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Snow at the corner of Glebe and Pershing at 10:00 a.m. (Flickr pool photo by Ddimic)

World Gym Now ‘Exercise Nation’ — The poorly-reviewed World Gym at 1058 S. Walter Reed Drive has changed hands and is now “Exercise Nation,” a small low-cost gym chain with existing locations near Baltimore. Memberships start at $10/month. [Washington Business Journal]

Metro Ramps Up Anti-Harassment Campaign — This month Metro began tracking all forms of sexual harassment, one additional step in the agency’s ongoing anti-harassment campaign. [Greater Greater Washington]

Four Mile Run Watershed Cleanup — Arlington County is organizing a watershed cleanup for Four Mile Run on Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Volunteers will be asked to help clean up at one of several sites along Four Mile Run, Arlington’s largest watershed. [Shirlington Village Blog]

Forum to Feature Streetcar Supporters, Opponents — On April 10, the Arlington Committee of 100 will hold a forum about the proposed Columbia Pike streetcar. A streetcar supporter, Arlington Chamber of Commerce chairman David DeCamp, will face off against a streetcar opponent, “Peter’s Take” columnist and former Arlington County Democratic Committee chairman Peter Rousselot. [Sun Gazette]

Flickr pool photo by Ddimick

  • $45608367

    StreetCar ThunderDome…

  • novasteve

    Unfortunately this campaign by metro is unconstitutional re: the “unwanted comments”. They suggest calling the police if someone makes an unwanted comment. You can’t be arrested for making an unwanted comment unless it is some form of threat of violence. If some guy you don’t want hitting on you says “nice boobs!” that’s not illegal. To have a state actor actually go after this is a violation of the first amendment, and Metro should know better.

    • drax

      It’s not unconstitutional to call the police, or to suggest that someone call the police. It doesn’t say they will automatically arrest the commenter.

      The police will decide whether your comments deserve you being arrested. They know the difference. Then and only then you might have a point.

      • novasteve

        What is the point of calling the police? You think the police want to be bothered with complaints of things that aren’t illegal? The police will respond,and arrest if they can. There’s no comment other than at threat of physical violence that could potentially be arrestable. This is talking about harassing stuff. You don’t have a right to not be harassed or offended in public. So you want the police emergency phone number being tied up with people calling up to report they got offended instead of actual emergencies, or violence of theft? Think. Think before you write.

        • drax

          So you’re saying harassment of any kind is always legal in this context? Think before you write.

          • novasteve

            First, harassment is SUBJECTIVE. Someone might find it as being harrassed if someone of the same sex asks them out or makes a compliment or even something vulgar. Others might not. That’s why it’s subjective. Just saying something to someone unless it’s a threat of violence isn’t legal. If they are physical doing something like making a fist or touching you, then it’s different. But that’s NOT what I’m referring to. Based upon what the WMATA is saying, if some dorky guy makes a comment about a woman, that woman woudl think she could have him arrested for it.

          • drax

            No, that’s not what WMATA is saying. It said nothing whatsoever about “dorky comments.” Most women won’t call the police unless the unwanted comments go far beyond that, and calling the police doesn’t automatically get you arrested.

            Harassment can be illegal, First Amendment notwithstanding. You know that because you’re a “lawyer.” It’s really unlikely that someone will get arrested for a “dorky” comment, steve, but if it happens, “lawyers” like you can stand up for them.

          • novasteve

            How do you know that drax? It just says unwanted comments. Why is the WMATA telling women to call the police for things that aren’t a crime?

          • speonjosh

            “most women”?
            What does that mean?
            How do you know?
            “far beyond that”
            Far beyond what? What counts as “far beyond?” Do you know? No, but the cops do, right?


      • speonjosh

        THey know the difference? Are you kidding? Wow. Just wow. They don’t give two whits what the difference is.

        Just like they know whether you can take photos in public places?

        Just like they know when is an appropriate time to pepper spray people?

        • drax

          Oh, sorry, the police don’t know anything about the law. My bad.

          Seriously, dude, I wasn’t saying they are perfect, just that calling the police doesn’t equal automatic arrest. Get over your cop-hate and get back on topic.

          • speonjosh


        • spoopyspoo

          Sounds like someone has “occupied” the paddywagon a couple too many times.

        • SomeGuy

          Cops don’t need to know the difference. All they need to do is threaten you with arrest and the prospect of having your name and picture published on a website. That’ll keep you in line. Sure, the DA could later drop the charges for having no merit, but by that time, the allegations and mugshot have already been published, and the damage to your reputation is done. Watch your step!

    • Buckingham Bandit

      I wonder if NovaSteve’s pickup lines are unwanted comments.

  • flux

    Developer vs Democrat in Bizarro World Debate.

  • Per the forum to Feature Streetcar Supporters, Opponents, my response is “why” bother.

    • Pete B

      To my knowledge, while the County Board voted in favor of the streetcar, it’s not really a done deal yet. Construction is dependent on federal and state money that has not be awarded to the project yet – at least AFAIK. If either state or federal funding were to fall through, the county would have to find another way to pay for it. Maybe a bond issue. That would be contentious, and the outcome uncertain.

      • speonjosh

        To say the least. I am a streetcar supporter, but if the county had to pay for the whole thing itself it would never happen.

        • drax

          Yes, and that’s true of any major road, bridge or other project.

          • Lloyd Bridges

            County is paying for all of the aquatics center.

          • speonjosh

            I’ll take your word for it.
            The streetcar is currently projected at at least 3 times as much as the aquatics center. There’s a difference.

      • @Pete B, I agree with your post. But, I think this forum is a day late and a dollar short as the decision to move forward with the project has been made. Per the linked article, “Advocates for and against the proposed quarter-billion-dollar transit line will face off….” Thus it appears that the forum is rehashing the pros and cons of a project that the council has decided has more pros and is moving forward with.

  • Fundamental

    My sister once told me that when she was in her 20’s, an older man called her “little lady.” She claimed that comment was “sexual harassment.” There are a lot of uneducated people out there on this issue.

    • drax

      Which one was uneducated in this case?

    • Quik Question

      Is your sister named drax?

      • drax

        Yeah, that makes sense.

    • novasteve

      “sexual harassment” isn’t even illegal unless you have some legal relationship like being coworkers. Saying “hey baby, sit on my lap” is perfectly legal. But Metro is trying to get people to call the police on that and get people arrested for not committing a crime and thus violating the first amendment.

      • pedestrian

        You must be fun on the metro. “I’m not breaking the law! Nice boobs!”

        • novasteve

          Maybe you can lobby to get the first amendment repealed.

          • pedestrian

            If you read the article, it also covers rubbing against people on the metro, which IS assault.

          • novasteve

            When did I say It didn’t? They still tell people to call the police for things that aren’t assault, like unwanted comments.

    • jackson

      Is she a little person? Was the man a carnival barker? Why is it not harassment?

      • Karnov

        Mmm yeah, or you could just grow some slightly thicker skin and reply “hey big fat dummy” and leave it at that.

  • meh…

    Were any renovations or interior improvements made? Or is this just a name change? Nice investigative reporting…..

    • FrenchyB

      Hence the title of this entry being ‘Morning Notes’ instead of ‘Morning Investigative Reports.’

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    So, if a woman offers me her seat, is that considered sexual harassment?

    • SomeGuy

      Is the offer unwanted? If so, you should definitely call the cops and have them rough her up.


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