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by ARLnow.com July 3, 2012 at 8:50 am 4,303 91 Comments

Power Outage Update — As of 8:30 a.m., there were 14,860 Dominion customers still without power in Arlington. That’s down from  27,586 outages as of 9:30 yesterday morning.

911 Now Accessible By Cell Phone — Arlington County says its 911 system is now properly receiving calls from cell phones. Problems were reported with the system yesterday afternoon.

Cancel Special Events on the Fourth? — Citing power outages and a dodgy 911 system, Arlington Office of Emergency Management Director Jack Brown says he’s not sure it’s the best idea for Arlington to host events for the Fourth of July tomorrow. He told the Washington Post yesterday: “I’m questioning having a special event during an emergency.” [Washington Post]

School Board Renews Murphy’s Contract — Arlington Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Patrick Murphy had his contract renewed at Monday morning’s School Board meeting. The contract calls for Dr. Murphy to stay with the school system until the end of the 2015-2016 school year. He’ll be paid an annual salary of $209,976. [Washington Post]

Community Pools Busy — The indoor pools at Yorktown, Wakefield and Washington-Lee high schools were all busy this weekend, in the wake of Friday’s storms. [Sun Gazette]

  • CW

    Any anecdotal reports on areas that are still entirely out? Last night it looked like most of Lee Highway between Glebe and George Mason was still down. Traffic lights were working but all business were closed. I’ve toughed out plenty of power outages as a resident in my day, but I feel very bad for the business owners.

    • JamesE

      Taco Bell was closed Sunday night and I was devastated.

      • CW

        Still closed as of last night; horrific.

        • Arlingtonian

          Ruined my lunch break yesterday. I cried all the way back to the office.

          Looks like Lee Highway Taco Bell, Wendy’s, McDonald’s are all closed but the KFC (next door to Taco Bell) was up and running …

          • PL25rd

            The McDonald’s was open this morning.

          • Arlingtonian

            Thanks! I went by there for lunch and some of the workers are out in yellow vests helping move things along

    • WeiQiang

      SARWOK+ is still out. I believe that the River House bldg at 1600 Joyce is still out.

      [South Arlington Ridge West Of Kent + one block east on 18th]

      • MyHood

        Yes it is still out. Sigh.

        • WeiQiang

          Yeah, we’re getting dressed for work at the house in the morning. The only sound in the neighborhood is that generator. That generator … purring … whirring … generating trons that cool beer.

          Glad to see the police making the rounds, also.

    • Russ

      North Calvert St. north of Lee Highway is still out as of this morning.

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    I’m not going to call 911 just to see if it works, but I can report that I can now call outside of area code 703 on my 19th century technology Verizon landline. Yesterday could not call area code 202, 570, 301, 540 or any long distance calls. But I could order pizza. Oh wait, they didn’t have power.

    • nunya

      vocellis had power yesterday. urrrp.

  • drax

    How did Dominion cut the power outages by half when Justin didn’t see a single repair truck in Arlington?

    • Id

      The protocol is to fix the bigger down power sources before the individual customers, thereby increasing the number of people who are restored power. Dominion Power will start with their main lines and distributions points first then work their way down. It does not make sense to do it backward which is why you do not immediately see the trucks driving around. Sometimes the fix is at the back end. I got power back on Saturday night. Doesn’t make sense as well to fix the light bulb when the lamp power source is broken.

      • drax


        Thanks, but I’ve been posting the same information myself. I was mocking a poster who has previously complained that he doesn’t see any trucks in Arlington, as if that means there aren’t any.

    • Arlingtonian

      Is Justin going to get the Karzai treatment from now on? I kind of hope so. hehe

  • KARLington

    Did I love having no power for 3 days and throwing out a small fortune in groceries? No – but I can’t thank the power company workers enough for the efforts they made to get the juice back on in 22205. It’s dangerous, difficult work and you deserve our gratitude.

    • lady

      Ditto… workers should be thanked in person, if possible. Hand them a beverage… in this heat, even a tepid one is wet.

  • Bullet Tooth Tony:

    $209,976 annual salary? Good lord!!!

    • WeiQiang

      Those classroom trailers don’t move themselves.

  • JohnB2

    Rush Plus Update: today sucked on the Orange Line. Packed train arriving in Ballston and the next one was 8 minutes later (at around 8:05 am). Normally if a packed train arrives, the next one will be relatively emptier, but I wasn’t going to chance an 8-minute wait to find out.

    It was so crowded by the time we hit Foggy Bottom that the short people didn’t even need to try to reach the bars, there was no possible way to move. Thankfully it was morning rush and people weren’t too stinky yet.

    • Oranger

      Agreed, this morning was awful. Arrived just as a mostly empty (as in, most seats were full but only a handful of people standing) Blue line departed, followed by two PACKED Orange lines. I couldn’t even get on to the first one, the second was jammed all the way into Metro Center.

