Morning Notes

by Katie Pyzyk February 27, 2013 at 8:55 am 2,215 53 Comments

Signs of spring

Rabbit Closing — Just days after telling ARLnow.com he had reduced hours to lunch only, the owner of Rabbit Salad and Grill (3035 Clarendon Blvd) in Clarendon has apparently decided to completely call it quits. The restaurant will close on Friday to make way for Fat Shorty’s, a beer and sausage restaurant. The new restaurant is expected to open in early April. [Washingtonian]

Carlee Becomes Charlotte City Manager — Former Arlington County Manager Ron Carlee has taken a new job as the city manager of Charlotte, NC. Carlee had worked for Arlington County for 29 years, but left in 2009 for a job with the International City/County Management Association. Carlee’s new salary is reported to be $290,000 per year, a 15 percent increase over his predecessor’s salary. [Charlotte Observer]

Chuck Todd to Give Marymount Commencement Address — Chuck Todd, Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, will give Marymount University’s commencement address this spring. He’ll speak at D.A.R. Constitution Hall on May 19, the same day the University will award Todd the honorary degree Doctor of Humane Letters in recognition of his career in journalism.

Concern Over Unlicensed Cabs — County Board members voiced concerns about reports of unlicensed taxis operating in Arlington. They asked county staff to investigate the issue and report back. The Board oversees the county’s taxi business by allotting a fixed number of operating certificates and regulating fares. [Sun Gazette]

Sun Gazette Office Moving — Today is moving day for The Sun Gazette. The paper’s office is being relocated from Springfield to 6704 Old McLean Road in McLean. The move is intended to put advertising and newsroom offices in the heart of the paper’s coverage territory, which stretches from Arlington west to Great Falls and then south to Vienna and Oakton. [Sun Gazette]

  • 1RLI

    A beer and sausage restaurant? I’m all over that!

    • G Clifford Prout

      Beer and a fat sausage. Mmmm mmmmm

      • ClarendonSkank

        That’s how I roll every Saturday night.

        • Volo

          That’s how I brötchen every Saturday night.

  • Chris

    2 words: Lyon Hall.

    • Let’s eat!

      I’ll be the judge of that.

    • Quackers

      2 non-words: Blompy Mudweather.

    • novasteve

      Will the new place try to out douche Lyon Hall?

      • South Awwlington

        How is a restaurant able to douche anything? You’re from Long Island, right? Then you should know all about the d word.

        • novasteve

          Lotta douches at Mulcahy’s in Wantaugh. No I’m not from Long Island.

          • Brenda

            spent three years there, correct?

  • Let’s eat!

    Beer and sausage!!! I might just live there!

  • AL

    There is a big gypsy cab problem in the DC Metro area.

    • Geezer

      Like this?

    • novasteve

      Isn’t Roma the PC term now?

  • ARL

    “a beer and sausage restaurant”

    That’s more like it.

    • novasteve

      Every bar in the DC area is a sausagefest.

      • drax

        You almost earned a FREDTERP for that, but ClarendonSkank already made that joke.

        • novasteve

          If you look at the times, I posted mine an hour earlier than hers. It just took longer to get moderated. Currently mine says 4 hours ago, hers says 3 hours ago.

          • drax

            Well, then, you win one FREDTERP. Congratulations.

          • novasteve

            That’s my second FREDTERP in a week I think!

    • John


    • Daftername

      Great! At last we can pretend to be European!

  • GoodOmens

    “Fat Shorty’s” – terrible name but delicious sounding concept. I love me some German and Belgian beers. I’m expecting it to be priced out of my usual rotation though.

    • Fat Head’s Brewery in Ohio is doing a terrific job, its name being no obstacle. I can only hope the beer at Fat Shorty’s is worth going back for.

      • David

        Head Hunter IPA is one of the best around! I look forward to this new beer and sausage shop.

