Top 10 Most-Read Stories of 2011 (6-10)

by ARLnow.com December 29, 2011 at 10:23 am 4,276 27 Comments

For the remaining two weekdays of the year, we’re counting down the top 10 most-read ARLnow.com stories of 2011. Today, we’re taking a look back at numbers 6-10.

10. Earthquake Hits D.C. Area (9,606 views) — All of a sudden, at 1:51 p.m. on a Tuesday, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook the D.C. area, sending office workers scurrying out into the streets and freaking out just about everybody who wasn’t a California transplant. The quake also crashed the our (now former) web server, making it difficult to access the site for about an hour following the quake.

9. Pedestrian Struck on Quincy Street Dies (10,035 views) — In one of the saddest stories of the year, a 28-year-old Arlington woman died after being struck by a pickup truck while walking her dog near Washington-Lee High School. Alison Beth Drucker managed to cling to life for about two weeks after the accident, but eventually succumbed to her injuries. On Aug. 25, the 18-year-old man who was driving the truck that struck Drucker pleaded guilty to reckless driving.

8. Ray’s Steak and Cheese Opens (10,642 views) — Restauranteur Michael Landrum attracted a lot of attention with the opening of a new eatery devoted exclusively to one dish: a big, tasty steak and cheese sandwich. Alas, the delicious creation was apparently not enough to sustain an entire restaurant; Ray’s Steak and Cheese was replaced by its predecessor, Ray’s Hell Burger Too, less than a month after it opened.

7. I-66 Sign Sports a Misspelling (11,480 views) — Somehow, the hard-working folks at VDOT missed a fairly obvious misspelling on a large exit sign on I-66. This story was picked up by WTOP, the Washington Post, and a couple local TV stations — but nearly half of the web traffic came from people sharing the article on Facebook.

6. Principal Sends Email to Parents Criticizing Superintendent (11,583 views) — Williamsburg Middle School Principal Kathleen Francis was mad as hell and she wasn’t going to take it anymore. So on the evening of Feb. 1, Francis sent an email blast to Williamsburg parents, telling them she was resigning and filing age and gender discrimination complaints against Arlington Public Schools. Francis was particularly peeved about a personnel complaint she felt had been poorly handled by Superintendent Dr. Patrick Murphy.

(Note that due to various technical issues, the number of pageviews cited here might not match up with the number of pageviews displayed on the page.)

  • Clarendon

    I love the stats at the end of the year! I don’t see number 5 to number 1 though. Trying to build the suspense ?

    • Clarendon

      Oops, I didn’t see the note about 6-10 today or maybe that was added (probably the former). Anyway I bet 5-1 will contain at least one article about slip-lanes (Arlingtonians can’t get enough banter about slip-lanes!).

      • DarkHeart

        I predict something involving Artisphere.

      • John Fontain


      • This article is as originally published. Nothing has been added.

  • Ballstonian

    -In other news, Steak & Cheese beats Earthquake. Now to Ollie Williams with the weather. What’s it like out there, Ollie?

    • Pentagonian

      Well played, Ballstonian.

  • Tabby

    Oh, I know plenty of California transplants who were freaked out by our 5.8.

  • PentaGee

    I predict 5 – 1 will be about an accident involving a bicyclist, about Trader Joe’s opening in Clarendon, about yet another food truck/pizza shop/coffee/cupcake/gelato/dessert place opening in Arlington, Artisphere, and the local election.

    • CrystalMikey

      Oh yeah, at least one of the epic bike discussion/comments have to be in the top 5.

      • dirty biker

        Bring it on! Santa brought this cyclist a new set of nunchucks and a bright yellow Lycra cape emblazoned with corporate logos and beer slogans.

  • PentaGee

    Oh wait! Maybe about the delays at, or between, Rosslyn and Clarendon Metro stations. And something about “Please No Smoking” signs at Donaldson Run.

  • Richard Cranium

    Slip Lanes
    Wal Mart

    and . . .

    The persistent and terrible drought in Donaldson Run.

    • Ballston

      We really haven’t heard enough about Donaldson Run lately. It used to be one of the best parts about the comment section. I’m hoping that melting snow this winter brings back the tales of horrible destruction and clears up this drought.

  • Max

    don’t forget about the disgruntled slug driver from the Pentagon. That was linked to from drudge, attracting plenty of crazies.

    • Lou

      I wondered why comments kept popping up from that article for so long.

      Anyway, comment counts vs. page clicks would be an interesting comparison.

  • Hokie

    Shirlington Walmart, parking issues near clarendon, and the neighborhood with roads that couldn’t get firetrucks down when cars parked on both sides- somewhere in the top 5

  • NoVapologist

    My predictions:

    Courthouse Homeless Shelter story will be in the top 5.

    Lyon Village Parking Restrictions will be #1 or #2.

    • Southeast Jerome

      I think those 2 will be #1 and #2 in some order…..

  • Curious George

    Either the 10-6 or 5-1 article on most popular articles.

    • Annual

      Yeah. Like a lot of people, I don’t bother reading ArlNow during the year, I just read the top ten each December. So it should make the top ten.

  • slip lanes

    The residents on S. Meade Street will never forget how the county screwed us by removing our safety slip lane. It takes me 3 seconds longer to drive my 8 cylinder 1986 Olds to my driveway from my job in Crystal City. It is a travesty and shocking what the County did. We will not forget. Ever. I’m telling you. Ever. hmmmpf

    • charlie

      here is some irony for you…
      one of the new houses on Arl Ridge with the extended lawns…
      guy pulls out this morning in his stupid SUV and tailgates me the whole way down the hill because I’m going 25. it is always the people who live on a street who are the worst speeders.

  • slip lanes


  • Zoning Victim

    It’s a riot reading through the comments of “Principal Sends Email to Parents Criticizing Superintendent.” Reading the postings by “student” slamming people left and right and bantering back and forth with BoredHouseWife using her 9th grader text message writing style was especially amusing. If you haven’t read through that one in a while, I highly recommend it.

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      I agree. I killed about 45 min of otherwise productive time yesterday doing exactly that.

  • Junior

    Beer Garden.


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