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McGinty’s Pub Closes in South Arlington

by ARLnow.com December 27, 2010 at 12:03 pm 5,697 18 Comments

McGinty’s Public House, in the Market Square at Potomac Yard development near Crystal City, has closed for good, an employee of the bar’s Silver Spring sister location confirms to ARLnow.com.

The pub shut down at some point last week, according to a customer who recently dined there. A sign in the window states that the location is “closed for business.”

“Thank you for your loyal support,” the sign says, purportedly on behalf of the pub’s Irish-born co-owners, Brian Dolphin and Greg Whelan. Dolphin and Whelan also own P. Brennan’s Irish Pub on Columbia Pike. P. Brennan’s and McGinty’s Silver Spring will remain open, according to the pub employee.

No reason was given for the shuttering, but the as of Dec. 16 McGinty’s owed Arlington County $19,751.18 in unpaid meals taxes.

The pub was an ambitious venture considering the out-of-the-way, developing corner of South Arlington in which it was located. It featured ample seating, an outdoor patio, and live entertainment.

We reported earlier this month that a new pizza restaurant is coming to the Market Square development. It’s not clear whether it will be taking McGinty’s place or opening in a different storefront.

Thank you to Doug Wendt for the tip and the photo (left)

  • artie fufkin

    Other than the Teeter that shopping area is cursed. Those stores on the plaza have no exposure to the street. The only way they were getting people is if you knew it was there.

    • CrystalMikey

      Exactly, such a horrible location. I figured only the people that lived in the Eclipse and Camden would be pretty much their only customers.

    • CrystalCity’er

      agreed. i only go to the harris teeter and i live less than 5 minutes away. on occasion, i wonder who had the brilliant idea to put all those shops in a semi-circle on a road no one travels on… it might be more popular once the area south of crystal city develops and office buildings/more apartments are built.

    • SoCo Resident

      Well, they must have had sufficient customers because they owe $20K in unpaid meal taxes! Are Dolphin and Whelan not going to pay meal taxes at P. Brennan’s Irish Pub on Columbia Pike? Let’s see if they don’t pay their taxes, then who does…

  • Arlwhenever

    Gotta hurry up and spend hundreds of millions on streetcars, to give the Irish Pubs a lifeline you know.

  • Shirley

    forced retail locations — McGinty, Flatbreads.
    Small Business people and their dreams: Bankrupt.
    County Board: eh. someone else will take the space.

    • AllenB

      It may have been forced on the developers to hold some space for retail but no one forced those individual businesses to lease the space. If you as the small business person can’t see it’s a bad location, that’s your problem, not the county board.

      • shirley

        neither of us are really right. much more complicated.
        landlord is going to desperate to fill space to make project look desirable and residential tenants are going to demand the retail space look good.
        people do have a great ideas with dumb implementation.

  • Charles

    I never knew they had live entertainment. And they had no wifi. I would have gone there and hung out (read: ordered stuff) if wifi.

  • More Pizza!

  • I had no idea this place had even existed until now. If you’re off the beaten path, and you don’t have some sort of niche and/or good viral marketing, you’re toast.

  • Katie

    I enjoyed it the couple of times I ventured out there, but yea the location is odd. I went for trivia a couple of weeks ago and noticed that everyone bolted the second the trivia game was over. Thought that was a bit odd; it wasn’t that late. Enjoyed the live music another time.

  • Novanglus

    There’s every reason the right kind of destination restaurant can survive there (think )

    • Novanglus

      (Cont’d from a real keyboard)

      Think 2941 in Falls Church.

      But a neighborhood pub needed a neighborhood, which Potomac Yards doesn’t have yet.

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  • Ryan

    McGinty’s was a great place to be after a long day. The staff and regulars were friendly, and the food was excellent. Thank you for the great times! You will all be missed.

  • Mark

    We went there once on a friday. The place was dead, the staff was slow and the food was expensive for what you got.

  • V Dizzle

    First I’ve heard of it being there (or not being there). I like the one in S. Spring, but everyone I know that lived in that area now lives in NoVA.


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