County, VDOT Officials Monitoring Path of Hurricane Sandy

by ARLnow.com October 25, 2012 at 5:10 pm 7,020 70 Comments

Arlington County officials say they’re closely monitoring the path of Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy, which is currently churning in the Atlantic Ocean near the Bahamas, is expected to make its way north and threaten the D.C. area. Forecasters from the Capital Weather Gang say there’s a 75 percent chance of a direct or indirect hit from Sandy, which could bring 2 to 8 inches of rain and wind gusts from 50 to over 75 miles per hour.

In a phone interview, Arlington’s acting Deputy Director of Emergency Management, Bonnie Regan, said an email was sent Thursday to emergency support personnel in various county departments, asking them to check generators, fuel supplies, and weekend staff availability.

Regan said she was planning to participate in a conference call with forecasters, organized by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, which was to take place at 3:30 Thursday afternoon. She said the county was waiting for a more definitive forecast of Sandy’s path before taking additional steps. The storm isn’t expected to hit until Sunday or Monday.

“We’re waiting for more information,” Regan said. “There are lots of different models out there right now. They’re not able to exactly tell us which way it’s going to come.”

Still, Regan said the county will act swiftly to staff its Emergency Operations Center for the storm if it becomes clear that D.C. is in Sandy’s likely path.

“Because there’s a weekend involved, I don’t want to scramble at the last minute to try to find people,” she said. “I always say, plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

Three Office of Emergency Management staffers are already scheduled to be on duty on Sunday, Regan said. They’ll be staffing the unified command center for the Marine Corps Marathon, which is scheduled to start in Arlington around 8:00 that morning.

VDOT says it is also closely monitoring Sandy while “making all appropriate preparations and taking all precautions.”

  • Right of Center

    Time for all of us to run out to 7-11 or Walmart and stock up on milk, bread, and SunnyD.

    • Kitty

      And toilet paper! Don’t forget the toilet paper!

      • Arl Cat

        I think that you meant cat litter…….

        • YTK

          I got both. Cats and I will be sitting………… on the lap of luxury.

    • Curious George

      Bourbon and ammo.

      • Already indifferent


        • YTK

          i tried that once — terrible cocktail.

  • The Dude

    Today – no hurricane
    Tomorrow – hurricane
    The day after that – no hurricane

    Time passes.

  • Arlingtoon

    Someone ought to warn Verizon — they seem totally oblivious to things like this.

    • Zelora

      Verizon is indifferent to everything except counting their money.

  • nom de guerre

    Amphibious and swift water rescue craft have been deployed to Donaldson Run and are currently moored at the DRYC.

    • Oh The Horror

      Has the USS Arlington been redeployed to Donaldson Run for the duration of the emergency ??

      • WeiQiang

        The commander of the USS Arlington has requested expedited processing of the county tax windshield sticker for the ship. Their $2,373,914 tax payment for 2012 is being processed by e-check.

        Fortunately, a neighbor in Donaldson Run has provided two hanging parking passes for the duration. Unfortunately, the ship does not have a rear view mirror on which to hang the pass.

        • Oh The Horror

          Oh Snap !!!

  • Coraline

    BEANS! In Texas they always told us to buy giant cans of BEANS! So here’s what you need:
    100 rolls of toilet paper
    lots of nasty canned meat. spam spam spam spam. Forget fresh fruits and veggies. The air pressure of the hurricane will make them go bad in 30 seconds.
    remember beans are better than peanut butter.
    5000 gallons of water. you might want to take a thousand baths to calm yourself in the storm.
    a radio that you have to crank to make power
    lots of batteries for a real radio
    a full tank of gas for your car so you can charge your phone without electricity. You will need to play many games of sudoku to pass the time and post pictures to your facebook page.
    My personal survival kit consists of 20 bottles of wine and just enough porn to last 2 days.

    • Coraline

      oh! and flashlights you wear on your head.

      • drax

        But you forgot the wine bottle opener.

        • coppa

          I think his are all screwtop

      • Richard Cranium

        I assume that’s part of the whole porn thing?

    • Zelora

      Spam and beans? No wonder you need 100 rolls of toilet paper.

