Memphis Barbeque Now Hiring in Crystal City

by ARLnow.com November 3, 2011 at 12:32 pm 5,348 28 Comments

Memphis Barbeque, a new restaurant that’s starting to wrap up construction in Crystal City, is now hiring.

The restaurant (320 South 23rd Street) recently posted a help wanted ad on Craigslist seeking bartenders, servers, cooks, and hostesses. The ad also described the concept behind the $750,000 restaurant.

“We are Metropolitan Washington’s first upscale-casual BBQ restaurant featuring authentic hickory-pit smoked barbeque and live hickory grilled meats, fish and seafood,” the ad said.

Memphis Barbeque is taking the place of the shuttered Mackey’s Public House.

  • Ben

    While part of me hope that this place will be good, my suspicion is any place with the name of the location they are trying to replicate will fail at accurately representing said location.

    Shame, since I miss Memphis BBQ 🙁

    • Carl

      Agree. It would be too much to expect to replicate the awesomeness of the Memphis BBQ restaurant that used to be in Ballston.

      • Ben

        By Memphis BBQ I was referring to the real thing, ala: Rendezvous, Interstate BBQ, Central BBQ, Germantown Commissary etc 🙂

      • Me Three

        I too remember the MBBQ in Ballston Mall. It was not too shabby. Alas, the mall itself was.

        Good luck to them in the new location!

    • South Arlington

      Even it’s not 100% of the goodness of real Memphis BBQ, I am hoping it can at least be better than putrid Rocklands and Hill Country BBQ.

  • Chris Slatt

    I saw a Now Hiring sign in the window of William Jeffrey Tavern on Columbia Pike the other day also.

    • South Arlington

      Whatever happened to Taqueria Poblano and Eamonn’s next door in Penrose Square? Seems like absolutely no progress has been made on those projects.

  • Andrew

    “Upscale-casual BBQ”? No thanks. And hickory grilled fish and seafood? That is not BBQ, and certainly not Memphis BBQ.

    • Joe Hoya

      Exactly. “Upscale” barbecue means it tastes half as good and costs twice as much as the real thing.

    • Seriously. I don’t care about upscale or casual. Shorts and flip flops, or suit and tie–all that matters is the food! I just want great BBQ.

      I live on the Orange line, so anything in Crystal City doesn’t affect me anyway.

      • CrystalMikey

        But there’s a lot more to Arlington than the Orange Crush corridor.

      • South Awwwlington

        lol Arlington is 26 sq miles and some people never see anything but the Metro tunnels. What a shame.

    • Michelle

      I odn’t care if it’s authentic or not… so long as it’s good.

    • Granny’s BBQ

      they also plan on bbq egg rolls. wtf?

  • Stew Magnuson

    “Upscale-Casual Barbecue?” What a bunch of meaningless marketing malarky.
    The worlds “upscale” and “barbecue” should never be in the same sentence.

  • curiousgeorge

    “live hickory grilled meats”?

    So it is a fast food place?

  • RosRes

    Yum! I love Memphis BBQ!

  • Steve

    I suppose this means we need a KC BBQ place now?

  • JB

    Well that’s pretty funny – since BBQ by nature is not upscale, they contradict themselves by having a sign that says “authentic”. Which pretty much proves once again that the majority of the time, if a restaurant goes out of their way to claim their cuisine is “authentic” , it is probably the least authentic place for it in town.

    • Steve

      It’s in Arlington, they have to snob it up due to all the snobs here.

  • Betty

    jinushaun – try the brisket at Backyard BBQ in Williamsburg shopping center. Best I’ve had outside of TX. And close to the orange line.

    • Thanks!

      1000 blessings upon the house of Betty for this excellent tip.

    • Joe Hoya

      I found it a little to heavy on the sauce and without a good smoke ring. But they get an A for effort.

  • Newtdog73

    Try this place…it doesn’t look like much but the food and people are really good.

    Margaret’s Soul Food Cafe
    2534 S Shirlington Rd, Arlington, VA 22206
    (571) 227-8972 ‎

  • Steamboat Willie

    I like Rocklands.

  • Granny’s BBQ

    So true about the authenticity. Nothing will compete with The ‘Vous dry ribs in Memphis.
    There seems to be a bbq explosion lately. One just opened in DC around Penn Quarter and Pork Belly BBQ is opening in Del Ray.
    If you want the real deal come see me. My stuff is done over wood in a pit. packer brisket over mesquite/oak for 12 -14 hours. None of this conventional oven bs. And yes contrary to what they tell you those are ‘ovens’ not pits like the old timers used.

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  • N

    My initial impression was gee it smells great and the folks are friendly. So lets go with good: hushpuppies were ok, good flavor but a little greasy; the house salad is HUGE, enough to share, mashed potatoes are creamy and rich, fried corn makes a tasty showing. alas the service was spotty at best. My drink was more ice than soda even after i asked for “light ice”. After waiting 20minutes or so, the hushpuppies were actually brought by someone else who said we looked hungry then once the plates began arriving it was apparent we were not all meant to dine together- 1 person in our party got no sides, I got double orders of sides and finally another friend didnt get anything. our server did not put that entree to the kitchen and then told her manager when we complained that it had been ordered after everything else. in all actuality we ordered appetizers and entrees simultaneously. ribs and brisket were dry albeit flavorful but not worth making a 2nd trip. The manager removed the missing entree from our check but had it cooked and boxed anyway. Eventually we got take out boxes for what was left of our meals from our server, the plates were cleared and we put on our coats. 1 person went to get the car and yet ANOTHER 25 minutes later- No Check. !! when 3 of the remaining 4 stood up,suddenly the server runs over and cries no one told her we were ready for our check ! as if the coats and carry outboxes weren’t enough of a clue ?? well how about she laid the check on the table,walked away and we had to flag the manager to cash us out!!
    save your time and money- go to Famous Dave’s til time to pull out your own grill again!


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