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New Indian Eatery Coming to R-B Corridor? — The Fairfax-based Indian restaurant Curry Mantra is scouting out real estate along the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor in hopes of opening two new “Curry Mantra Express” carryout restaurants by the end of the year. [Northern Virginia Magazine]

Shuttleworth Recruits RepublicansBruce Shuttleworth, the Arlington businessman who’s challenging long-time incumbent Rep. Jim Moran for the Democratic nomination for Congress, is recruiting Republicans to vote for him in the June 12 primary. The Democratic blog Blue Virginia posted video of Shuttleworth asking for the vote of members of the Falls Church Republican Committee. [Blue Virginia]

GOP Looks for County Board Candidate — Arlington County Republicans are still trying to recruit a candidate to challenge Democrat Libby Garvey in November’s County Board election. Mark Kelly, who lost to Garvey in the recent County Board special election, says he doesn’t plan to run again this year. June 12 is the filing deadline to get on the November ballot. [Sun Gazette]

Local Bank Makes ‘Most Trustworthy’ List — Virginia Commerce Bancorp, the locally-based parent company of Virginia Commerce Bank, was named to the Forbes magazine list of “America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies.” [BusinessWire]

Flickr pool photo by Philliefan99

  • shellshock868

    Please, please come to Ballston!!! We have nothing of that genre here!

    • FunReadArlNow

      Nothing of what in Ballston? Republicans, trustworthy banks, or express Indian restaurants?

      • ArLater

        Or guys creepin on bikes while casually licking an ice cream?

        • bilbobaggins

          we have dudes creepin on bikes all over! they don’t always eat icecream tho…

        • WeiQiang

          … go to Shirlington. Guys creepin with ice cream. No bikes.

    • JohnB2

      Would love to see Indian carry-out in Ballston. Yes I know the place was there that moved to the Pike but it was too far off the strip to be viable (and a tad expensive unless you were getting the buffet). My advice to the proprietor is to stay on Fairfax, Wilson, or in between (like Potbelly).

  • jasdfl

    Regarding the picture– often see folks taking pictures at the water feature in Crystal City in what looks like wedding garb, however they seem really young. Are they instead taking pics for Quinceanera– anyone know?

    • CrystalMikey

      Based on my years living across from said water park, I believe you are right on the money with Quinceanera.

      • WeiQiang

        Yep. Mostly Quinceaneras.

        • DarkHeart

          Is there a bris?

          • WeiQiang

            Usually only in the limo before the photographer arrives.

          • drax



            Bonus points if you know the ad that was parodied.

          • nom de guerre

            Ad for 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis. Almost as good as the ads for the Chrysler Cordova featuring “rich corinthian leather.”

          • drax


    • Cakes

      Yep. I was actually there and took a similar picture at the time.


    jasdfl I have seen people taking photos there for what looks like “Quinceanera” with just a woman but also Indian marriages with a groom and bride. FREDTERP


    jasdfl I met just a girl not woman? FREDTERP

    • nom de guerre

      Robbin da cradle?

  • nunya
    • WeiQiang

      Maybe not ACPD … there is a launch site in Arlington [two if you include the expired site at the Pentagon]. The active site in Arlington is actually located at DARPA … I think DARPA uses the nuclear-powered, hummingbird-sized version with the laser cannon eyes.

      The “Arlington” referred to on the list thought to be Arlington, TEXAS. There is a pointer location on the map located in Arlington, TX.

      • nunya


      • WeiQiang

        Having said all that, certificates listed are probably attached to the headquarters of the respective organizations, not to the operational sites. The Pentagon, DARPA, and DHS HQs are shown on the map. It’s unlikely that the UAVs [‘drone’ implies a certain degree of simplicity that is not appropriate for these systems] operate from these sites … maybe with the exception of the Pentagon. DoD may actually launch from the courtyard, next to the installation of the trebuchet they keep there.

