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by ARLnow.com March 4, 2013 at 9:15 am 2,335 21 Comments

A small sailboat on the Potomac (photo by Sunday Money)

‘Mussel Bar’ to Open in Ballston — Mussel Bar & Grille, from restauranteur Robert Wiedmaier, is set to open at 800 N. Glebe Road in Ballston this summer. The small gastropub chain has existing locations in Bethesda and Atlantic City. Wiedmaier is also known for BRABO in Old Town Alexandria and Marcel’s and Brasserie Beck in D.C. [Washington City Paper]

Deputy County Manager to Retire — Deputy County Manager Marsha Allgeier is planning to retire, and the county is now searching for her successor. Allgeier has worked for Arlington County since 1998. [Sun Gazette]

Arlington Mom Survives Flesh-Eating Bacteria — An Arlington mom has survived a case of necrotizing fasciitis, the flesh-eating bacteria. Erin Smythers, a mother of three, developed the infection after getting a small cut on her finger. [WJLA]

Wakefield in State Semis Tonight — The Wakefield Warriors boys basketball team will face John Marshall in the state semifinals tonight. Tipoff is scheduled for 8:45 p.m. at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Update at 2:00 p.m.: The video will be streamed live online, via the Wakefield High School website. [Northern Va. Sports]

Flickr pool photo by Sunday Money

  • WestBallstonian

    The Mussel Bar menu looks pretty good. Anyone been to the Bethesda location?

    • novasteve

      Is that the successor to Blacks? That was a mussel bar. But I think the building got knocked down. Was a block from Flanagans, which also got knocked down.

  • DB

    Nice image, well composed.

  • Homerguy

    Good luck Wakefield!

    • 120

      Good Luck Warriors. Only 2 games to go to be state champs.

  • DougK

    Doesn’t Dr. Furlong look an awful lot like a former weather guy for channel 4 or 7?

  • JimPB

    Erin Smythers’ infection might be another case of MRSA — an antibiotic resistant variant that has gotten out of hospitals into communities.

    Are our ARLCo physicians properly limiting and overseeing the prescriptive use of antibiotics?

    How well are our area hospitals doing in preventing the spread of MRSAs within their facilities (first, do no harm)?

    Is the use of antibiotics with animals limited to cases those in which a bacterial infection is identified?

    • Koop

      MRSA is staph. What she had was strep. Her doctor diagnosed it.

    • BurritoGuy

      She kinda looks like the lady who runs Mexicali Blues.

    • Max

      Although this case wasn’t MRSA, hospitals are doing a really really really bad job at it. At the NIH a team of epidemiologists was sent in to watch people wash their hands. Most employees failed at it. This article discusses some of it: http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/30/health/time-superbug-lessons

      Unfortunately, MRSA is in just about every hospital and most employees of hospitals carry MRSA at some point in their career (but it remains at negligible levels such that an infection never manifests).

  • squidgod

    Why does it always seem like whenever something happens to a woman with children she’s referred to as a “mom,” regardless of whether or not the children are involved in the story? Been seeing this everywhere recently.

    • ph7

      When discussing devouring the flesh of a woman, knowing whether she is a mom seems relevant.

    • Josh S

      It’s an attempt to use emotion to attract page views. Journalism (especially local broadcast journalism) has been borrowing from the marketer’s playbook for some time.

    • SomeGuy

      I think being a mom is like her job, i.e. if they had said, “Smythers, who works as a corporate recruiter, blah blah…” It’s not highly relevant to the story, but it’s just a way to humanize the subject of the article and work in a detail about her life. Agreed though. Whether or not she’s a parent seems extraneous to the flesh-eating bacteria story.

    • Grump

      It started with Bush. He always referred to moms, dads, and docs (doctors). It sounded so ignorant, like everything else that came out of his mouth.

  • NoVA RN

    Necrotizing fasciitis isn’t actually “flesh-eating bacteria”. Calling it that misrepresents what the condition actually does to the body (even though it is terrible). The bacteria release toxins, which cause the tissues in the body to break down.

    • Dan

      Okay so you are saying that it is “flesh digesting” rather “flesh eating” bacteria…..that will help to sell it !!

      • NoVA RN

        No. Flesh breaking-down is more like it. I’m not sure why it needs to be “sold”, or why it’s such a news story (likely because “flesh-eating bacteria” sounds so horrific and sensational). An immediate family member of mine became very sick from it over a decade ago, but managed to survive, and we didn’t call the media to feature them on the 5 o’clock news.

  • Doug

    If anyone cares to watch the VHSL basketball games live online, you can do so here: http://www.vhsl.org/news.bkb-2013-vhsl-network#.UTTnc-PGz5o.mailto

  • Volo

    The caption for today’s (otherwise nice) image says, “A small sailboard on the Potomac”. Is ‘sailboard’ some nautical term we landlubbers know not?


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