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High-Rise Apartment Proposed for Crystal City Post Office Site

by ARLnow.com March 12, 2012 at 1:10 pm 10,019 25 Comments

The former Crystal City Post Office will be transformed into an 11-story apartment complex under a plan announced by local real estate development firm Kettler today.

Located at the corner of 18th Street and S. Eads Street, the $50 million high-rise apartment building will have more than 200 residences, and will be built under the new Crystal City Zoning District. The building’s closest neighbors will be several older high-rise apartment complexes and a pair of high-rise hotels.

“The livable luxury community will offer residents a boutique hotel experience with a wide variety of amenities,” Kettler said in a press release. “The lobby ‘great room’ will be the central gathering space bridging Crystal City’s bustling 18th Street with the building’s tranquil outdoor courtyard. The Wi-Fi enabled common areas will include a state-of-art fitness center, media lounge and conference room. The rooftop terrace will be a place  to both relax and entertain, offering residents a pool with sun deck, kitchen with bar and BBQ grills, and an entertainment lounge centered around  a fireplace.”

The apartment building is proposed to be LEED Silver certified, with a number of sustainable features including recharging stations for electric cars.

“Our plans for the redevelopment of the former post office will catalyze the transformation of Crystal City’s western gateway,” said Stephan Rodiger, Vice President of Multifamily for Kettler, in a statement. “We envision the new development providing an anchor to the revitalizing western gateway, bringing a younger urban professional demographic to an area that is poised to be a truly livable and dynamic neighborhood.”

Assuming its plans are ultimately approved by Arlington County, Kettler hopes to break ground on the new building by the end of 2013.

  • Sam’s Mart

    Why not make it bigger? Buildings are not big enough in Arlington. Make them all the max size, the people will come. Parking already blows in Arlington, I don’t mind it getting worse. Do you all?

    • Eric

      I am with you. Build the new buildings to the max. Think about the future, build up Arlington.

  • SoMuchForSubtlety

    11 stories is not a high rise. Its a midrise at best.

    • Josh S


  • Arlington Observer

    People on here can be so negative.. geez it’s an urban area if you don’t like it you don’t need to stay. Quit your complaining!

    • drax

      Homes should be built for me, but once I move in all development should stop!

      • nunya


    • Michael H.


      You don’t even need a car at that location. It’s one block from the Metro. Close to many dining and retail options in Crystal City and Pentagon City. Zipcar and Capital Bikeshare are just down the street. Reagan National is one Metro station away.

      There are two large parks within walking distance. The Mt. Vernon trail is just a couple blocks away so there is easy access for outdoor recreation.

      • nunya

        dont forget the strip joint.

        • WeiQiang

          … and Freddie’s

  • CrystalMikey

    LOL at “bustling 18th Street”.

    • Michael H.

      I agree. I’m not sure why they said that. There’s nothing particularly wrong about 18th Street but I sure wouldn’t describe it as bustling. Maybe they meant 23rd St.?

      • CrystalMikey

        Only “bustling” because of the Metro stop.

  • Texas Wahoo

    No mixed use?

  • Ali

    That’s a rather tiny piece of land for a building of that size.

    • nunya

      that’s what she said.

    • Balderdash Champion

      It is being built up, common in urban areas. Not out, common in Suburban areas. Plenty of land for this to be 20-25 stories.

      • Ali

        I know it’s being built up. I’ve lived nearby for years. Even being built up it’s still a very small piece of land.

      • ArlingTony

        Except they say it’s going to be 11 stories and it’s supposed to fit 200 people plus the lobby, media center, fitness center, and conference center. Maybe it’s one of those Japanese pod hotels only they’re calling it an apartment building.

        • Southeast Jerome

          If its 200 units and only 11 floors, its gotta be spread out right? Otherwise, lots of studios I suppose.

  • Autoexec.bat

    There is no mention of set-asides for hipsters. More info, pls.

  • Richard Cranium

    Where are the preservationists? That Post Office is Historic!

    • Keith

      Was that building once a Grand Union, because that is what it reminds me of.

  • ArlingTony

    That should be retail. There’s not enough room for an apartment complex. The space is wedged between another (competing) managed complex’s parking lot, Eads Street, and 18th street. The lot is, at most, 150 ft x 200 ft and that’s assuming they build it right up against the sidewalks.

    That space would make a great bar/restaurant. It comes with a ready made backporch loading dock.

    Dr. Dremos in Crystal City!

    • Michael H.

      Good point. I think it’s a little smaller than 150 x 200. Maybe about 150 x 150 ft. or a little less. Hard to imagine how they can fit 18-20 residences on each floor. The ground floor will have a “great room” and there will also be an outdoor courtyard, further reducing available space per floor. Some space will be used for interior hallways too.

      All of the units would have to be studio apartments, maybe 650 sq. ft. or so each. Either that or they have to cut down on the number of units. Or maybe they are buying the air rights above the adjacent surface parking lot. That’s owned by a different company.


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