      I don’t understand why the Blue liners are crying and what the h#$$ happened to the Orange line. The Metro has gone to crap.

      • IP678

        I had a seat and plenty of room around me to stretch out. Of course, I got on at EFC at 6:30.

        • Oranger

          Is Rush- running at that time of the AM? I can’t remember if its 6-9 or 630-930 or just whenever the hell Metro decides to torture people

  • Jefferson

    The School Board made a major error in renewing Murphy’s contract as superintendent. He has poor relations with staff, teachers, and parents, and he has made mistake after mistake.

    It’s even more troubling that the Board did not seek any public input on the renewal of his contract. It wasn’t on the agenda for yesterday’s meeting, and there was no reason for the Board to decide now, given that his old contract wasn’t set to expire until June 2013.

    • Southeast Ben

      I think his salary seems absurd, but can you identify mistakes so that others could help formulate their own opinions who may not be in the know?

      Harrison Street shopping center was still without power as of 1030PM last night. Teeter has a generator.

    • JMB

      Whoever said getting a degree in phys ed wouldn’t pay off!

  • CCourts

    Any info on power Cambridge Courts or Lyon Park in between 50 and Pershing? As of 6pm last night there was no power and several of the streets in the neighborhood were still unpassable, including N Fillmore

    • Ccourts2

      We left our apartment at Cambridge Courts at 7 last night and there was no power then. Dominion called me around 6 last night to say they had done work in the area and to ask if the power was restored. I was sure to let them know that it wasn’t. Anyone else been back there since last night?

      • CCourts

        We are headed back around noon to check. I’ll post an update then.

        • Ccourts2

          Much appreciated; thanks!

        • Cambridge Court Resident

          Looking forward to your update. Please be back on!!

          • Ccourts2

            Just got a response from the Lyon Park listserv. The power is back on in the building closest to 50 and Fillmore, but she wasn’t sure if the entire complex is back up yet.

          • CCourts

            Just got word that our place in Cambridge Courts is up and running!!!! Looks like the others are up too! FINALLY!

          • Ccourts2

            Another one of our neighbors on the listserv says the entire complex has power! Can’t wait to get home and see for myself!

          • Cambridge Court Resident

            AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for the update! Can’t wait to get home!

          • WeiQiang

            good on ya’ guys.

    • brodies

      As of this morning, nothing seemed to be changed over yesterday. The areas that previously had power (e.g. N Cleveland St West of Washington Blvd) still had power, while the areas that did not (e.g. 1st Rd N between Fillmore and Cleveland) still did not. Trees still down everywhere.

    • brodies

      POWER! 1st Rd N & Fillmore got power back around 10:20 this morning! No word on whether they’ve done anything about the trees blocking the roads, but my roommate texted to say we have power back! GLORIOUS AIR CONDITIONING!

      • Cambridge Court Resident

        That’s a block away so any idea if that includes Cambridge Court Condos?? I’m currently sitting in Centreville and would love to go home! Just don’t want to drive all that way only to find out it didn’t get turned back on yet and since I recently moved into the complex I don’t know any neighbors yet to call. Thanks

        • Ccourts2

          One of our neighbors (Ccourts) is going back around noon to see if we have power. They have said they will post an update on here. Fingers crossed; we’re so tired of couch surfing!

          • Cambridge Court Resident

            I’m with you! I shouldn’t complain since my friend’s were kind enough to put me up, but I just want to sleep in my own bed and not hear a crying infant all night long!

  • JnA

    Same thing happened on the Palisades off Military Road July 4th last year and in Fairlington the year before. Should have been a wake up call.

    How additional much $$$ is in the 10 year CIP for improved tree maintenance?

  • South Awwlington

    Cancel the Fourth of July but not the Bolivian Parade last Saturday? That’s enough of this crap.

    • Id

      What do you expect from Brownshirt mentality?

      • South Awwlington

        What’s brownshirt mentality?

        I do expect that if we cancel one event, we cancel them all.

        • IP678

          Probably not what the poster was referring to, but there was some discussion about 15 years ago about changing ACPD uniforms to a brown-shirt motif.

          • WeiQiang

            like the sherrif’s dept?

          • Id

            Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it . . . sad.

    • Rebecky

      That is hardly a fair comparison – have you ever been to Rosslyn or any of the other popular Arlington sites to watch the fireworks? Crowd control/safety support is critical. I doubt there were tens of thousands of people in need of public safety support for the Bolivian Parade.

      • South Awwlington

        It is a fair comparison. Both are events that take emergency response personnel away from their priority. The fact that the parade was still held the day after the storm and all of the traffic lights were DARK on Four Mile Run Drive is a clear statement of priorities.

