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by ARLnow.com October 29, 2012 at 9:15 am 4,821 41 Comments

No Sandbag Distribution in Arlington — Contrary to some rumors, Arlington County is not distributing sandbags to residents concerned about flooding. “Arlington County, fortunately, does not have significant river front areas that are subject to flooding (e.g., Georgetown, Old Town),” Arlington County Director of Communications Diana Sun told ARLnow.com this morning.” She said that county staff is “focused on the highest priorities.”

Long Bridge Drive Flooded — Long Bridge Drive, near Crystal City, has flooded as a result of rain overnight and is being closed to traffic by police. The flood-prone road is the only street that leads to the parking lots for Long Bridge Park.

Pentagon City Mall ClosedUpdated at 10:45 a.m. — The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City will be closed today (Monday) due to Hurricane Sandy. Ballston Common Mall will be closing at 2:00 p.m. [Facebook]

Artisphere’s Per-Visitor Subsidy — Based on its new Fiscal Year 2012 year-end report, Artisphere required a taxpayer subsidy equivalent to $41.85 for each of the cultural center’s 55,607 visitors over the course of a year. [Sun Gazette]

Cuccinelli May Investigate Moran Video — The State Board of Elections has asked Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to investigate a video of Rep. Jim Moran’s son discussing possible voter fraud. Patrick Murray, Moran’s Republican challenger, said “we need to know that [our electoral process] has not been corrupted.” He also called on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the video. The Arlington County Police Department is currently investigating the video, as well. [Washington Post, Murray for Congress]

High School Football Update — Yorktown High School remains undefeated (9-0) following this weekend’s high school football action. Wakefield High School remains winless (0-9). Washington-Lee chalked up a victory over the weekend and is now 5-4. [Sun Gazette]

  • novasteve

    Wow, I’m so proud of Artisphere.

    • KalashniKEV

      Pull the Plug!!!

    • Josh S

      It’s certainly not a good statistic, but it’s not clear how meaningful it is. Every transit ride around the country is usually subsidized to some degree. But no one seriously proposes shutting down bus and subway systems because of the value they provide. Since libraries are free, every book borrowed is subsidized. Last I checked, no one got a bill for fires being put out. So every one of those is subsidized. Etc etc.

      Most government operations are not intended to be profitable. Judging them as if they are is a serious distortion of what government is meant to be.

      • Hollywood

        So by your logic the Artisphere provides services of equal value as those provided by emergency response professionals? The government should not be in the business of funding “art.”

        • Josh S

          No, that is not a logical conclusion from what I said.

          I think you raise a legitimate question about governments funding “art” but of course it, like most public policy questions, is a complicated one. The simple fact that you put “art” in quotation marks points up one complication – what do you mean by “art?” In general, I think that it’s difficult to make blanket statements about things like what the government should or shouldn’t fund, especially in the parks and recreation / culture realm.

        • Alan

          Actually, there is no logic behind his comparisons at all.

  • JimPB

    What are ARLCO’s “highest priorities” concerning the Frankenstorm?

    • Clarendon bud

      Please no Sandy updates. Please
      Provide us with other news Arlnow.com.

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    Anyone else see the irony in those first two stories?

    • I see the irony more in that…

      They’ve distributed sand/sandbags in much lesser circumstances.

      This is the problem with everyone relying on the county to handle all their problems.

      While there aren’t major swaths of the county where people need to sandbag, the people that do need to sandbag just wait on the county to provide the sandbags. County doesn’t this time, and they’re screwed.

      • Josh S

        Uh huh.

        Mr. John Wayne here shaming us weak suburbanites into living more like he does – the rugged individualist that is what all true Americans should aspire to.

  • James Moron

    Nice that our multi-million dollar Long Bridge Park is totally inaccessible after a rain. Don’t get me wrong – we’re gonna get smacked – but so far, it’s just been a steady rain. We should spend $150M to build an aquatic center there. Or better yet, just put a water slide on the entry road.

    • bemused bystander

      When the stormwater system is installed and the road is finally rebuilt, it won’t flood this way. The problem continues to be with utility companies’ dragging their feet about moving their conduits so the road rebuilding can progress.

    • ARLResident

      People can’t walk to the park? That’s news to me. The entrance on Crystal Drive and 12th St. does not flood. It’s only a couple blocks from the nearest Metro station. It’s a short walk for local residents. Another alternative is Capital Bikeshare. The nearest bike station is a block and a half south of the Crystal Drive entrance. There are numerous bike parking spots in the park as well.

      People don’t actually have to drive for every single short trip.

  • Ted

    Flooding of Long Bridge Park? What happens in 15 years when the sea level will rise a foot? But of course the CB will be long gone and those in their 20s today will have to deal with it.

    • WeiQiang

      Then we will have and indoor AND outdoor acquatics center.

  • Right of Center

    Oh great. Now I have to go shopping at Ballston Mall.

    • Chris B.

      You better hurry. Ballston Mall closes at 2.00 pm today.

      • Right of Center

        Hopping on the street trolly right now!

  • As liberal as Arlington is…

    Shouldn’t there be some redistribution of football players between Yorktown and Wakefield? We should strive for not one, but three 5-4 teams. Way to keep your heads low and be solidly mediocre, W-L.

    • Right of Center


    • resident

      This gets comment of the year.

