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New Apartment Building Coming to Waverly Hills

by ARLnow.com June 7, 2012 at 12:00 pm 8,444 72 Comments


Archstone has broken ground on a new 227-unit apartment building next to the strip mall at the corner of N. Glebe Road and 20th Road N. in Waverly Hills.

Parkland Gardens, as the project is currently known, is billed as a high-end residential community in a “pedestrian-friendly, North Arlington neighborhood.” A press release (after the jump) claims the building will be “in close proximity to the Ballston Metrorail station,” though the station is a mile and a half away.

The building will be four stories high, according to county building permit records. The complex will have a variety of desirable features and amenities, Archstone says.

“The one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment homes and lofts will showcase a host of high-end finishes, including large, open floor plans, nine-foot ceilings, built in book cases, crown molding, European-style kitchen cabinets with glass doors, stainless steel appliances and master bathrooms with double vanities,” according to Archstone. “In addition, residents… will have access to a variety of unique amenities, such as a resort-style pool with a sun deck and private nooks, two courtyards, an outdoor amphitheater with tiered seating and a pet spa.”

The project is being constructed in a large, empty, fenced-in lot just south of the Thirsty Bernie Sports Bar & Grill. No word yet on how much the project will cost or when it’s expected to be complete.

Archstone issued the following press release about the project.

Archstone, a leader in apartment investment and operations, today announced that it has begun construction on a brand-new 227-unit apartment community in the Washington DC market.

The project, currently known as Parkland Gardens, is located at the intersection of North Glebe Road and Lee Highway in the heart of one of the most affluent and highly educated neighborhoods in the Washington DC metropolitan area. The pedestrian-friendly, North Arlington neighborhood offers immediate access to a wide variety of restaurants and boutiques at Lee Heights Shops and close proximity to the Ballston Metrorail station.

“The Washington DC metropolitan area is one of our largest markets, and we’re excited about starting construction on another well-located apartment community,” said Neil Brown, Archstone’s chief development officer. “The North Arlington development will offer many of the great pedestrian-friendly and lifestyle enhancing amenities that residents enjoy in Downtown DC, to go along with a prestigious address.”

Situated between the region’s two largest professional job centers, Downtown DC and Tyson’s Corner, and less than two miles from the Rosslyn/Clarendon/Ballston employment center, the brand-new apartment community will be within 15 minutes of more than 850,000 jobs. Among the major employers in the Rosslyn/Clarendon/Ballston employment center are Deloitte, Lockheed Martin and Booz Allen Hamilton.

The access to jobs and Arlington County’s low unemployment rate continue to create demand for apartment housing in the area.

“The occupancy rates of Class-A apartment communities in North Arlington are among the highest in all of Northern Virginia and demand continues to increase,” said Dean Wilson, Archstone’s senior vice president of investments for the Washington DC metropolitan area. “Our community has been designed to meet that demand, and we believe it will be a valuable addition to the neighborhood and our portfolio of apartment communities in great locations in the premier cities in the country.”

The one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment homes and lofts will showcase a host of high-end finishes, including large, open floor plans, nine-foot ceilings, built in book cases, crown molding, European-style kitchen cabinets with glass doors, stainless steel appliances and master bathrooms with double vanities.

In addition, residents of the Arlington apartments will have access to a variety of unique amenities, such as a resort-style pool with a sun deck and private nooks, two courtyards, an outdoor amphitheater with tiered seating and a pet spa.

Union Bank, N.A. and Sovereign Bank, N.A. are providing the construction financing for the development.

  • JohnB2

    “Close proximity” is a stretch at almost two miles, but I assume it’ll be on a bus route that goes to Ballston.

    • BreakPause02

      Glebe/Lee is perfect opportunity for a roundabout.

  • Blooman

    what was there before? i drive by all the time but cannot remember. it’s been vacant for years now.

    • Rick

      Different garden apartments.

  • nom de guerre

    “pet spa” ???

    • sunflower

      i’m still stuck on “private nooks”. ??

      • NPGMBR

        LOL that caught my attention too!

