Memphis Barbeque to Open on Dec. 1

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Crystal City’s newest sit-down restaurant is expected to open on Thursday, Dec. 1.

Memphis Barbeque, located at 320 23rd Street S., will feature “authentic” Memphis barbeque as envisioned by chef and owner Chris George.

“Memphis Barbeque will feature a menu of finger licking, barbequed meats, fish and shellfish,” the restaurant said in a press release. “Meats will be slow cooked over hickory wood from two smokers and finished with a selection of tomato and vinegar based sauces.”

The nearly 5,500 square foot restaurant features a 54-seat bar and a 170-seat dining room, in the storefront once occupied by Mackey’s Public House. During warm weather months, Memphis Barbeque plans to have a 48-seat outdoor patio.

George’s 20 years of restaurant experience includes managing upscale restaurants in Atlanta, Memphis and Los Angeles. The Memphis, Tenn. native counts his father Dr. William George, a Memphis business leader and ordained minister, and his sister Yolanda George Turman, who works in bio-pharmaceutical sales, as partners in the new restaurant. Redrick Rayborn, the “pit master” for Memphis Barbeque, just moved to Arlington from Memphis, where he managed a Corky’s Ribs and Barbeque location.

While feature photography and artwork from the city of Memphis will adorn the walls of the restaurant, the eater’s real star will be the food. From the press release:

The famous Memphis Style Spare Ribs are prepped either “wet” and basted with Memphis original Bar-B-Q sauce or “dry” and prepared with a special sauce and dusted with a proprietary rub.  Guests can also choose a combination plate of ribs and either Bar-B-Q Chicken, Pulled Pork Shoulder, Beef Brisket or Spicy Bar-B-Q Shrimp. Plates are priced at $11-26.  Entrée offerings from the sea include Bar-B-Q North Atlantic Salmon, Spicy Bar-B-Q shrimp and the Grilled Hickory Fish of the Day.  Each entrée is served with the choice of two sides and options include Buttermilk Battered Onion Rings, Baked Four-Cheese Macaroni and Cheese, Barbeque Baked Beans and Creamy Coleslaw.

A number of starters like Pulled Pork Eggrolls, soups and salads including Bluff City Chili and Beef Brisket with Mixed Greens, Roasted Tomatoes, Candied Spiced Pecans and Panko Crusted Goat Cheese are also offered ranging in price from $9-$12.  Sandwiches are served with one side as yet another option.  Choices include the vegetarian Veggie sandwich made with marinated and grilled Portobello mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, peppers, Montrachet cheese and basil-pesto mayo and the Pulled Pork Sandwich made with meat smoked in-house for 20 hours.  For those who still have room, enticing desserts including the Blondie Brownie Sundae are also available and are priced from $8-$9.

  • Quoth the Raven

    Corky’s is absolutely awesome, so if this place is anything like that, this place is going to do well.

    • Daniel


    • Ben

      I’ll wait until I try. Corky’s has declined considerably over the years, starting when they began franchising….

      But then again I’m from Memphis and am extremely picky with my BBQ….

  • drax

    Their website seems to indicate that the place is called “Memphis Que” not “Memphis Barbeque” (or Barbecue.)

    This would be confusing and possibly humorous to Spanish speakers.

    • Glebe Roader

      The website is http://www.memphisque.com but the name of the restaurant is Memphis Barbeque. Look at photo 7 — it shows the front of the restaurant.

      • drax

        That sign looks like a slogan, not the name. Unless the name is “Authentic Memphis Barbeque.”

        The bottom of the website says “The new website for Memphis Que is coming soon!”

        • Glebe Roader

          No, the sign that says MEMPHIS BARBEQUE in big red letters across the front of the entrance. Not the round sign with the guitar. Never mind, it doesn’t matter …

          • drax

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to refer to pic 7.

            The website seems to contradict the sign, that’s my point.

          • Duh

            It is almost as if the domain memphisbarbeque.com was not just sitting around waiting for them to be the first to ever grab it. SHOCKING.

          • drax

            It’s not just the URL though, dude. It says “The new website for Memphis Que is coming soon!” on the website.

            It’s no big deal though. Don’t worry too much about it.

  • Rick

    Following barbecue rules, the pictures would lead me to believe the food here is not real bbq. Still gonna give it a whirl though.

  • Michelle

    I went to an event there with Biz Now and though the ribs were excellent. The sliders were a bit dry, as was the chicken, but the ribs… good. They also served a BBQ egg roll which was out of this world.

  • Andrew

    Out of curiosity, does Arlnow get paid to publish articles like these? This is the third article for Memphis BBQ.

    • No.

      • Andrew

        Cool, so you just really like BBQ…

        • drax

          Yes. So do I. So what? Don’t read if you don’t like it.

      • Michelle

        If that was the case, why does this blog not highlight every restaurant opening? By the way, that Italian-Indian event at Cucina Vivace was horrible. Not the combos of the flavors but the restaurant just chose terrible ingredients and over/under cooked everything. Thanks for the rec.

        • Rick

          It usually does?

          And buyer beware on Italian-Indian food…

        • We actually do cover most restaurant openings in Arlington.

          • Michael H.


    • Michael H.

      There have been multiple articles for many other restaurant/bar openings. Not everything is a scam or conspiracy.

      • Andrew

        Nobody said it was a scam or conspiracy. I was only asking because this place seems to have gotten a lot of attention on here.

  • David

    Just wondering, does this place have any kind of relationship to the Memphis BBQ place that once lived in the Ballston Mall where Panera now resides?

    • Lou

      Almost definitely a “no”. That Memphis was part of a small local chain. I think the one in Herndon was the last one to close. This sounds like a completely new business.

  • Suzie

    Super bummed that this place isn’t open past 11pm on weekends. They need to rethink that.

  • Charles

    What’s wrong with creating “Arlington BBQ”? Why does it have to be so unoriginal it’s a bland fake like all the other copycat BBQ places?

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