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by ARLnow.com May 5, 2011 at 8:52 am 2,975 20 Comments

Arlington’s Modest Manager Reception — About a year ago, Arlington spent $600 to hold a reception for now-former county manager Michael Brown. By comparison to Savannah, Ga. — where Brown had held the position of city manager before jumping ship for Arlington — that reception seems like the pinnacle of modesty. Savannah is holding a reception for Brown’s replacement as city manager tonight. Locals are objecting to the fact that the reception — which includes keepsake wine glasses for guests — is costing the cash-strapped city more than $7,500. [Savannah Morning News]

New Pike Gym Selling Memberships — Xsport Fitness, a new 24-hour gym opening in July on the 2300 block of Columbia Pike, is selling $19.99 per month memberships out of a temporary office in the Siena Park apartment building. Xsport will be the second gym to open on the Pike this year, after World Gym opened in January on the ground floor of the Halstead apartment building. [Pike Wire]

Dels. Brink, Hope Launch Reelection Bids — Delegates Bob Brink and Patrick Hope formally announced their candidacies for reelection at last night’s Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting. [Sun Gazette]

Flickr pool photo by LittleNewton787

  • CW

    All the way across the sky!

    • dynaroo

      Didn’t see that coming.

  • dynaroo

    How ’bout that Arlington County, wasting our money again.

  • KalashniKEV

    Hahaha… too bad they weren’t practicing modesty when they cut the check for the $110,000 severance!!! After 6 months on the job?

    I wish our political beliefs lined up better, so that I could participate in some of the organized crime the county board subsidizes. You think I could get a grant like CaBi did if I opened up a LEED certified “Green” strip club in Rosslyn? I know the perfect spot to make it BOOMING! With a few good after work specials…

    • dynaroo

      Yes, that sucked. I wonder if that was a way to save more money down the line from a lawsuit or whatever. The whole affair sucked.

    • dynaroo

      Aren’t you a federal contractor? You’re already participating in the biggest government teat-sucking in history.

      • South Arlington

        Yes don’t forget he is likely collecting cushy veterans benefits, likely got a Federal job over a more qualified person due to getting veterans points, then parlayed that into a cushy and higher compensated contractor job. Kev’s views on here are frequently hypocritical (but at least funny).

        • KalashniKEV

          Wrong on all counts, but keep going… I like your speculations! What Hollywood star do you think I most resemble?

          • dynaroo

            Not speculating, just asking.

          • dynaroo

            But I imagine you resemble Craig T. Nelson:


          • South Arlington

            My guess was Kev resembling Dickie Bennet from Justified.

          • dynaroo

            Another candidate:


            The guy who played Francis (“Psycho”) in Stripes. As in “Lighten up, Francis.”

          • Cal Naughton, Jr.

            I like to think of Kev as a mischievous badger

          • dynaroo
          • Cal Naughton, Jr.

            I like to picture Kev as a figure skater. He wears like a white outfit, and He does interpretive ice dances of my life’s journey.

  • Aaron

    Savannah could have bought like five bikes to share for that kind of crazy money. Those fools!

  • JamesE

    When is the fire Bruce Boudreau pep rally?

  • LyonSteve

    I saw the rainbow as well. By the time I got my camera that other end (in Rosslyn) was not visible, but I could see the end towards S. Arlington.

  • kc

    Doesn’t fit any of the topics but if you’re in the neighborhood the Marines are raising and lowering flags over the Iwo Jima Memorial right now. They have a couple gym bags full so will be there awhile.

    Also saw a guy with one of those swinging signs advertising some kind of Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Artisphere.


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