Construction on Rosslyn Apartment Tower May Begin This Year

The JBG Companies will ask the Arlington County Board this weekend for permission to change the order of its massive Central Place project in Rosslyn.

The project consists of two 390-foot towers — one office tower, one residential tower — both built across from the Rosslyn Metro station, between N. Lynn Street and N. Moore Street. JBG is asking the Board for the option to build the residential tower first, even though the developer’s original site plan called for the office tower to be built first.

The Board is expected to consider a site plan amendment on Saturday that would transfer the community benefits timed to coincide with the office tower construction — including the construction of a public plaza between the two planned buildings, a $3.5 million contribution for the construction of a new Rosslyn Metro entrance, and $5.4 million to the county’s affordable housing fund — to the timeline for the residential tower’s construction, presuming the residential tower is built before the office tower.

According to a staff report, JBG has yet to decide whether to start construction of the office or the residential tower first. Regardless, the developer plans to start construction on at least one of the buildings by the end of this year.

The project has been delayed because JBG “has encountered difficulties financing the construction of both buildings,” the staff report says.

The Central Place residential tower will consist of 350 apartments and will replace what is currently a McDonald’s restaurant and a small park.