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Circa at Clarendon to Open on Monday

by ARLnow.com January 13, 2011 at 8:09 am 4,536 24 Comments

Circa at Clarendon (3010 Clarendon Blvd) will be opening its doors on Monday at 5:00 p.m., according to an announcement on its Facebook page.

The upscale American-style restaurant, best known for its four-year old Dupont Circle location, has been under construction on the ground floor of the Clarendon Center development’s south building (left) since this fall.

“The wait is over,” Circa’s management wrote on the restaurant’s official blog. “The pantry is stocked and the kegs have been tapped… There is only one thing that we need to make Circa at Clarendon something special: We need you.”

  • Radar

    Just what we need, another American style restaurant.

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  • NorthArlingtonHE

    They were serving dinner last night, to whom?

    • CW

      Soft openings are pretty standard protocol for new restaurants…

  • Rosslynite

    Will Circa be open for lunch the rest of the week or will they limit themselves to evenings until they get their sea legs?

  • ClarendonKing

    Cool, I’m going to check it out this or next weekend!

  • OX4

    I walked by there last night and it looked open to me.

    • Clarendon neighbor

      I have seen some activity too but I have chalked it up as employee training, testing and orientation. Not unusual to serve them to have them get familiar with the menu.

  • a’town

    “another chain in clarendon”

    • AllenB

      How horrible – a chain of 3 local restaurants (four if you count their coffee shop in McLean).

      • a’town

        and here I thought understanding sarcasm was your new years resolution!!!

        • AllenB

          back at ya.

        • KalashniKEV

          We don’t want restaurants that have experienced success elsewhere to come to Clarendon… we want unique snowflakes with terrible service and boring cuisine. And if they are in fact good, and become successful here, and open a second location? We shall boycott them as un-trendy and “corporate!!!”

          • CW

            Last night I saw a worker rolling a cart of fresh-cut, uncooked french fries (err, pommes frites) from Lyon Hall to Liberty Tavern…the latter must have run out. Damn chains!!! 😛

          • ClarendonKing

            Yeah! We have a constitutional right to $35 dollar pizza’s and wilted “organic” salads. If only we could make a county ordnance requiring restaurants to open patio’s…

          • KalashniKEV

            Just be thankful for the rights that the county board has granted you- and don’t be painting no murals, sucka!

          • Clarendude

            CW – that reminds me of when I was in Paris and I saw a chef running from the fish store to (I suppose) his restaurant with a metal pan with a flopping live fish in it. I guess someone wanted a fish they didn’t have or something. It was funny though.

  • Stefan Sittig

    I for one–am happy to see the new restaurant. Walked right by it last night on my way home from metro. Have never tried the other Circas (almost tried the Dupont Circle one several months back..) but it certainly looks nice and as someone who lives 1 block from the new bldg–I am happy to have another option for a nice dinner w/friends that is within walking distance.

    And yes, it may not be a super original/unique/stand alone restaurant, but to me, it’s a least 1 step above Cheesecake Factory and Baja Freshes that are already in the neighborhood.

    I’d much rather have that opening than a Denny’s or a McDonald’s or a Taco Bell like some other neighborhoods.

    • AllenB

      I think most of us were joking about the chain thing. It’s been a running thing in some other posts on ArlNow. I for one think the restaurant looks great and I look forward to trying it a couple of weeks after it’s official opening.

      • +1!

      • mehoo

        I miss Taco Bell.

      • a’town

        yes, definitely was kidding, hence the quotes……

        This place should be a great addition to the neighborhood – especially considering the loss of sette bello and its replacement with a sports bar.

  • kevin walker

    Please – NOT another chain restaurant! I hope the County Board is listening.

  • Circa will be opening at 5pm on Monday thru Friday this week.

    Love the conversation… cracking me up! We’re excited to be here!


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