Clarendon Blvd Drivers to Get Some Relief From Rough Stretch

by ARLnow.com August 9, 2012 at 12:08 pm 2,952 21 Comments


Drivers who use the rough stretch of Clarendon Boulevard between Courthouse and Rosslyn will get some relief in the next few weeks.

The developer behind a new residential complex that’s being built on the old Hollywood Video site is planning to smooth out some rough patches of road on Clarendon Boulevard in the area of N. Scott Street, according to Arlington County Department of Environmental Services (DES) spokeswoman Shannon Whalen McDaniel. The work is expected to be performed in about three weeks.

Arlington County does not have any paving scheduled for Clarendon Boulevard between Rosslyn and Courthouse due to a number of large construction projects in the area. The developers of those projects — including the aforementioned residential building, a new office building and a new apartment complex — are responsible for fixing the road.

“There are several development projects in the area and the developers will restore the road as projects are completed,” said DES spokeswoman Myllisa Kennedy. “Once the major projects in the area are completed, the area will be eligible to be incorporated into our annual paving program.”

Kennedy said that residents can still report potholes and other problems on the road via the county’s online reporting form, or by calling 703-228-6570.

  • Thes

    First world problems?

    • awesomepossum

      This is a real problem for cyclists. These conditions make it more likely for us to crash and on Clarendon Blvd that could be costly.

      • CW

        Seriously, you beat me to it. “Drivers” to get relief? Drivers might lose a little latte into their laps and some paint off their front clip, but it’s a miracle a cyclist hasn’t ended up dead yet. I’ve avoided that stretch for months now – coming down that hill at near the speed limit only to discover the road conditions du jour (stripped down to base layer? 6″ potholes? gravel and broken glass?) is not my idea of good times.

        • britcyclist

          Me farmers are killing me with that patch of frog and toad

        • Greg

          Drivers have ended up with flat tires and damaged suspensions.

    • Josh S

      Well, it’s been a few years since I was in a Third World country, but I imagine they’ve got potholes as well.

      I don’t get this comment.

    • Greg

      They are first world problems but we have on of the wealthiest counties per capita in the US and we pay a good amount in taxes and we can afford a streetcar and an aquaplex but we “can’t afford” to keep the roads in food shape and we “can’t afford” to reduce school overcrowding?

      It’s downright negligent.

      • SomeGuy

        What food shape would you like to see the roads in?

        • jackson

          Please cut the crust off!

        • malaka

          cap’n crunch please!

        • torsionbar

          Silly pretzel shapes would be my first choice. Animal shapes would also be good.

      • Harry

        With all the construction going on in that stretch it would be literally wasting money to keep repaving that road. Dump trucks would tear it to shreds before the asphalt was even dry. It makes a lot more fiscal sense to wait until the construction is done and all that heavy machinery is out of the area, first.

        • Suburban Not Urban

          Except where do the residents benefit from all this. The developers tear up the roads and then wait until 2 years later when they finish the project to fix it? The developers should be responsibile for keeping it in good working order – they are the ones that “broke” it, they will ultimately gain from it, so fix it. It’s called being a good corporate citizen.

    • Hollywood

      First world comment?

      • UptonHiller

        sent from my iPad

  • Tobias Fünke

    Reminds me of when Lindsay and I hit a bit of a rough patch.


  • Boom! Roasted

    They can turn the road into a gravel trail for all I care if they bring Dremos back

    • torsionbar

      Amen! I’ll drive over a thousand rough Clarendons (and Wilsons) if they bring Dremos back.

  • George

    Arlington doen’t need to fix any roads, let them all decay into rutted paths so people will have to stop driving. To be a truely progressive Arlington the money needs to go to bringing the poor and homeless aid and comfort in Arlington. I know it’s a private for profit only pan-state coorperation that is fronting the money to rebuild the road. It could be much better used by the community if Arlingon would just demonstrate a better direction for the asssets to be directed and assign the need to be met.

    • Huh?

      Please try again. This time, in English.

    • torsionbar

      This is not the county you are looking for. Go “progressive” yourself somewhere else.


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