New Pedestrian Paths Being Added to S. Joyce Street

by ARLnow.com June 12, 2012 at 2:05 pm 4,616 21 Comments

The section of S. Joyce Street that connects Columbia Pike and Pentagon City is getting a major facelift.

Road work is currently underway on S. Joyce Street, described as “one of the few places for cyclists and pedestrians to cross I-395 in Arlington.” The $1.8 million federal project will not only improve the aesthetics of the road — “more urban, and less highway-industrial” — but will result in significant functional improvements for road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists.

Among the changes, as described by the Federal Highway Administration:

  • “Project will build a narrower median, leaving two through travel lanes in each direction, and provide much-improved ten-foot wide shared use sidewalks on both sides, plus three-foot buffers between the walkway and back of curb.”
  • “New pedestrian-scale street lighting will be installed the length of the project on both sides.”
  • “All guard rails will be removed (terminal median crash barriers will be installed).”
  • “Large standpipes will be re-located out of the accessible pedestrian route.”

Construction is underway now and is expected to wrap up in September. The project also accounts for the planned Columbia Pike streetcar, anticipating that the streetcar will use the road’s inner lanes.

Officials describe the project as a “coordinated effort” involving the Federal Highway Administration, VDOT, the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, the Navy Annex demolition project, and Arlington’s streetcar project.

Photo courtesy Arlington County

  • Tabs

    Great. Long overdue.

    • Good Grief


    • Mary-Austin


    • Michael H.


    • YTK


  • Arlington, Northside

    Great! Now how about a Jersey barrier to protect the sidewalk?

    • WeiQiang

      They appear to be assembling rebar forms to pour concrete for that purpose.

  • at least pedestrians are more safe while from nowhere good to another place that’s worse.

    • *while walking

    • WeiQiang

      A lot of military folks use that route to get from JBFMHH to Pent City … apparently, DoD does not issue stylish bedding or cookware, so safe passage is required to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Sur La Table.

      • then what is the DoD using my tax dollars for??!

        • WeiQiang

          Putting Froyo in Kandahar.

          • YTK

            As they well should……..

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Meddlesome pedestrians Always messing up a good thing.

  • Pie


    • WeiQiang

      It’s a perfect project for bollard re-purposing from the bike trail.

  • esmith69

    It’s about time. Those standpipes are a HUGE safety hazard. I can’t believe more people haven’t been seriously injured by them.

  • MariaC

    This will be a great improvement.

  • michael

    What is going on with the gas station that was demolished? Does anyone know the plans for that space?

    • Michael H.

      I think that will be part of the Arlington Cemetery expansion. Columbia Pike will be rerouted through the large parking lot. The Pike will intersect Joyce St. just north of 395, where the current construction project ends. The area to the north of that future intersection will become part of the Cemetery.

  • Bob P

    The lanes are too narrow. The new jersey barrier is too high. As a result, Metrobuses leave their lane to avoid hitting their side view mirrors. Should not there be some gap between a concrete wall and the edge of the lane – say a 1 or 2 foot curb or shoulder? I think that the rebuild Joyce street is unsafe. Any bicycle would find sharing a 11 ft lane without any shoulder a dangerous challenge.


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