  • Right of Center

    lets see which gas stations will gouge us over the weekend

  • JimPB

    What are Dominion and Verizon and other cable companies doing?

    What are hospitals, e.g.,Virginia Hospital center, doing?

    • Glebe Roader

      Please reach out to their emergency management centers and report back to us by COB today.

    • daniel
    • CW

      I’m going to need a 3-page policy brief on each of these topics. Double spaced, and all sentences phrased as questions. Primary research should be performed.

      • YTK

        Thank you for reminding me of briefs. I better get the laundry done before the Tide comes in (Oh, witty pun!!!) and I got nuttin clean to wear.

        • WeiQiang

          I hope there was not a second pun in there. yew

  • novasteve

    will there be more overturned cars than normal?

    • YTK

      Watch out for the Froyo slick on top of the raging waves.

  • George

    Most of Maryland will be without power for the next month. We will be hearing about it non-stop until Christmas

    • BoredHouseWife

      you are a prophet among men:)

  • Sam the Cat

    I am going shopping for stuff like 30 cases of water, 400 rolls of paper towels, all the dry ice, and other junk I really don’t need like a generator, but hay – its a storm!

  • DNFjoe

    (in a serious newscaster voice)

    This just in,…

    From the FNN Storm watch center..

    Stormpocalypse is tracking northward along the eastern coast bring heavy rains, wind gusts up to 70 miles and hour and chance of the meltdown of common sense and civility. Expect long lines at the gas pumps, and near rioting at grocery stores as survivalists rush to hoard milk, eggs, beer, and toilet paper.

    Local Giant store manager Seamore Butts says not to worry there will be plenty of healthy green veggies availible since folks completely skip the fruit and vegetible section once they are worked up into a murderous frenzy.

    Local county officials say to huddle in the basement and not to worry since big government will take care of them once congress returns to session after returning from the emergency shelters they will be taking refuge in.

    County police don’t expect much trouble since most crimials are typically lazy and don’t want to take the extra effort to gear up for foul weather looting. They do recommend however that in the event your basement shelter is invaded assume it is by zombies and aim for the head” just to cover all bases.”

    FNN will update this story as more news is availible.

    FNN where Fictional News is Network news!

  • RightWingWhacko

    I gotta say this:
    How many more times do we need to hear the “Stormwatch Station” tell us to buy batteries and to go to the store? Stupid people aren’t listening to this stuff anyway.

  • PL25rd

    Yuk it up, people, but I’m taking this one seriously. I lived through Hurricane Hugo in ’89 on the coast of S.C., and I’ll never think a storm like this is a laughing matter.

    • DNFjoe

      We were hit hard by the Derecho not long ago, our area sure can suffer, but we are days aways from the storm hitting here and a lot can happen between now and then. Besides everyone should already have a 72 hour kit (or more) for their homes by now since FEMA, READY.gov, Arlington County, and a million other sources have been telling us to be ready for years now. It is OK to laugh every now and then, even in the face of tough times.

      • YTK

        Don’t forget to tock up on the Froyo!!!
        I only regret that at this time, we won’t be able to see if Streetcars can float.

  • West Arlington

    I do hope that the snow plows are soon deployed to sit around with the engines running long BEFORE the storm hits. Apparently, having the snow plow drivers rested until the storm hits is not an option.

    (And, what about all the tuba-carrying children who are forced to march miles and miles and miles?)

    • Quoth the Raven

      Don’t forget all the salt they’re carrying, ready to drop (on the dry roads) at the first hint of a possible snowflake!

    • YTK

      If it floods we can tell where they are by the tubas sticking out of the water.

      • Oh The Horror

        They can use the tubas as rather large snorkels…..

        • YTK

          “Huh! That was a RATHER large snoork!! Murgatroid, pleeease, Say ‘EXCUSE Me’ !!!”

  • Tone Commander

    Just got back from the store – and the silliness is already starting – long lines a walmart with people buying crazy amounts of water.

  • Bacon

    Abandon your cars now!

  • OldYeller

    People, we need to work together to get thru this. We need volunteers to stockpile milk, bread, beans (apparently) and toilet paper. I’ll be in charge of the money.

