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Eamonn’s and T.N.T. Bar Opening Soon on Columbia Pike

by ARLnow.com August 9, 2012 at 4:35 pm 16,549 55 Comments

It may be only a matter of days before Columbia Pike’s most ambitious bar/restaurant effort to date opens to the public.

Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper and T.N.T. Bar, at 2413 Columbia Pike in the Penrose Square development, were hoping to open this coming Monday, but the opening had been delayed due to permitting issues, according to a PR rep. Nonetheless, the interior of the restaurant appears to be nearly finished and T.N.T. is already being touted as the ” latest and greatest bar” yet for famed local mixologist Todd Thrasher.

This is the first Arlington eatery and watering hole for EatGoodFood Group, which operates Restaurant Eve, Eamonn’s, PX, The Majestic and Virtue Feed and Grail, all in Alexandria.

Eamonn’s serves fish, chips, appetizers and small desserts in Old Town Alexandria. An official menu for the Columbia Pike location has yet to be released, but a press release (below) says it will expand on the concept with new offerings like southern fried chicken wings, mini meat pies, house-made biscuits with corned beef, sausage rolls in pastry, “Eamonn’s Dream Burger” (with salami and chicken), sardines, soft-shell crabs (in season), and “Hangover Chips” with cheese, Texas chili and a fried egg. There will also be an expanded dessert selection featuring Cadbury candies.

T.N.T. Bar, a new concept, will serve specialty cocktails in a 30-seat space with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

“Todd Thrasher wowed and wooed the district when he introduced us to the craft of cocktails at side-street speakeasy, @PX,” according to a Facebook page. “Now, the city’s granddaddy of grown-up drinks and mixology magic explodes all over again with the new TNT. (Named after his son, Trystan Noah Thrasher) His latest and greatest bar will mix a rock ’n’ roll casual atmosphere with a fizzy fun, “homage to the greats” cocktail list.”

No word yet on an exact opening date. The press release for Eamonn’s and T.N.T., after the jump.

Rendering courtesy EatGoodFood Group


Following the immense success of the original, located in the Old Town neighborhood of Alexandria, VA, owners Cathal and Meshelle Armstrong, along with partner Todd Thrasher, are poised to take the concept to Penrose Square in neighboring Arlington, VA.

Eamonn’s, named for the Armstrongs’ second child (Restaurant Eve was a nod to their first) is all irreverence and wit. The same puckish sensibility that dreamed up the girly pink birthday cake at Restaurant Eve is at work here. From the motto, ‘Thanks Be to Cod,’ to U2 on the sound system to the artisanal and all-natural ingredients touted on the menu, the Armstrongs are going for a hipster Irish vibe with the soul of Leo Burdock’s in Dublin.

Due to the popularity of the original location and demand for more seating, the new space will follow the same concept, yet increase in size to accommodate more customers. Armstrong increases his gastro-Gaelic menu to include some of his bar favorites: southern fried chicken wings, mini meat pies, house-made biscuits with corned beef, sausage rolls in pastry, Eamonn’s Dream Burger (his son’s version includes, salami and chicken).

For the seafood enthusiasts, sardines and soft-shell crabs make an appearance when in season and the offerings of chips (Irish for fries) wink a memory to Armstrong’s younger days’; Hangover Chips – a concoction of cheese, texas chili and a fried egg. The deep fryer also yields fried sweets for dessert: doughnuts (a.k.a. Dough Balls), fried bananas and fried Mars bars. Irish delights—soda bread mix, Cadbury candies, Barry’s Irish tea, seasonal Easter Eggs, and T-shirts—will be sold. Eamonn’s will continue to serve sustainably raised Atlantic Pollock from the Gulf of Maine in their signature fish and chips.

Like the original, the second location will also incorporate a cocktail bar within the Eamonn’s outpost. TNT is a rock n roll bar with 30 seats, named for mixologist Thrasher’s son Trystan Noah Thrasher.