  • ArLater

    *Generic comment complaining about generic name of apartment complex*

  • nom de guerre

    Brick garden style apartments = affordable housing

    • Southeast Ben

      Whoa…I live in brick, garden-style.

      Maybe Cowboy Cafe business will pick up?

  • Rick

    It’s on the 23 bus line and the 3, so hopefully these people moving will take advantage of the bus. The intersection doesn’t need more cars.

    • WillJohnston

      Either way, it’s a crap location to add 500 more residents.

      Where’s that guy that always complains that Arlington’s zoning is restricting new apartment development?

      • drax

        Once I move into a place, nobody else should.

        • WillJohnston

          Why? Do you have a nasty funk that permeates into all the adjoining properties?

          • drax


      • Corey

        Arlington’s zoning is restricting new apartment development.

        The existence of SOME new apartment development is not proof that the above is false.

        • WL95

          Yeah, well that’s what zoning does. Live with it.

      • speonjosh

        Where would be better?

        “Away from me” is not an acceptable answer….

        • Mike Hunt

          How about “Closer to you”? Works for me – I don’t have any neighbors as cranky as you.

  • Resident

    According to Google Maps, the distance is about 1.3 miles – a 25 minute walk, but basically a straight shot. And the bus stop is almost outside their door.

    • BreakPause02


  • cabbie

    An Amphitheater? I have lived in apartments for 10 years and have never once said, “man, I wish I had an amphitheater in my complex.” That space would be better used for, well, anything.

    • Richard Cranium

      Like public nooks. Private nooks are elitist.

  • CW

    Must be a pretty weird area if the horizon really runs at a 30-degree angle like that.

  • PL25rd

    Gross. I drive by that lot every day, twice a day, on my commute. I can’t imagine 500 more people in that area; it already takes three traffic light cycles to make a left on Lee from Glebe in the afternoons.

    • D’oh

      Agreed. Traffic lights etc. will definitely need to be adjusted. Hopefully the county is proactive about that short of thing, and they’re getting the developer to pay for some modifications.

      • Bob

        They will have to add a pedestrian crossing and new stoplight on Glebe for the people who need to go across to the paint store and can’t be troubled to walk up to Glebe and Lee Highway.

    • drax

      That site was previously garden apartments with people in them, though probably less than 500.

    • Arlington, Northside

      There were probably 500 people there before they knocked down the old apartments.

  • Swag

    wow, 9 foot ceilings… how… standard?

    • speonjosh

      Obviously, with a name like Swag, you’re living pretty large, but I’ve never lived in a place with nine foot ceilings.

      • CW

        So does your name mean that people pee on you a lot?

        • R. Kelly

          Yes – I’d like to know too. TIA!

  • Juanita de Talmas

    At least they didn’t call it “The Parkland at Waverly Gardens”

  • Danielle

    Good, maybe they’ll clean up this intersection. It needs it.

    • NGlebe

      I think they would have to add turn lanes. Hardly seems possible on Lee without knocking down some buildings. Right now, you can almost touch Ruffino’s Spaghetti House from your car when driving down Lee.

  • Good Grief

    Boo, more congestion on Lee Hwy.

  • Wayne Kubicki

    County Board must hate this one – I believe it’s a “by right” development. No site plan filing needed – so no leverage to extract a bunch of goodies from the developer.

    • Wilbur

      What does that mean “by right” – havent heard that term before.

      • drax

        It means the developer doesn’t need permission from the county to develop it. It doesn’t exceed the legal limits for anything, such as height.

        • QuangTri1967

          And it’s not a Walmart so they won’t just put arbitrary new regulations on the site that makes by-right impossible.

    • Suburban Not Urban


  • Wilbur

    Hey, since close proximity is 1.5 miles from metro…. wouldnt this be a good place for a CABI bike station?

    • BreakPause02

      Well, maybe – only problem is that it’s uphill from Ballston, so that would probably lead to many trips downhill only.

    • jan

      Yes to a CABI station. But that intersection needs much more. A shuttle bus to Metro would be useful.

      That intersection is clogged with Maryland commuters.

  • C

    It is about time! While I might like something different, that lot is an eyesore and has been so for quite some time.

