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by ARLnow.com October 22, 2012 at 8:55 am 5,308 61 Comments

Campbell Students Allowed Back on Bus — Students who were bused to Campbell Elementary School last year but were judged to be in the “walk zone” this year will be allowed back on the bus. Arlington Public Schools made the decision to diverge from its controversial Transportation Modernization Plan after 20 families threatened to pull their children from Campbell and enroll them at their neighborhood school, Carlin Springs Elementary, which is over capacity. [Arlington Mercury]

Fairfax Wants Say in Arlington School Expansion — Officials in Fairfax County want to review and analyze the Arlington Public Schools plan to add 300 middle school students and 600 elementary school students to the Williamsburg Middle School campus, which is near McLean. Fairfax officials are concerned about the traffic impact to McLean neighborhoods. [Sun Gazette]

County Approves New Fiber Optic Contract — On Saturday the Arlington County Board approved a $5.37 million contract to build an additional stage of the ConnectArlington fiber optic network. The fiber optic project approved over the weekend will connect 50 county and school facilities. [Arlington County]

Ballston Restaurant Has ‘Best Wings’ — First Down Sports Bar and Grill, at 4213 N. Fairfax Drive in Ballston, has some of the best wings in the D.C. area, according to the Washington Post’s Going Out Guide. First Down offers some 40 flavors of wings and an all-you-can-eat wing night on Wednesday. [Washington Post]

High School Football Update — Bishop O’Connell’s football squad won its homecoming game against Bishop McNamara on Saturday, by a score of 31-14. Yorktown trounced Falls Church on Friday, with a 48-0 win that brought the school’s record to 8-0. Washington-Lee and the winless Wakefield Warriors both lost Friday night.

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  • Tre

    and Buffalo Wild Wings has some of the worst wings in DC

    • Ballston

      And the worst service

  • G Clifford Prout (now moderated for extra purity)

    Oh Gawd, that streetlight is blinding me.

    • mass hysteria

      well played.

  • Arlington Cat

    No prob, Fairfax. You have been so cooperative with us in the past, the least we can do is return the favor and take Fairfax residents into consideration when we make school location decisions.

    Still BFF’s?

    • Joe Hoya

      They can mail us a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with their comments, and we’ll be sure to get back to them as soon as we can.

      • Right of Center

        to no fixed address

  • Just lurking

    I don’t get why McLean neighborhoods would have a problem with Arlington school capacity.

    • arlmimprov


      • Beth M.

        Williamsburg is right up against the McLean border. With all the congestion caused by the reduction in bus services, parents are avoiding the backup all around the school by driving down Old Dominion and approaching the school by residential roads in McLean, causing a lot of congestion on those narrow roads as well as the other roads in that area.

        It is understandable that McLean residents are a bit alarmed to hear that Arlington plans on doubling the capacity of that school.

  • 350sbc

    Glad to see that First Down is recognized for having great wings! I love ’em, too.

  • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

    why is Wakefield so terrible at football??

    • HonkyCat

      Why is the ocean near the shore?

    • ArlingtonWay

      Because a large majority of their student body is not culturally acclimated to american football. Soccer? Yes. Football? No.

      • Buckingham Bandit


        Your argument is completely worthless, as lilly-white schools in Fairfax County have better soccer programs than schools with high Hispanic populations. According to the Wakefield’s website, the boy’s varsity started the season 0-11 last spring (http://www.wakefieldathletics.org/index.cfm?action=main.team&ID=30386)

        The issue has everything to do with the fact that schools like Wakefield don’t have a large density of middle class families. These families are the ones who have kids who:

        a) Participate in school sports in the first place
        b) Can afford to participate in non-school leagues and camps/clinics
        c) Can provide financial support to the school’s athletics programs

        • ArlingtonWay

          Simmer down, pumpkin. You’ll get worry lines. If you read my comment I did not say schools with large hispanic populations automatically had great soccer teams. What I said was that a large portion of the Wakefield population is more culturally familiar with soccer than football. I know this to be true not only because it is common sense, but because i am both a Wakefield graduate and hispanic. But hey, don’t let what I actually said get in the way of your chance to display some racial outrage! .

          • WeiQiang

            pumpkin … double marks! well played.

    • 120

      They need a coach. The head coach is far too soft to be coaching high school football. His attitude towards the game is more fitting of a little league coach.

  • Novanglus

    So the Fairfax board is concerned about a project that’s 3-4 blocks from its wealthiest zip code, but makes no mention about a project which will add the exact same number of students at Kenmore – directly across the street from a Fairfax middle class neighborhood.

    It seems the concern isn’t about neighborhood traffic, it’s about protecting the Old Dominion Dr shortcut for McLean commuters. If Fairfax gets input on this project, then Arlington should get input into every development in McLean that adds commuters to that road.

    • QuangTri1967

      What is the “Old Dominion Dr shortcut”?

      • jackson

        SSSH! The first rule of the Old Dominion Dr shortcut is “don’t talk about the the Old Dominion Dr shortcut.”

        • Suburban Not Urban


      • Ren

        No worries…there’s nothing ‘short’ about it anyway. : )

    • yequalsy


    • Not so fast my friend…

      Exactly…they don’t think/care that traffic is going to change in McLean, they are upset that traffic will increase on Arlington roads that they use to cut through. Beat it, Fairfax.

      • Not so fast again

        Old Dominion is a VDOT road, not an Arlington road. Perhaps Fairfax should get VDOT involved to analyze the traffic and environmental impacts on the local residents caused by Arlington’s new school.

