Apartment Building Planned for Courthouse Delayed

by ARLnow.com March 23, 2012 at 2:45 pm 5,047 16 Comments

A 16-story, 254-unit mixed-use apartment building planned for Courthouse is still on hold thanks to a lack of financing.

The Washington Business Journal reports that this month the Arlington County Board gave the developer behind the proposed Tellus apartment building an additional three years to get the project off the ground.

Construction had been set to begin in 2010, but “changing market conditions” mean that the building is still just a twinkle in the eye of its architect. For now, a 60s-era office building remains at 2009 N. 14th Street, where construction would be well-underway had the money been available to build the apartment complex.

2009 N. 14th Street is located one block away from both the Arlington police station and the proposed year-round county homeless shelter.


  • TuesdaysChild

    The Ballston-ization of courthouse continues.

    • Southeast Jerome

      Yes- do all you can to prevent density in the inner core – then please join the fight to prevent the widening of 66.

  • John

    I hope the project gets canned. It looks horrible. There is no design vision in this county.

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      Don’t you think it’s a lot better than what’s there now?

      • Mary-Austin

        that’s really not saying much

  • OldTimer

    Inmates at the jail were anxiously awaiting this residential development so they could look in the windows at night.

  • Bill

    They kicked out The Arlington County Democratic Committee recently. I wonder how many other tenants had to leave?

  • ArlAll

    They cancelled because the county is building the low barrier homeless shelter across the street. How many people really want to pay luxury prices to live next door to rapists and child molester? Not many.

    • Southeast Jerome

      There is a federal prison in Arlington?!?!?!

      Oh wait no- you’re just making ASSumptions about the homeless.

    • drax

      You haven’t consulted the sex offender database lately, have you ArlAll? Chances are you live close to one, and he’s not homeless at all. Oops.

  • alex1138

    If this building achieves its goals of sustainability it will really help to secure Arlington’s place as a leading region in the U.S. of environmentally responsible urban development. Not to mention, this building will be replacing a rather horrid looking 1960’s cube that saps the spirit just by gazing upon it.

  • barry

    Sustainability? How many vehicle trips would the 300 vehicle parking garage generate? Where’s the parks, recreation, open space for the residents? Neighborhood residential streets?

    • alex1138

      I actually heard the “Debbie Downer” bugle when I read your post. I’m sure you would have read this on the Tellus web site but there is going to be a large public park area behind the building which is not there presently. Also I personally feel that any time a building goes up next to a metro station it’s a good thing. Many people will use the metro whether they have a car or not. Anyway, I don’t figure I will change the minds of anyone set to hate this development but that’s not my problem.

  • karzai

    For those focused on Clarendon, I exchanged emails with a rep from USAA Real Estate regarding the Waverly at Clarendon (same block as the moribund Sam’s Corner).

    According to the rep, they are “bidding out the drawings” and planning to break ground in summer 2012.

    Maybe with that, someone can take over Sam’s Corner’s lease and get a real business there, rather than a time warped business with no real hours. How can they keep food fresh over there? I’d be afraid to get sick from spoilage. Sam’s needs to close – NOW…..

  • Burger

    Just a hunch but I’d bet given the attempt by the CB to push through an all year homeless shelter next door that the backers “using” the changing market conditions have backed out and Tellus is seeking new backer.

    The Arlington Chamber of Commerce is located in that building and until a couple of weeks ago was saying they were moving out in a few months and would move back in after the new building was finished

  • Pete

    Just was an update on this posted on DCmud– they’re breaking ground later this year.


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