  • novasteve

    Given if it does hit us, we will assuredly lose power. Why on earth would you want streetcars? This is reason enough to not use it. At least a bus can run if the power is out. Now you’ll have obstructions in the streets as well as out traffic signals.

  • Victor

    I just watched an interview on WUSA with some old coot pronouncing this the ‘Worst Storm in 100 Years’.

    Therefore it must be the ‘Worst Storm in 100 Years’. TV told me this, I must comply. TV is always right, it is never wrong.

    • Sam the Cat

      Of course TV is always right! Who would question TV? I once talked to a TV reporter from NBC, she was about as smart as my cat – however my cat did have the good sense to come out of the rain whereas she seemed to have difficulty boiling water.

      • WeiQiang

        Am I getting this right? A cat owns a cat? This intra-species subjugation has GOT to stop.

    • DNFjoe

      FNN update:

      A reliable sorce close to the storm of the century mysterious man reports “if we give him what he wants he will go away”.

      In related news DC has issued a state of emergency and has activated the national guard armed with sponges to to repel water levels. This is a new multi-billion dollar experimental solution that has been developed in a DARPA joint venture of 3M and Hasbro.

      Stay tuned to FNN, the leader of Ficticious News.

  • Arlington Cat

    Use your electricity as much as you can on Saturday because you are not going to have it come Sunday afternoon. Iron all your cloths, watch movies on HBO, vacuum the entire house (twice), take a long hot shower Saturday morning and Saturday night, turn up the heat, broil a steak, Play with you Xbox, trim your hedges, charge up everything that has a rechargeable battery, do any work you need to do with that requires an internet connection.

    Please report on Arlnow as soon as your power goes out, and what neighborhood you live in.

    Good luck and God Bless.

    • drax

      I’m storing extra electricity in my garage.

      • Arlington Cat

        Wow, you live in Arlington and you have a garage. I am impressed!

        • drax

          Actually, no, it was a joke. Don’t really have a garage.

          • James B.

            That’s a pity. Would be a great place to hide a pet T-Rex!

      • DNFjoe

        great idea! Just make sure you are storing extra Watts and extra Amps. Folks always forget the extra amps…

        I am currently exploring that option myself. I just hope my wife does not offer too much resistance! I lack the capacity to overcome her resistance. I may end up grounded as a punishment.

        • WeiQiang


        • drax


    • drax

      “Please report on Arlnow as soon as your power goes out, and what neighborhood you live in.”


      • Arlington Cat

        Use your Iphone or droid.

        • James B.

          What if they have a Windows 7 Phone?

  • justin

    I’m surprised North Arlington isn’t already without power.

    • James B.

      You’re assuming some folks there haven’t lost power already? Or is that mostly on bright and sunny days?

  • Big Johnson


  • James B.

    This is why they should make the streetcars amphibious. Also, they can divert some to Donaldson Run to rescue people stranded on their roofs.

    • joe

      Hovercraft street cars!

      Potholes? no problem

      Water main break? no problem

      wouldn’t be caught dead riding the bus? NO PROBLEM!

      • James B.

        Well, if they have the Marines driving them they might actually show up on time. And as an added bonus, firebombers would think twice before getting on.

  • DNFjoe

    Breaking News from FNN…

    This just in…

    State residents of Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia have begun filing disaster relief claims to FEMA and a class action lawsuit has been filed against Mother Nature sueing for mental anguish, Loss of productivity at work, and other undisclosed damages related to the storm that has not hit the area yet.

    Protests were planned to march in front of NOAA to demand that they change the course of the storm.

    NOAA spokesperson Dr. Dim Witti explained due to repeated years of budget cuts they have not been able to complete the weather changing machine.

    Some coastal residents have suggested using the wind turbines that provide electricity as a means to change the storm’s path.

    Local residents suggest pumping electricity into the windmills to force them to spin backwards and blow the storm out to sea.

    As updates happen FNN will continue to keep you informed!

    FNN the Fictional News Network.

    • James B.

      Can I sue to get a broken umbrella replaced? Also, what’s the mental anguish of getting wet worth? Adjusting for inflation of course.

  • DNFjoe

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