‘Dinette Design’ to Move into Saah Furniture Space

by ARLnow.com September 6, 2012 at 4:45 pm 5,580 29 Comments

Dinette Design, a furniture store, is moving from Ballston Common Mall to Columbia Pike.

The store is moving into the former Saah Furniture store at 2330 Columbia Pike, according to permits.

Dinette Design sells custom-designed furniture, including couches, chairs and tables. It’s unclear if the Ballston Common Mall location at 4238 Wilson Blvd is still open; no one answered the phone there earlier today (Thursday) and the store was recently holding a “closing” sale.

No word yet on when Dinette Design will be open on the Pike, but interior construction appears to just be getting underway now.

  • Skip Houseman

    The location move is actually a step up.

    Is Ballston Common Mall a front for a money laundering operation? It is not a mall and has no management, so why does it exist? I walked through that dump recently and saw that the so-called management has leased prime 1st floor space to … drum roll … a Halloween costume business. Brilliant! Every mall needs one. The parking garage also now blocks people who would want to visit the mall from using convenient parking — another genius move.

    • Dbag

      Tysons Corner mall has also leased space to a Halloween costume business. All malls do that this time of year in spaces that are unoccupied. The thing is, Ballston could also rent out a Christmas, Easter, President’s Day, Flag Day, etc. etc. store year round. When will the management of this mall either tear that place down and build a town center or start attracting upscale stores. It’s a joke.

      • Boo!

        FYI – that store has been there since June

        • Boo!

          That store = the one in Ballston mall.

    • Regis

      It’s not just “Halloween costumes”. It’s got low quality theater type stuff. With that comedy show thing they have on the upper level, they probably attract those performer types that could find use in a store like that.

      • RK

        They also have tons of party supplies. I got a bunch of stuff for a birthday party there.

  • Jimbo

    Just like the Columbia Pike corridor, moving from unfinished to finished.

  • JC

    Cool. I’ve actually passed their store thinking yeah, I need some mid-century looking furniture for my bar. I’m glad to see unusual things fill commercial property in our hood. @Ballston Common Mall, at least there’s a Macy’s and Starbucks.

  • albert magnus

    Dang. I really wanted to open a comic book/RPG/board game/vinyl record place there. Too bad I don’t have any money, don’t know how to run a business and am kind of lazy. It was still a great idea.

    • Ballston “fan”

      Albert: you are an ideal candidate for a space at Ballston Common Mall. No money and not knowing how to run a business are the standard criteria for that mall.

      • Huh?

        I always enjoy seeing the stores at Ballston Common that close their gate in the middle of the day, and hang a sign that says “Be back in 15 minutes.” Despite not being able to determine the reference time, I’ve seen the sign hanging there for more than an hour on some days. Classy.

    • Dbag
    • jackson

      Albert, I would have checked out your place, as long as you post the times the store is hosting game times so I can avoid them.

  • Clarendon

    I have a dresser I bought at Saah about 20 years ago – still haven’t finished it ! Now needs to be fine sanded again 🙁

  • (another) Greg

    I thought BM Smith was planning to tear that down to put in another mixed use?

  • Walmart Shopper

    Dinette Design was too upscale for Ballston Commons mall.

  • Jeff B.

    Echoing (another) Gregg: I heard most of that block was going to be torn down for another big building and the county was going back-and-forth with a developer on whether it would be 6 or 7 stories. Any word on that potential new building?

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Hat tip to G Clifford!

  • YTK

    Last year it was announced that a 7-11 would move in there– now Dinette Design? Let’s see how long they last there!

  • dang!

    In my hometown, our original from-the-70’s crappy malls were converted one into a hospital – community medical center with fitness center, testing, therapy, out patient treatments and all kinds of services and the other old mall was converted to an extension campus of the community college.
    seems like a possibility, with Georgetown & Pentagon City so close by – what upscale stores would want to move here ? I think they should consider turning it into a community resource

    but leave the first floor dedicated to bacchanalian pursuits

  • K22206

    Saah should have taken a note from Nathan Arizona, and his Unpainted Arizona. As he said, “Would you shop at a store called Unpainted Huffheins?” It’s all in the name.

    And I work in Ballston Tower, next to the mall (jealous, much?) and Dinette Design is still open, with everything on sale, as it has been for like 3 months.

    • YTK

      You work next to that dingy mall? Take that mall, please!!

    • 5555624

      I’m not sure I understand the first part of your comment. Saah had a great run on the Pike — more than 50 years. They did not go out of business, they just reduced their locations. The Alexandria location is still open.

      • K22206

        just a quote from Raising Arizona. Not many opportunities in life to slip in a movie quote about unpainted furniture stores.

    • MaryLou

      Saah’s is still open in Alexandria. As with many small business’ they downsized. Their selection is even greater now than it was when they were on the Pike. We have purchased several items from them in the last few years and couldn’t be happier. The furniture I grew up with was also from them and is still in my parents home.

  • Captain Obvious

    ArlNow, isn’t this site slated to become a new apartment building? What’s the status with that?

    • South Awwlington

      Yes, I thought this building and the other two were all going to be torn down.

  • CCMunnie

    Dinette Design is the shadiest place that ever existed. If you deal with them, bring your lawyers.

  • Intheknow

    There will be a great store opening in that very space ,it wont be Dinette Designs!


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