At TNT, Thrasher draws inspiration from his love of rock & punk music. Thymes Like These is an ode to a Foo Fighters song, one of Thrasher’s favorite bands. It features Citadelle gin, Cocchi vermouth, kaffir bitters and a thyme lime mixture. The Cocktail Left on the Nightstand came to Thrasher after reading an autobiography of Slash from Guns N Roses. “In the book he talks about falling asleep with a drink on the nightstand, even putting a cigarette out with it, and then sipping on it first thing in the morning.” Thrasher plays on that idea, smoking and charring Jack Daniels, then serving it with house made cola, room temperature. “You get the same feeling and all the flavors really work well together,” promises Thrasher.

The other side of his cocktail menu takes fans on a tour de cocktail – a road trip tipple of menu libations from his favorite bartender pals across America. The Brown Bomber, for example, is borrowed from Jim Meehan of Manhattan’s P.D.T. Another favorite is Curly and the Turk, borrowed from Tad Carducci of The Tippler, also in NYC. It’s a sweet and spicy mixture of blue curaçao, hibiscus-chile and tequila. Thrasher plans to include a short bio on each cocktail chef and their establishment in his menu, tipping off his guests on where to go when they are traveling (and imbibing) across the U.S. The list of ten cocktails will rotate every season.

  • Columbia Pike Resident

    I really hope they add some vegetarian fare as well… fingers crossed!

    • DCBuff

      Beer. The perfect vegie food.

      • yeast

        beer is murder!

        • Hops

          It’s all YOUR fault!

          • Head

            Why you trying to get a rise out of him?

          • drax

            This issue bubbles up every once in a while.

    • Mc


    • TMP

      Vegetarian fare at a fish and chip shop?!? That’s like saying “Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant in Falls Church should add steak to the menu…”

    • YTK

      Order the Fishless Chips.

  • Yay!

  • SouthernPrincess

    Super excited!!! Can’t wait for the official open date!

  • DCBuff

    “This is the first Arlington eatery and watering hole for EatGoodFood Group, which operates Restaurant Eve, Eamonn’s, PX, The Majestic and Virtue Feed and Grail, all in Alexandria.”

    Arlingtonians arise! To Four Mile Run! Alexandrians are invading!

    • nom de guerre

      Actually it’s Virtue Feed and GRAIN, but you might be on to something-Grail sounds pretty cool. Disclaimer-I realize you just probably copied and pasted the incorrect name from the article.

      • WeiQiang

        Maybe a ladies country n western bar called Crystal Grail … but that would be better further south in Arlington

        • South Awwlington


    • PenRose Kennedy

      Those Clarendon snobs and North[Arlington]erners have become too complacent. Maybe the South[Arlington]erners have sided with a winning team to bring in the Alexandrianites.

      Don’t count on the Southerners to flood Four Mile Moat and fight off the usurpers. More likely that they will just close off Glebe and 27 and leave you to fend off the hoards coming down 66.

  • i live right across the street from this spot, so excited for it to finally open! when the “coming soon” signs came down, i figured it wouldn’t be much longer to wait – thanks for keeping us updated!

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      You live at Manee Thai, or that strip of grass?

  • Rosslyner

    I’m wating until I can get there on the streetcar.

    • SJ

      Wow, 17 whole comments until a “hilarious” streetcar comment. Is this a record?

  • SoArl

    OMG I’m going to get so fat when this opens. Love Eamonn’s fish and chips.

  • Eamonn’s sounds like a typical Seattle/Portland bar. The 1890s are alive in Arlington…

  • Bender

    Bars, bars, and more bars, together with countless more upscale burger joints and upscale yogurt places.

    Is there no room for family-friendly places in the urban village? No place for kids in the concrete kingdom?

    • South Awwlington

      There’s plenty of space for rent. I early await your creation!

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      Quite sure that Eamonn’s is family-friendly.

      Not the cocktail bar upstairs though. Sorry about that.