    • anon

      As a recently graduated high school student at Yorktown – they have some legitimate concerns. I commuted from Reston every other week to both Williamsburg and Yorktown. There is enough traffic in McLean as it is. As the wealthiest zip-code, they do deserve some say in the traffic in their area. They earned enough money to move there, Fairfax is going to do everything they can to keep them there.

      • Quoth the Raven

        …stand by for comment explosion on “Rich people deserve less traffic”…..

      • YTK

        “As the wealthiest zip-code, they do deserve some say in the traffic in their area. They earned enough money to move there,”
        Thank you for your Monday Morning Joke. Made my day.

        • malaka

          Time for the old dominion trolley line!

        • anon

          Welcome mate 🙂

      • ARLing

        HAHAHAHA .. what if it was the poorest zip code? People wouldn’t deserve some say in the traffic in their area?

      • arlmimprov

        Maybe they should spend some more $ and move to Kalorama or Georgetown if they don’t want traffic to the city.

      • anywaybacktome

        That extra school and spaces at Williamsburg are going to be built no matter what Fairfax says. North Arlington parents want their kids to go to schools in North Arlington.

        The schools at Kenmore are a different story. I am not sure what boundaries in North Arlington will have to be shifted to fill the extra elementary school at Kenmore, but it will be a bloody battle.

        • emanon

          the kenmore school is supposed to be a “choice” school, so no boundary shifting required for that one. Of course, they’d best make it a choice people want, or it won’t help matters.

    • gymmyray

      Well said!

  • David

    Fairfax can go f*** itself.

    • Novasteve’s neighbor


  • Street Car Needed

    An additional street car should alleviate any traffic concerns. Let’s just throw another $350 million at the issue; especially because taxing and borrowing is fun.

  • Already indifferent

    Hey Fairfax…here’s our plan. Comment all you want, it’s our plan. If you’d like changes, please feel free to contribute the necessary dollars. Otherwise, thank you for your continued interest in Arlington County.

    • Buckingham Bandit

      Nothing like faux indignation on the part of Arlington residents who believe it’s the center of the universe in Virginia. Grow up.

      • Already indifferent

        No faux indignation whatsoever, and certainly not a belief that Arlington County is the center of the universe (far from it!). But thanks for your comment and your continued interest in the ARLnow.com forum!

  • Observer

    About 20 families had threatened to leave Campbell Elementary School and return to their neighborhood school–Carlin Springs Elementary–a school that is already at capacity……

    In the memo to the school board, Murphy said that number of students would require nine more relocatable classrooms and two or three more buses to accommodate them. That would run as high as $1.2 million.


    • Andy Platt

      20-30 familes; I guess that would be 35-70 kids perhaps. Difficult to see 9 trailers though obviously if many were in the same grade it could be the case.

      Boundary changes will happen soon for the new N Arlington schools … watch these kids get moved to having Campbell as their designated school and they’ll have to walk there again.

      • SoArl

        Campbell is a choice school so boundary changes wouldn’t matter.

  • Future

    So, FFX wants input in Arlington schools? Maybe this is an instance where Murphy’s tendency to give the proverbial middle finger will come in handy.

    • Buckingham Bandit

      Arlington could learn some things from FCPS, considered to be the top district in America.

      • arlmimprov

        Don’t you people have a ‘Ffxnow.com’ you can go to?

        • Buckingham Bandit

          Not to my knowledge. It would be a moot point anyway considering that I live in Arlington (hence my username). But thanks for addressing the point I brought up.

          • arlmimprov

            Then why are you so in bed with the FFX school system?

            I went to Ffx county public schools from K-12. They are good, but they certainly are no better than Arlington. I chose Arlington Co. for my kids since the smaller county size is much more receptive to parents. Both counties are top in the nation. Fairfax is MUCH larger than Arlington—and many of the schools are medicore for the area (which still means better than most in the Nation).

          • Sparky

            When I first moved to this area I was somewhat astonished to learn that Fairfax County has a population and economy larger than the state of Delaware.

      • Already indifferent


        • Anon


    • gymmyray


  • Self determination

    Sure Fairfax, we would love your input. We will file it under THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTY, and you are not our elected officials. What are we DC?

    • greenfish

      I live in Arlington, but I think the Fairfax residents have a point. For parents dropping their kids off at Williamsburg or the new school, and heading towards Tysons for work, they are very likely to cut through that McLean neighborhood to Old Dominion or Kirby.

      Williamsburg nearly backs onto the McLean section of Fairfax county, and those people will be affected by the construction/new school much more than me, even though my kid goes to Williamsburg.

      The traffic at WMS has got much worse this year due to the revision of bus rules. Add another 600 elementary kids and a growing roll at WMS, and the traffic will only get worse.

      • arlmimprov

        Well–as an Arlington parent to school children that desparately need a N.Arl school due to capacity issues…I care very little how our new county school will impact Fairfax Co. There are very few sites to build these new schools and this is a promising one.

        Kids can take the bus. Parents don’t need to drop off and pick up at elementary school each morning.

        • Beth M.

          Lots of kids used to take the bus. They got thrown off the bus this year. So parents are driving them. Traffic is nuts around there in the morning, and it is congested along the McLean route as well. Parents know they will have to inch along the roads to get there, but I imagine people who would like to get out of the neighborhood and get to work are getting cranky.

      • dk (not DK)

        But all those parents are currently dropping their children off at a nearby elementary school and likely are already heading to Tysons through that McLean neighborhood.

        • PL25rd

          @dk – precisely! Those parents are already dropping off at Nottingham or Jamestown or even Tuckahoe, and likely already using Old Dominion. I fail to see what all the fuss is about, Fairfax County.

  • gymmyray

    I can see the days of “paid parking” coming soon to APS.

    Eliminating some staff driving to and from school could alleviate some of the traffic, but not very much.


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