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Photos: Getting Ready for Office Construction in Clarendon

by ARLnow.com April 6, 2012 at 11:00 am 5,124 27 Comments

About a month from now, in early May, a groundbreaking is expected to be held for a new 280,000 square foot mixed-use office project in Clarendon.

In the meantime, the block on which the project will be built (3001-3003 Washington Boulevard) is looking more and more like a ghost town.

Chains and “no trespassing” have gone up around the block. The former BB&T Bank has been boarded up, as has the former Eleventh Street Lounge and Potomac Crossfit locations. The block’s long-time stalwart, T.A. Sullivan and Son cemetery monuments, now has a sign outside announcing its new location, in Vienna, and thanking the community “for allowing us to serve you for more than 100 years.”

BB&T Bank, meanwhile, also has a new location. The bank branch has moved into the old PNC Bank space at 3033 Wilson Boulevard, near the Clarendon Metro station.

The office project’s developer, Penzance, says it expects to wrap up construction in “early 2014.”

  • Votes Regularly

    Thank God that Potomac Crossfit and its run-in-dark-shirts-at-night-down-11th-Street-with-total-disregard-for-traffic workout program is gone forever.

    • JB

      Maybe that explains the recent phenomena of dudes that run as fast as they can down the hill between Courthouse and Rosslyn – leaving a wake of sweaty stench as punishment to any pedestrian with the nerve to be an obstacle on their jogging path, I mean sidewalk. Displaced crossfitters? (I’d have a slight bit more respect if they were at least running uphill as they bullied people out of the way – funny how you don’t see that as much.)

      • Michael H.

        Downhill running is actually harder on the legs, in terms of muscle damage and soreness, but it’s easier aerobically than uphill running.

        • Michael H.

          People who are training for a hilly race need to do uphill and downhill workouts to be truly prepared. (Not saying that any CrossFitters are training for a particular race.)

      • CW

        Recent phenomenon (running = singular activity = phenomenon)? Maybe recent for this year because it just got nice outside, but that’s pretty much every sidewalk in Arlington between April and November. And I’m one of those dudes; pardon the stench.

    • Seriously

      The first definition here sums up Crossfit perfectly. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=CrossFit&defid=4399242

      • JB

        Interesting – so someone figured out how to make people pay for the kind of workout that you can get in prison for free. Brilliant!

      • mac

        thanks for posting this.

    • Doesn’t Vote

      Thank God that the bank is gone. That thing just couldn’t keep the robbers away. By the last few, they weren’t even bothering to bring guns or wear hats and sunglasses.

  • R0bespierre

    Finally, the creepy death store is gone

    • JBalls

      Maybe that explains the shirtless dudes rolling tombstones down that hill between Courthouse and Rosslyn?

      • Tre


    • Cakes

      Death store?

    • CourthouseChris

      Ironically, the person best known for France’s “Reign of Terror” in the 18th century under whose leadership over 40,000 executions took place is objecting to the “creepy death store”.

  • Eating Popcorn

    Yay! More traffic and beautifully destroyed streets to drive in! 😀

    • Votes Regularly

      I’m hoping Blanca’s Sabor Latino comes back for breakfast during construction. Never ate from the truck, but oh, the smell.

  • Thes

    So whatever happened to the “traffic nightmare” that Trader Joes was supposed to cause 1/2 block from this location? Did it ever materialize? Seems like Trader Joes is doing good business, but I’ve not seen the lines of cars out of the garage that was predicted.

    • SoMuchForSubtlety


    • dirty biker

      I did see seven (!) bikes locked up outside the other day when pre-TJs there wouldn’t have been even one! Oh, and every now and again the bike share rack is full and people have to walk a block from the next one…

      • Clean Car Driver

        Let’s hope these bikes were locked up by the authorities to keep them off of our busy streets. If so, I applaud this increase in ACPD vigilance!

    • BreakPause02

      Only in the sense that its quite difficult to get out of the garage, then go across Clarendon and then Wilson to turn left. For some reason, the county does not want the two lights to be in sync, so as you wait at one red, the other is green. Then when yours is green, the next turns red.

    • CW

      It was pretty bad in and around the area. You’re right that it wasn’t of the cataclysmic levels that many, including myself, had feared. The worst part by far is leaving that garage; metered parking spaces come so close to the ramp that you cannot see 10 feet down garfield to your left until you’re already in the middle of the road.

      I moved off the block in anticipation of this big project though. No thanks to pile driving, intermittent street closures, construction debris (I’d advise anyone who cares about their tires to stay far, far away), and contractors who have “promised” not to park their vehicles illegally…sure…

  • Michael H.

    Beware the Ghosts of Tenants Past.

    • JB

      novasteve already proved there’s no such thing as ghosts – don’t get him started again.

  • Team DDS, Inc.

    It’s about time, this should be a nice addition to Clarendon.


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