, and they’ll get neither if they’re donated to the homeless in mass quantities.

    • Abe Froman

      I have to agree with TJ here. And I’d like to see more worthwhile retailers and restraunts on these deal sites in lieu of house cleaning deals that are major pain to use or some other service where the provider choaks off usage by limiting times and days of usage.

    • VA^2

      TJ is definitely right on this one. If you want to help the homeless, use the deal yourself and buy a second burger for one of the many homeless that hang out in front of the 7-11 in the same strip. Maybe throw in some of BRGR’s delicious onion rings and a shake to make the deal worthwhile for the retailer.

      • Please

        …do not do anything to encourage the homeless to continue hanging around Ballston. Not good for them, not good for the nearby businesses, not good for anyone.

        If you really want to help them, donate to a food bank or homeless shelter.

        Big thanks to ArlNow for posting about this fantastic deal! My god that burger looks scrumptious.

        • ???

          This place has awesome burgers, I don’t see how people like BGR The Burger Joint or any other burger place over BRGR:Shack. Their fries are really good too.

          • JamesE

            Fire me up burger + sweet potato fries, ahh yeah

          • Overpriced, compared to 5 guys. But for 1$ I’m in

          • ???

            To me there is no comparison of Five Guys to BRGR:Shack, It’s like comparing McDonalds to Five Guys. Five Guys is middle of the road and BRGR is fine dining in the burger world. At least that’s my opinion. I just want to know when this deal will “tip” as the sowhatsthedeal website states.

          • ???

            Forget it, it seems the deal is now on.

          • AbeFroman

            5Guys has gone so far down hill from just 5 years ago. I suspect expansion has been good for the owners, but not nearly as much for the customers.

            Thats said, 5Guys still kicks the c–p out of In and Out, out in Cali.

          • CW

            I’ll have to finally give this place a try. I’ve not been down there since I moved from VA Square. But I do agree that BGR is not that good. I wish the two would trade places!

          • BGR is too damned soggy.

          • CW

            Agreed. I got the cuban once and had to take a bath after. Their buns don’t hold up. Also their burgers just generally taste like fake smoke and burnt fat, like when you prepare those Costco cook-from-frozen patties on a shared gas grill that hasn’t been cleaned in months. Gross.

        • PGFDE121


    • Besides, people don’t want to eat in a restaurant that has patrons that are malodorous.

    • AgentZero

      I gave a homeless guy a free big mac once and he proceeded to curse at me and threw it in the trash!

  • ???

    How many have to be sold for this deal to activate? I got one and it’s still not a “deal” yet.

    • rossl

      i was wondering the same

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  • Rob from WTD here — not to worry, all purchases are active and will be available for use starting tonight at midnight. Thanks for your support.

    • SpoutRun?

      Rob, thanks for the info. BTW, I coulda sworn I saw a BrgrShack location at Spout Run. Am I nuts?

      • believe you’re talking about the BGR a Lee Hwy and Spout Run?

        • doodly

          It’s almost as if they’re trying to confuse us with these stupid names.

        • Indeed

          I had thought this was one of yours. My goof.

  • OX4

    That burger picture is making me sick.

  • DudeGuy

    Best burgers around!

  • bred

    I’ve had burgers from brgr:shack, BGR and 5 Guys. Of the 3 I’d say that the brgr:shack offers the poorest product. I have met the brgr:shack’s owner and he seems like a nice follow, but I wonder if Ballston metro is the best location for such an establishment. The guy who owns Pizza Roma next door told me that he welcomed the newcomer because it means more business for all of the restaurants on the block. I hope so. But with the increasing number of homeless people in the Ballston metro area (particularly at the 7-11) it becomes less appealing to spend any time on that block of Fairfax – and I live just a couple of blocks away and see this nearly every day.

    • Hmmm

      I disagree 10000000%. The quality of the burgers there exceeds any other.

      • JamesE

        and they actually cook it medium rare when I ask for it.

    • Hmmm

      There are getting to be way too many homeless people around there though. Is there anything that can legally be done about that? I’m not for helping the homeless unless they are documented to be mentally ill. Otherwise they are just lazy sacks who aren’t contributing anything to society. Harsh but true.

    • Maria

      What was it you thought was poorer than the others? They’re grass-fed burgers, so they taste a little different than your standard burger, so that could have been it.

    • Beth

      I also disagree. I love their burgers- not as greasy as 5 Guys. Never been to BGR…

  • CrystalMikey

    Maybe Wiinky’s should get in on this?

    • FrenchyB


  • YourWaitTimeIs5Days

    For ARLNOW – edit alert – “ouR partners” not “ouT partners” in first sentence.

    If you like juicy burgers and ridiculously inexpensive food, out partners at WTD have an offer for you.

    The beauty of the interwebs – typos gone forever!


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