    • tin foil hat

      great paper you choose to quote from –
      the UK’s best selling brand of toilet paper:

      • WeiQiang

        The embedded link is to EFF, irrespective of the paper.

  • Josh S

    This Shuttlesworth guy is turning out to be a real creep.

    Recruiting Republicans to vote for him? What kind of signal is that supposed to send? I was going to sit this vote out, but may have to vote for Moran now…..

    • Mr. Hand

      Truly, a FOX in sheep’s clothing. There was a slightly fishy odor to the missing signatures hullabaloo, but evidently it was coming from both sides.

    • Shef

      I’ll vote for Shuttleworth and cancel you out.

      Seriously though, what is wrong with candidates adapting their campaign to the local electorate? I am glad he is not caged by national political labels. Face it, a northern Virginia Republican would probably be considered pretty liberal in other parts of the country.

      Grow outside your tiny box of labels.

      • Josh S

        Perhaps Master Shef will grant me a larger box of labels.

        I prostrate myself before thee…..

        • Shef

          Sorry, you’re on your own.

      • drax

        You don’t remember Stan Parris, do you?

    • Zoning Victim

      That he wants people to vote for him?

    • drax

      Yeah, does he think those Republicans are going to stick with him in the fall? Most would just like to use him to knock of Moran so their own candidate has a better shot.

      • Zoning Victim

        What difference does it make if Republicans stick with him or not? The Democratic nominee always wins this district, anyway. He’s basically just providing an option to Moran; not a very good one, seemingly, but an option nonetheless. It seems pretty clear that if Moran is to be unseated, it’ll be through the Democratic primary and not the election.

        • drax

          Um, ZV, I explained what the difference is. If the Republicans help Shuttleworth knock off Moran, and that gives the Republican nominee a shot at winning, that doesn’t do much more Shuttleworth. See how that works?

          If you just hate Moran and don’t care who replaces him, then you don’t care. But Shuttleworth does.

          • Ballstonienne

            Did it occur to you that Zoning Victim meant what is the difference from the republican voter’s point of view?

          • drax

            Why would a Republican vote for a Democrat AGAINST a Republican though?

          • Zoning Victim

            Your incessant condescension aside, yes, I’ve seen how it works here over the last 20+ years. This district will probably never elect another Republican. The last time this district voted for a Republican in any political race was in 1996, and he (Senator John Warner) won the 8th District by a whopping 1% despite being a long time incumbent. None of the races since then have even been close.

            It’s extremely likely that whoever wins the Democratic primary will be our Congressman, so saying that getting the Republicans to help him knock off Moran in the primaries won’t help Shuttleworth doesn’t make a lot of sense given the political landscape of Virginia’s 8th District.

          • drax

            I didn’t say it won’t help Shuttleworth, I’m saying it won’t help Republicans, even if they think it will. So, we probably agree, though neither of us know why and we’re both too stubborn to figure it out.

          • Zoning Victim

            Haha – okay, I can go with that.

    • R

      I don’t see him as a creep for trying to appeal to both Republicans, Democrats and Independents who are tired of Moran’s antics and the man in general, in particular to Republicans who know that getting one of their own elected in this district is not likely, so why not back a Democrat in a primary who seems to understand the fiscal disaster we face with our National Debt and wants to address it. While not ideal, it is the lesser of two evils philosophy. Now it might be tough to get Republicans to take a Democrat ballot when they have a Senate primary the same day, but that one really isn’t much of a race with Allen having it in hand. Though as a fiscally conservative independent voter I would have prefered to see a big push to get Tom Davis to gop through with a run for the Senate seat instead of an already one-time loser of his own seat in Allen.

      • yequalsy

        The fact that Tom Davis is pretty much a man without a party these days tells you all you really need to know about the GOP 2012.

        • FrenchyB


    • John Fontain

      Ok, so party loyalty is more important to you than a candidate’s actual qualifications and suitability to represent constituents. Luckily, most people don’t think like you.