    • really

      My son happily eats at William Jeffrey Tavern, Taqueria Poblano, Bob & Edith’s, etc. What exactly are you looking for to make it “kid friendly”?

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        Rio Grande. No kids can possibly make enough noise to be heard over the music. And they have bull heads to pet!

    • Jimbo

      What, are you waiting for a Chuck E. Cheese’s? Will you count the Penrose Square plaza as part of the concrete kingdom, not worthy of your children? The only place around there that’s _not_ kid-friendly is the new ABC store.

    • TheBeermonger

      Give Eamonn’s a shot. The Old Town location is super family-friendly, not to mention their food is absurdly good.

  • South Awwlington



    • YTK


  • InTheKnow

    /\/\/\/\said person above doesn’t even live within a 10 hour drive of DC but loves to meddle in the business of here…

    Figure it out.

  • JnA

    As usual, 2100 Trolls and TDYs (and TDY wannabes) are dissing anyone who’s for something besides bars, restaurants, nail salons, and the like on the Pike.

    • JohnB2

      OK I’m assuming a 2100 Troll means someone who’s on or a fan of the County Board, but what’s a TDY?

      • Josh S

        It’s not important.

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    As a Realtor told me there’s plenty of “non-stickered” parking across the street in Arlington Village. They don’t tow so you’ll have plenty of places to park real close.

    • SamW

      Actually there are signs on S Barton, where Arlington Village begins, that say “Private Parking.” As an Arl Vil resident and a parking nazi, I kindly ask that you respect the signs.

      There’s plenty of other parking options available if you’re visiting these restaurants.

    • JohnB

      Also there’s the parking garage inside Penrose.

    • Tabby_TwoTone

      Which realtor told you that?

      • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

        Gosh. I think her name is Jen. I’d Google it if I had time. Might want to key on “sticker free parking.”.

    • Oh that was a real classy thing to say David. What an ass you are!

  • veeta

    I am super excited, but also hoping success with Eamonn’s 2 (chipper bugaloo) will encourage them to open another restaurant with a menu more like Restaurant Eve (not necessarily fine dining). I’ll certainly eat here occasionally, and I will certainly be partaking at the bar, but fried food is not a frequent menu item for me. I want some of the seasonal and varied food that Chef Armstrong is known for. In fact, I think a place like The Majestic would be a very welcome addition to the area. Regardless, this is really exciting news for Cola Pike area residents!

  • jim

    Great. Another yuppie bar.

  • Ridiculous parents


    Arlington is covered with places where rug rats can run wild. They climb on the tables at Face Moon, they scream at William Jeffery’s, and they barf at Lost Dog Cafe(s). This town is crawling with kids…literally.

    How much more family friendly do we need?

  • Arlutingfacts

    gentrification on columbia pike can’t be that bad?? I mean look at DC’s gentrification. Bring on the street cars and overpriced tapas

    • YTK

      And the street fights and the vandalized cars and the traffic….yes some of the perks of gentrification.

  • Josh S

    I must be missing something. To me, this is the most pretentious restaurant name yet. Do they really call places “Chippers” in Ireland?

    • southie

      why yes, they do:

      chipper (n) (Business / Commerce) Irish and Scot informal – a fish-and-chip shop

      • Josh S

        So it’s like Sal’s Deli or Mario’s Pizzeria?

        Eamonn’s Chipper?

        But no, it’s

        Eamonn’s, a Dublin Chipper. Or Eamonn’s: A Dublin Chipper.


        Sal’s: A New York Deli.
        Mario’s, an Italian Pizzeria.


        And then made worse by “and TNT Bar.”

        What is a TNT Bar? Does Wiley Coyote shop there?

        • UA

          “And then made worse by “and TNT Bar.”

          What is a TNT Bar? Does Wiley Coyote shop there?”

          READING = Solving life’s little questions

  • YTK

    Hooray Hooray– it took them long enough don;t you think? I hope I don’t have to wait that long to get my order when I eat there.


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