Clarendon Center Construction Coming Along

by ARLnow.com September 10, 2010 at 10:39 am 3,450 18 Comments

Construction crews seem to be making fast progress at the Clarendon Center properties. What were just hollow stacks of floors earlier this year now have bricks, windows and architectural accents.

The two structures — the regal-looking south building and the art deco-y north building — are expected to take on retail tenants as soon as December, and that seems very much possible given the pace of construction.

The concave ground floor space with the large windows and the high-ceilings in the south building (left) will be the new home of Circa, which now has a dedicated web site for the Clarendon location.

The ground floor space in the center of the photo of the north building (right) will be the home of Pete’s New Haven Apizza, which will have a considerable amount frontage on Clarendon Boulevard.  Tangy Sweet and Red Velvet Cupcakery will be in the corner space on the far left side of the photo.

Still no word on what may be coming to the big 10,000+ square foot space on the other side of the south building (not pictured). The current wishful thinking is that it may one day house a grocery store.

  • Clarendude

    I have to say, this is one of, if not the most attractive projects I have ever seen in the County. The level of detailing is one of the major factors and it goes all the way up to the top. The heavily textured bricks on the residential building on the South block take on different characters as the sun changes angle which is really cool. This is totally worthy of occupying the Center of Clarendon. In my opinion, of course. Much of the stuff that makes this project stand out in my mind is not the type of stuff we really get down to specifying or regulating in the approval (nor should we). I guess this owner just has some pride in their buildings, good taste and attention to detail (hired and listened to a good architect as well). Hopefully, other developers will be inspired to try and compete with the level of this project.

  • david

    What is the status of the tenants that were previously in that space before the building was torn down? Are any of them planning on moving back in? I’m thinking specifically of British Goodies (which does seem to have a pretty prime location right now). I’m assuming the rent will likely be too high for many of them.

    • Clarendude

      Members Cleaners is the only previous tenant that accepted a space in the new project. As part of he approval, the developer had to offer all existing tenants (as of some date) space in the new project at some reduced rent. Clarendon Valet bought their own place on Washington Blvd in the Post Office project. I’ll miss Little Viet Garden and the Bò Lúc Lắc .

      • david

        Agreed – I had many a good night on the patio at Little Viet Garden picking my way through female crabs.

        • TGEoA

          Love me long time some Viet Garden Quail.

  • Greg

    Nice to see they already have tenants lined up. Too bad Siena Park’s (on Columbia Pike) ground floor retail is entirely vacant. I know the Penrose Square development going up next door to it has Giant moving in, but haven’t heard about anybody leasing the other 30-odd thousand square feet of retail.

  • Josh

    Anyone notice the oddly placed double columns that just block views from the mini balconies on Lyon Place? You can see it in the pic above. Maybe it’s ‘artsy’ but I’d like unobstructive views.

  • Jill

    I only just realized that 3033 Wilson is in the process of some sort of demolition/remodel. Does anyone know what is happening to that building now that the County has totally vacated? There is no more free parking!

  • eee

    I heard that the Rhodeside/Ragtime people were opening in Siena Park. Don’t know if that was just wishful thinking for honey pepper wings.

    • Jack

      that would be awesome, if true.

  • Mary Beth

    Do these new constructions have parking below?

    • david

      If you’re referring to the Clarendon Center projects, they both have very deep garages (3/4 floors).

  • charlie

    according to the pre-eminent authority on Clarendon issues, the Clarendon Alliance, the parking is now available at a small charge for nighttime visitors.
    The building is slated to become a regular office building with regular tenants thus ending 25 years as a government facility.

    • TGEoA

      If you are referring to the old DHS building, yes it is indeed private and open.

      2 bucks evenings and weekends. The only problem is the workers there are S-L-O-W and cars have been backing up in the driveway.

  • rob

    I hope that getting a new cupcake shop in Clarendon won’t put the Bake Shope out of biz.

  • nygiants20

    Looks like a prime location for a Dunkin’ Donuts!

  • Anonymous

    Spoke to a construction worker at Clarendon Center this weekend who said it will be a Trader Joe’s moving in….

  • anonymous

    I really wish the County had not allowed residential units in this building. Clarendon is already overcrowded and that will not help. METRO cannot handle more people and that is exactly what is going to happen.

    Unfortunately, the County was shortsighted in making this decision. The developer offered up something for low income housing, and when you say that to Arlington, you can build whatever you want, wherever you want.

    I just want one year of no construction in Clarendon. The roads get torn up, traffic gets worse, METRO gets more crowded. And the County Board looks the other way… pushes the blame onto some other entity.


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