      • Josh S

        For a Democratic primary election, yeah, I think sticking to the Democrats makes sense. Remember, a primary is just a club election. Appealing to people outside your club seems odd. (Of course, I think open primaries are odd, too. Maybe “most people” don’t agree….)

        In the general election, by all means appeal to whoever you want to appeal to.

      • Sandy

        I am glad Virginia has open primaries, and I am glad the middle issue swing voters are numerous enough to keep the candidates honest.

        It is easy to pander to the lemmings that make up a core party constituency, but there would be a lot less progress in the legislature if candidates did not have to address the fluctuating center voters, who sometimes actually think about issues more than the extremists.

    • BlueLoom

      This is a primary. In VA, we don’t register by party. Anyone can vote in either primary. I think there isn’t a Repub primary for the seat in Congress, so it’s perfectly legit to try to persuade Repubs to come to the polls and vote for Shuttleworth. As a Dem, I’m all for it.

      I have voted in Repub primaries when I felt that the Dem running for ofc needed a more worthy opponent or when I wanted a lesser-of-evils if the Dems should lose (e.g., I voted for McCain over Bush, even tho I had no intention of voting for McCain in the general election).

      I rather like Virginia’s way of doing this. It kinda mixes things up a bit.

  • Good Grief

    Aren’t those the dresses from Bridesmaids?

  • Don Quixote

    I would like to volunteer to be the GOP candidate for the County Board. I am extremely experienced in campaigns of this sort.

    • WeiQiang

      Plus, you’ve got some GREAT campaign songs.

    • JimPB

      Don Quixote, your associate in adventures would attract more Hispanic support.

  • Ballstoni

    UM we only just already have RAVI KABOB, which is always ranked one of the best in the area….

    • Just Obvious

      Ravi Kabob is not Indian.

      • drax

        Just barely.

    • JamesE

      Bad parking, walking there is a pain

    • JohnB2

      And it’s not in the R-B corridor, it’s down by 50. Or is there another location closer?

    • nom de guerre

      Today’s daily special at the famous Sam’s Corner, which is located at the western edge of Clarendon is featuring a chapli kabab buger with black lentils on naan topped with a coriander and tamarind chutney.

      • drax

        When though? Don’t be rude.

        • Meg

          Rag n Bones!

          • Clarendude

            +1 for Meg-bot.

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Right hand — ice cream cone. Left hand —- ?

    • nunya


    • nom de guerre

      Wha ever the left hand is doing it seems to have captured the attention of the woman in the pink dress.

      • nunya

        same with the guy in the suit. is that a zamfir flute in his mouth or the collar of the other guy. i cant make it out.

        • nom de guerre

          I can’t tell either, but the 2nd guy to right of zamfir appears to be performing a modified facepalm.

    • CCR A GoGo

      Left hand hungry. Need to play!

  • Tabs

    Nice shot, PhillieFan

  • KalashniKEV

    Am I going to have to do another write in vote for novasteve?

    • novasteve

      Remy Munasifi has a better chance of winning.

  • novasteve

    I could go for some chicken tikka and biryani froyo or cupcakes.

  • Tabs

    I got some ice cream
    I got some ice cream
    You didn’t get none
    You didn’t get none
    Cuz your father is on the welfare

    • KalashniKEV

      Shhhh… don’t post that here or we’ll be buying them all ice cream too!

      • drax


    • drax

      Dead bird – gonna put it on you!

    • Bunny

      Goonie goo-goo!

    • drax

      She a Bigfoot, Gus!

  • Board Rules

    Can we keep Garvey and trade in Zimmerman or Tejada?

    On a lighter night, I’ll bet his head was gonna BLOW at the meeting on Saturday when he and his lap dog were in the minority!

    • Elmer

      Hey “Board Rules”, Garvey is a darn sight smarter than the rest of them.
      How many elected politicians have managed to vote themselves a pay raise at their first meeting? See, item 41 of the video of the April 21st county board meeting.
      None that I’ve ever heard of.


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