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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com August 8, 2011 at 9:15 am 2,928 19 Comments

Lost Dog Cafe Expanding — The Lost Dog Cafe location on Columbia Pike is expanding. The restaurant is taking over the space once occupied by an adjacent cell phone store. [Pike Wire]

Changes to ‘Secure Communities’ — The federal government is changing the ‘Secure Communities’ program to “avoid further confusion” about whether it’s optional or not. Arlington tried to “opt out” of the program — which shares local arrest data with federal immigration authorities — last year. The program will remain mandatory for local jurisdictions, but now it will be conducted without formal, signed memoranda of agreement with individual states. [Washington Post]

Capital Bikeshare Saves Lives? — Arlington’s Commuter Services department is touting a recent British study that found that a bike share program in Barcelona saved about 12 lives as a result of the extra physical activity from bicycling. The study also found that the program eliminated 9 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. “In other words, bike-sharing and Capital Bikeshare are good for you and the air we breathe,” an Arlington official writes. [CommuterPage Blog]

Cuccinelli Shrugs off Local Dem Attacks — Those local Democratic candidates who have been calling Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli an “extremist” and other unkind words? Not a concern for Cuccinelli. “It’s a little bit hard to take seriously being called ‘so far outside the mainstream’ by people who are so far to the left they can’t see the middle,” he said in an interview. [Sun Gazette]

  • CrystalMikey

    Congrats to Lost Dog. Love the work they do (and their eateries)!

    • R.Griffon


      Pleeeeeeeeeease come to Clarendon!

      • Lost Dog Cafe

        Pleeeeeeeeease come to Westover or Columbia Pike.

        • atown

          +1 Haha! The 3 mile treck in either direction will help us burn off the bellies we get from loving the LD. 🙂 Totally worth it! (The belly and the distance haha)

          • CK

            Please come to Shirlington!!!

  • I wonder if the British study took into account how many bikers were killed while riding? Here in Arlington and DC, we seem to have our fair share of bike accidents. Getting squashed by a multi-ton vehicle would offset any health gains you have managed by biking.

    • R.Griffon

      Probably not nearly as many as you seem to think. Europe tends to have a far superior bike infrastructure and people are more aware since bikes are an integral part of life there. Here motorists rarely even look for cyclists when turning or pulling out, and far too many of our cyclists don’t even know how to properly conduct themselves on a public road either.

      Poor infrastructure + lack of education on both sides = accidents.

      • Tabby

        Absolutely right on all counts.

    • normal

      That’s a good argument for not walking or jogging too.

      I would imagine that exercise and fresh air beat the occasional accident when it comes to these stats.

    • SaveDaveMcKenna

      Also, it’s a heck of a lot harder/expensive to get a driver’s license across the pond, which presumably translates to fewer automobile accidents. That said, the bicyclists on MacArthur Blvd are certifiable.

  • Great photo! Wasn’t that great rain yesterday? Made me smile for sure – even the thunder and lightening was a welcome sight.

    Also great to hear about Lost Dog – also very happy they help animals 🙂

    • Teehee

      Care Bears

  • JimPB

    A second “f” was left out: “Shrugs of(F) Local Dem Attacks”

  • 1234

    Honestly, it seems like the last thing they need to do is hire any more people. Every time we go in it seems there are 10 people milling behind the counter and yet they still can’t ever get the order 100%.

    Still, well done on expanding the business. Good to see more growth on the Pike.

    • SaveDaveMcKenna

      Agree that there seems to be employees “hanging out”, but I’ve never had a problem with my order. Expansion is nice, but I wish there was an entrance that opened into the parking garage.

  • normal

    Hey, Cooch, the moderates are calling you an extremist too. Ignore them at your peril.

    • Aaron

      Aww, has “progressive” become as tainted as “liberal” that they’re back to trying to call themselves “moderates” again?

      • normal

        No, just an accurate statement. You can be as clueless as Cooch and make excuses too if you want though.

  • GrandArch

    Lovely, now every town is required to do DHS’s dirty work. Strange how DHS requires compliance with SecureCommunities but there are no laws or regulations that have made it onto the books about this.


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