  • Arlington Voter

    A $150 million pool in the only location in Arlington prone to flooding? Excellent idea.

    I have asked before, is there any location in Arlington that is less accessible that Long Bridge park? So far no answers. (Yes, I know two people suggested that the interstate made the park accessible, but my little johnie and suzie will not be riding their bikes on the interstate to get to the pool.) Still waiting.

    • Coppa

      So….we are going to get 8-12 inches of rain and people are stockpiling water.

      • Josh S

        Dang, why didn’t I think of that?

        *Hey, guys, just fill up every pot and pan in the house!! That oughta do it!!*

    • ARLResident

      Why do people need to ride a bike on the interstate? The Crystal Drive entrance is accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. The Metro station is only a couple blocks away.

      As for Long Bridge Drive, the road floods now because of a poor drainage system. Once the road has been repaired and renovated, the drainage should be much better. The current problem has more to do with the poor infrastructure than with the area lying in a flood plain.

      • ARLResident

        Long Bridge Drive is currently being renovated. There have been frequent delays because of unmarked utility lines. The latest update calls for a completion of construction this winter, possibly by the end of the year.

        Landscaping would be postponed until next spring.

        Once all of that work is done, there shouldn’t be the recurring problems with flooding on that road.

    • occasionally a fact

      Your little Johnie and Suzie can ride their bikes along any of several lanes and trails to get to Long Bridge Park. In the future there will be direct access from the Mount Vernon Trail via a bike-pedestrian bridge over the parkway. The park is inaccessible only to people whose minds are closed.

    • bobco85

      Two things about your claim about Long Bridge Park:

      1) Arlington is set up in a neighborhood sort of way, so if you don’t live in the Crystal City/Pentagon City/Aurora Highlands/Arlington Ridge area, you already have other pools that are much closer (btw, the Sport & Health: Crystal Park has a $20/adult and $10/child admission fee, nothing specific for their pool).

      2) For accessibility, download the Arlington Bike Map from the Bike Arlington Maps and Rides page. Look at the bike-friendly routes from local trails like the Mount Vernon trail and Four Mile Run trail and the fact that it is not far walking from the Crystal City Metro station.

  • JnA

    You forgot to mention the Jose’ W. Tejada – Gerald J. Fisette Indoor Field Sports Arena and Velodrome at Longbridge Park. Total cost $150 million.

  • KalashniKEV

    Can’t wait for the Kooch to rip into this one. This could provide a toe-hold for future investigations and inevitable prosecutions of our corrupt local politicians.

    It’s time to drain the swamp!!!

  • ACDC Hack

    If they just cut out the middle man and handed out $41.85 to every visitor to Artisphere, I bet attendance would skyrocket !!

  • Arlington Voter

    Is there any location in Arlington that is less accessible that Long Bridge park?

    Simple question. A few have responded off-topic about how to get to the least accessible location in Arlington, but no has yet to attempt to answer the question of where is a location that is less accessible.

    • douglas park resident

      I have visited Long Bridge Park several times and it is easily accessible. I just take Army Navy Drive to 12th Street to Long Bridge Drive. What is so difficult about that? I guess you are just geographically challenged. It also seems that the hundreds of parents who are curenlty taking their children their on Saturday and Sunday’s to play soccer games are finding the park just fine. As for less accessible places in Arlington, almost anything North of Ballston is less accessible for me since it only takes me 5-10 minutes from my South Arlington neighborhood to get to Long Bridge Park. It seems that people are able to find the Costco and Pentagon City Mall ok. It’s not like this park is any more difficult to get to than these locations.

    • bobco85

      You don’t seem to accept the idea that Long Bridge park is accessible, even with all the information everyone is giving you, but since you want your question answered…

      Q: Is there any location in Arlington that is less accessible that Long Bridge park?

      A: The center courtyard of the Pentagon.

      • ARLResident

        Another location: The runways and the areas between the runways at Reagan National Airport, unless you are an authorized employee. Other than those occasions when I’m on a flight, I have never been on those runways.

    • Guy who got out of radio

      American Heritage Trail at Donaldson Run is the most inaccessible point in Arlington.

    • ARLResident

      You keep saying that Long Bridge Park is inaccessible when clearly many people are able to access the park without any difficulty. Residents of Crystal City and Pentagon City can walk to the park. Those residents and residents of Potomac Yard, Rosslyn, Clarendon and Ballston can bike there, either on their own bikes or on Capital Bikeshare.

      The Metro station is nearby. Why is it so difficult to take a short Metro trip and then walk a couple blocks to the park?

      There is the parking lot for those who insist on driving a car. Even when the road is flooded (which shouldn’t be an issue after this winter), there is public parking in Crystal City on weekends. It’s only a short walk up to the park from many of those parking areas.

      Why do you continue to ignore all of these modes of transport to the park and claim that it is inaccessible? The last time I checked, there was no barrier wall or moat built around the park. (Not counting the few occasions when Long Bridge Drive has been flooded.)

      If you don’t want to use the park, fine. But don’t pretend that it is somehow inaccessible.

      • ARLResident

        Pointing all of this out is not off-topic. If an area is easily accessed through multiple modes of transportation, then by definition, it is NOT inaccessible.

  • A resident

    Madison Community Center. If you aren’t in a car you aren’t getting there.

  • bobbytiger

    The good news is, that I think I read that Wakefield HS actually scored a point.
    Go Warriors!


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