Bank Robbery in Rosslyn

by ARLnow.com December 9, 2011 at 1:58 pm 5,890 25 Comments

(Updated at 2:35 p.m.) A bank robbery has been reported in Rosslyn.

Initial reports suggest a man robbed the Presidential Bank branch at 1700 N. Moore Street, near the Rosslyn Metro station. No weapons were displayed or implied during the robbery, according to police radio traffic.

This is the third reported robbery of Presidential Bank’s two Arlington branches so far this year.

  • Arlingtoniiiaan

    Good reporting! That’s what all the noise outside is!

  • Bluemontsince1961

    Aw jeeze, not this [bleep] again. Must be the winter shift taking over from the summer shift.

  • Nicely done on the quick update. With all those police cars racing up to the front of the building, we were all looking out going “it’s got to be a robbery”.

  • NoVapologist

    Probably a homeless person.

    Driving an automatic.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      LOL! Who isn’t allowed to smoke inside the local bar.

      • ArLater

        And who most certainly wont be sleeping in a shelter in Courthouse year round!

        • KalashniKEV

          He just closed on a condo in Courthouse 10 minutes ago and now he’s worried about the Nest moving in.

          • Good Grief

            Haha, nice.

    • OX4

      Those banks just attract robbers. Totally dragging down the value of my $900,000 condo.

  • Anduril

    Robbing BB&Ts is so last summer.

    • Bluemontsince1961

      That’s a good one, Anduril!

  • ArLater

    If no gun was shown or implied it makes me wonder if they even uttered the word ‘robbery.’ What if the guy just came in and said can I have some cash? Theyd probably empty the drawer that fast. No wonder there are so many robberies, probably all the ArlNow readers seeing how easy it could be! Ha

    • ArlingtonChick

      True, but they get so little money, I don’t see how it’s worth it. I know a kid who robbed a bank and got all of like $2k. Of course, he was caught because he told his friends. I wonder if he would have been caught had he not told his friends, but he was only wearing a hoodie and a Phish hat to “cover” himself up. I saw the pics from the cameras, it was obviously him. And, if I remember correctly, he robbed the bank right before the Phish concert. Hah. Classic.

    • novasteve

      It’s the policy of the bank, if they even think they are being robbed, they have to give all the money over. You don’t need to brandish a weapon or strick your hand in your pocket and pretend you have a gun. They just hand over some money.

  • TARP

    Is Arlington the bank robbery capital of the country?

    • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

      “Is Arlington the bank robbery capital of the country?”

      Yes, it is part of the County Board’s “smart growth” policy…..
      it is the quickest means to redistribute wealth !!

    • Bill Black

      “The best way to rob a bank is to own one”

  • brendan

    Still no 75x75px low-res images from the last one? Guess ‘the computer guy’ must be on vacation.

  • soarlslacker

    M sister worked as a teller when she was in college. She was robbed at gun point. She included the bait money (serial #s on file) and the dye pack. They caught the robber, but she never stepped foot in that bank again.

  • Paranoia

    Im surprised the armed robbery at Rays Hell Burger didn’t make the news.

    • NArlResident

      What happened at Ray’s? Can you elaborate?

  • RayswasRobbed?

    Rays was robbed?

  • Paranoia

    I attempted to stop in last night while walking home from work, only to walk up on a parking lot full of police cars. When I walked up, the cops had the entrance blocked. I asked an officer and he just said there had been a robbery and to please be careful walking in the area. They were taking pictures and several people were inside crying. Thats about all i can say that i saw.

    • ArlingtonWay

      I’ve been robbed at Rays. Nine dollars for a freaking hamburger? I mean, I didnt cry or anything and no police were called …

    • CW

      Wow, that sounds horrible. However, it’s also the reason why I would never run a business that is cash-only. Too big a target.

      ARLnow, can you confirm or follow up?


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