        Picking and choosing which events are allowed to continue and which are not is the wrong message to send.

      • Simon Di Bollards

        Watch it !!

    • SomeGuy

      No one’s cancelling the fourth. Barring armageddon, It’s going to come tomorrow whether we celebrate it or not.

      • Some MD

        Maybe the Fourth doesn’t need power to be
        Maybe the Fourth is about us being free

  • TJLinBallston

    South Aberdeen Street, one block south of 50, is really damaged. CNN and local TV crews have been up and down the street recording the unprecedented destruction. Power poles, broken in half, lying in the street!

    • WeiQiang

      Still?? Holy crap.

  • Andy

    I just spoke with Fillmore Gardens and they said the power is fully back on (A/C too). I haven’t been by just yet but this is great news. Does anyone know if that’s because Dominion fixed it or if it’s because they bought generators?

    • WeiQiang


    • JohnB2

      They’d have to buy a ton of generators for a whole complex. Since AC is included, my bet is on Dominion.

      • WeiQiang

        + 120v/60hz/3phase

    • 8th street s


      I’m going to head back there after work and check my apartment. If it truly is all back, then I can at least pick up my stuff from our friend’s studio we’ve been staying in up in Rosslyn.

      It would be so nice to be able to sleep in my own bed tonight.

  • QP Res

    Anyone have any word on Quincy Plaza power situation? I’m flying home tonight and 1) can’t wait for all the stench the trash chute has left 2) all the rotten food in my fridge&freezer.

    • QP Doll

      Power came on in QP around 9 PM last night.

      • WeiQiang


      • QP Res

        Any word from management? How’s the trash chute, stench?

        • BallstonNOTBoston

          Nothing from mgmt – although some dude used the intercom last night (twice) to relay Power was back up and AC was coming soon.

          Kinda big brotherish… Creepy!

  • VA

    Still no power around 8:15am in the condos near Walter Reed Drive and 13th Street South (about 2 blocks south of Columbia Pike)… hoping to find out it’s been restored when I return to the neighborhood this evening.

  • JohnB2

    From ArlingtonAlert:
    VEHICLE ACCIDENT- I-395 NB past Va-120 (Glebe Rd/Exit 7), Columbia Pike/Washington Blvd

    All northbound mainline lanes are blocked. The HOV lanes are unaffected. Emergency crews are on scene with delays building in the area.

    • JohnB2

      Update from Arlington Alert: All lanes of I-395 northbound have been re-opened. Delays remain to Landmark Mall.

  • Justin

    Day 4 without power in North Arlington. Long stretches of Lee Highway still out. feel bad for the business owners. The next time someone talks about how great Arlington’s services are, I’m going to laugh in their face.

    • JohnB2

      Probably just feeding the trolls, but I don’t think you have any idea how serious the storm was: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/June_2012_North_American_derecho

      “…power outages were extensive, with over 3.7 million customers losing power as a result.”

      • Justin

        It’s been 4 days. It wasn’t a hurricane. The fact that power went out so broadly doesn’t impress me.

        • Observer

          “Probably just feeding the trolls”


          nom nom nom nom

        • Glebe Roader

          Well, if YOU fail to be impressed, it must not have been a major storm.

        • Arlingtonian

          Actually, a derecho storm is also known as a “land hurricane” – it feeds off humidity in the air

        • drax

          “The fact that power went out so broadly doesn’t impress me.”

          Truth that you are completely out of touch from reality, and therefore not real yourself, Corey.

    • drax


      Dominion Power isn’t Arlington County.

      You seem to need to be reminded of basic facts on a regular basis.

      • Charlie


  • Justin

    Still NO SIGN of Dominion in North Arlington. Haven’t seen them once. 4 days later.

    • Dominion Power

      Dear Justin,

      All our workers follow this blog fromt here cell phones, they tweet and text each other where folks are reporting outages.

      We have seen your multiple post and decided to just avoid you. Just for the giggles.

      We are giggling up in a cherry picker right now.

      Good day,


      • Dominion Power

        We are also busy working on our spelling skills, so please, bare with us.


        • Mrs. Schpilkington, English Teacher

          … bear with us.

        • sunflower

          bare with us makes more sense in this heat

          • WeiQiang

            Bawdy! … and I like it.

  • bw

    Culpeper Gardens seniors suffering for days w/o air conditioning? National Guard Readiness Center just across Rt 50 has thousands of emergency generators at its disposal.

  • Moderated

    The juice at my house in Madison Manor went back on this morning.

  • Aint Bea

    Where’s OPIE?

    I’d like to offer my condolences on the passing of Andy Griffith.

  • BoredHouseWife

    don’t cancel the fourth. everyone take the food that will go bad soon, throw it on grills and have one giant block party!


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