  • Ahhlington

    It’s going to interesting to see how Fat Shorty’s does once the novelty wears off. Different (and local) concept which is good, but I’m not sure I see this being all that successful in Clarendon. Hopefully I’m proven wrong!

  • billj

    Out with lettuce and kale, in with beer and sausage!

  • novasteve

    I don’t think the pommes frites fad ever ended, did it? Why not have one, with a whole bunch of mayo flavors?

  • John Fontain

    Novasteve, you asked for a German beer hall and now you’ve (somewhat) got it. What’s next on your wishlist?

    • mike

      Novasteve is such an elitist European 🙂

    • novasteve

      I’ll wait to see if it REALLY is one.. That place isn’t very big, so I doubt it could be a german beer hall.

      • Bob Who Visited Germany

        I went to Germany once, TWENTY years ago. Am I a bore to bring it up over and over again as if my life has not moved on and I have nothing else to say?

      • drax

        I’ll bet it’s as big as the ones in Prague, where I dream of living someday, riding the trolley each day to vote for people with Ds next to their names.

  • Mason

    SOOOO glad that Rabbit place is on its way out. We were there only once because for 2 adults and 1 toddler, it was almost $50 for generic looking and tasting food – yuck!

    • ph7

      The good news is you can now pay $50 for generic sausage, plus $6/beer. To be fair, the sausage may be good – you have a lot of fat and spices you can work with. In the end, it’s backyard bbq food. I’d think I’d rather stroll down to Rocklands for that, save a few bucks, and have the option to bring my dog along.

      • Sheriffs Gonna Getcha

        Rocklands is hardly an inexpensive place either. Overrated I think as well.

        • flux

          Lunch special is a sandwich, side, drink and dessert item for under $10. Hard to beat that for value. Unless you just don’t like their food.

          • ph7

            Rockland’s sausage and onions is under $5. Something tells me Fat Shorty’s gonna charge alot more than that – and without free peanuts.

    • John Fontain

      Given that most items on the menu cost between $8 and $13 and that there are no wait staff to tip, you must have ordered a lot of dishes to wind up with a $50 bill at that place.

      • Mason

        We must have chosen the couple items that were above $13 that day…no idea. I don’t believe they had a kids menu per say so 3 main dishes plus 3 non-alcholic beverages equaled over $40….

    • Josh S

      Makes no sense….because you didn’t like the food, you’re glad that a restaurant goes out of business??

      • Mason

        Yup – that’s pretty much how it works isn’t it? Generic food + high prices = next new gig in town….

        • Clarendon

          Places probably need to charge a lot in that development as the landlord is asking for a lot in rent. Expect more places to go under. Hopefully the landlord will get tired of releasing all the time and bring down the proces to attract a good, reasonably priced, neighborhood restaurant.

    • Brad

      I agree with @Mason. Very happy to see Rabbit go and something more to my liking replace it. Sounds delicious.

  • Tre

    Great photo

  • Tre

    Also, seems like restaurant musical chairs in Clarendon won’t be stopping anytime soon…

  • speonjosh

    Speaking of fat, them’s some fat looking birds, especially considering it’s February….

  • novasteve

    Will they have organic vegan options?

  • nom de guerre

    Speaking of sausage and beer, Sam’s Corner has a new concept called “Brats & Brewskis” and will be repurposing a decommissioned ACPS bus and will be using it to serve your choice of Binkert’s grilled Bratwurst, Weisswurst, or Bauernwurst sourced from Baltimore on an artisan brötchen topped with a whole grain mustard infused with organic horseradish. We also will have 10 taps featuring a variety of locally brewed craft beers. The beer selection will vary
    according to the season.

  • novasteve

    Will they have currywurst?

  • Lanadeltacobell

    who has been feeding those birds? they are a bit on the puffy side….

  • KW

    Re “fat birds,” the birds puff up when they are cold–they trap air with their feathers that is warmed by their bodies, like dressing in layers.


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