    • HighViewPunk


  • Artie Fufkin

    “The complex will have a variety of desirable features and amenities, Archstone says.”

    Walls, plumbing, electricity…

  • Chris B

    Pedestrian friendly? Walkable?

    Seriously?! That’s right of Lee Highway and Glebe Road.Try to be a pedestrian there…

    • CW

      It could become walkable. There are some strip malls there with interesting things. Gotta start somewhere.

      • Agreed, those strip malls and shopping centers are history within 5-10 years

    • Arlington, Northside

      Walking through the neighborhood there is easy and safe, no one is suggesting crossing Lee Hwy or Glebe, you can get to the shops with out crossing either.

  • Justin

    Nowhere outside of Court House/Clarendon is walkable in Arlington. Safely, that is.

    • Juanita de Talmas

      Shirlington, Crystal City

    • John K.

      Most of Arlington is safely walkable if one pays attention and don’t cross against a light, even with the… uniquely inattentive… driving often on display.

    • John

      Most of Arlington is walkable. Some neighborhoods are just further from popular commercial areas than others.

    • Arlington, Northside


      • WestoverPam

        That’s like saying the block I live on is walkable because I can walk around it.

  • girlFace

    pet spa ???
    ahh hahahahahahahahha
    yeah…my pets are always complaining about not being able to get mani-pedis and massages in the building !

    • John Travolta

      Pet spas–I always get kicked out of those.

  • Mc

    This is not a bad location for a dense development since one can take buses down either Glebe or Lee Highway. You can walk to restaurants, a bakery and even a hardware store (wish I could walk to a hardware store.). Between this and Columbia Pike’s development we may find Glebe emerge as a corridor of transit.

  • That Other Guy

    If you’re talking about the ones between Glebe and Harrison, thats doubtful. Many of them are at least partially retail condos, meaning the individual stores own their spaces and don’t rent them.

  • ArlForester

    Bring back El Palacio!!!

    • JohnE

      Loved that place! Silly Mexican-looking building 🙂

    • Clarendon

      I used to rent a house up that way and we would hit that place for breakfast on the weekends all the time. I had forgotten exactly where it was.

      • Lou

        Where Old Dominion runs into Lee Highway. Right where the bank is.

  • The Jimmy

    Prior to the vacant lot and the proposed development, here is a brief summary posted on AHA’s site for the lot…

    Parkland Gardens Apartments was listed on AHA’s Endangered List. It was a 149-unit garden apartment complex built in 1943. The complex was demolished in 2007. Under current zoning (at least when it was demolished), up to 120 townhouses could be built on the property, replacing what had been committed affordable housing units. The property is conveniently located along several bus lines. There is an express bus that stops near Lee/Glebe to take passengers right into DC during the workwork.

  • bemused bystander

    When that was written, many assumed that townhouses would be more lucrative than new apartments even though the zoning permits fewer townhouses per acre. Interesting that Archstone now calculates more gains from 227 apartments than 120 towns.

  • The Jimmy

    Arlington Heritage Alliance put Parkland Apt on the Arlington’s Most Endangered Places in 2007.

    Since Archstone is known for apartments, it makes sense they would continue to build apartments and not townhomes.

    There has been talk that the Parkland Apartments would be built for diplomats and a focus towards attracting an international clientele. Lets see if that holds true.

  • Salmon Ella

    I live across the street from this development. I am happy to see something going up, but I do worry about the traffic. It’s already hard to get out of my street onto Glebe, and it’s the only way out. How many parking spaces will there be? 227 1-3 bedroom apartments means 227+ cars. parking is already tight. Anyone know?

  • predawnwalker

    According to their own press release dated June 5, 2012, Archstone is building 227 apartment homes near the intersection of Lee Hwy and Glebe Rd in North Arlington. Funny, but according to the Arlington County Economic Development department, Archstone is providing (AND ARLINGTON COUNTY APPROVED!!!!) parking for only 252. Those of us who already live in this area often struggle to find parking. Not only is the county firming up the traffic gridlock in our area, but it is also ensuring that those of us who pay Arlington County property taxes will have to fight to park within walking distance of our homes. Come on, Arlington, what are you thinking?????


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