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Progress on 2201 North Pershing Drive Project

by ARLnow.com June 3, 2011 at 3:52 pm 4,853 20 Comments

What was once the Lee Center strip mall is now a big, dusty hole in the ground.

Construction is well underway on what is known as the 2201 North Pershing Drive project. When work wraps up in mid-to-late 2012, the $75 million project at Route 50 and Pershing Drive will consist of 188 rental apartments and nearly 33,500 square feet of ground-level retail space.

For now, motorists on Pershing Drive have to put up with regular lane closures, slow-moving construction equipment and flagmen directing traffic.

  • SoCo Resident

    The retail level will have 4 spaces: about 15,000 for a “grocery” store, with the other three smaller spaces outfitted with ventilation stacks making restaurants a possibility. So far, nothing exciting.

    While traffic is disrupted now on Pershing Dr., there will also be continued disruption over the next 2 years as the new 50-10th-Courthouse so-called “interchange” is built. For at least 6 months next year, narrow N. Barton and Pershing will cary all of 10th St. eastbound traffic.

  • John Fontain

    They should have put the trader joe’s here instead of in the middle of Clarendon.

    • Carol_R

      Probably not. I don’t see a grocery store making it in that location even with those new apartments. As someone who grew up in this neighborhood, there used to be 2 grocery stores there (Safeway and Lee Grocery). But the Henry Gate of Fort Myer also used to be its main gate and was always open with tons of foot traffic coming across to the Lee Shopping Center.

      • SoCo Resident

        Carol__R: I kinda agree that this might not be a great grocery store location, because of poor foot traffic, etc. But, there will be 188 rental apts. above, connected to about an equal number next door at Sheffield Courts and more at Wash. Lee. The builder/owner, Equity Residential, had one plan to demolish Sheffield Court and put up three 14 story residential towers there. I think we can expect demolition/replacement of Sheffield in the near future and that Equity sees the importance of a grocery store there; the County is hell-bent on it.

        Oh, see the Post this morning about Walmart’s new “Express” stores which fit right into the 15,000 sq. feet available here. A Walmart in Lyon Park!

        • wat

          you can’t put 14 story apartments there, it’s too far away from the metro, which means 3 story max.

          • Arlington, Northside

            Shirlington does not have a Metro Station within walking distance, but they have high rises. This location will still be within a short walk of Clarendon, surely they can build over three stories tall. Some of the Barracks across the street are over three stories tall.

          • SoCo Resident

            Where in heaven’s name is it written that you can only build “3 story max” if “too far” from Metro? Deep-pocketed Equity Management held a big neighborhood meeting several years ago and announced plans for 3 14 story highrises on the Sheffield property and other very high density development there. Don’t think for minute that Equity doesn’t have plans for the site.

        • Arlwhenever

          Walmart in Lyon Park? Yes, please bring it on.- love to see the pretzle logic for keeping out a store because it happens to have good prices that serve the average Jane and Joe.

          • doodly

            Jane and Joe will need low prices because they’ll be making less working for Walmart.

        • DrMM

          No, they cannot demolish Sheffield Court, as it has “historic architecture” status for the area. There are zero plans, as far as I know. Equity plans on allowing both apartment complexes’ residents to share pools, etc., perhaps gyms or other services. That’s all we’ve been told (those who currently live at Sheffield Court).

          • SoCo Resident

            Well, I attended a neighborhood meeting with Equity a few years ago, like I said. Noting the detriorating condition of Sheffield Court, they showed us the plans for three 14 story towers and a very dense concentration of townhouses and other apartments. Wayne St would extend through to Pershing. At soon as this current complex is completed, it will happen as Equity and the rental market are booming.

      • John Fontain

        A trader joe’s at this site would have drawn all of north and a large part of south arlington that currently drive all the way out to bailey’s. Customer volume wouldn’t have been an issue. And it this site, it would have been a lot more convenient for people with cars (whose numbers far exceed those without cars along the metro).

        • Andrea

          Agree. I’d rather go to the Trader Joes near 50 than Baileys and I live down the street from Baileys. The one at Baileys is WAY too overcrowded and that strip mall area has too much traffic. I’d also like a bigger Trader Joes.

          The idea of a Walmart right there makes me sick. The only reason I hate Walmart is because of the type of traffic it brings to the area. It’s never the good kind. I mean, look at the Walmart on Route 1. Please no thanks.

  • charlie

    looking better already.
    i bet there are more people working on this site NOW than there have been in 20 years. Jobs are good.

  • TGEoA

    There is an awesome Greek restaurant across the street. I forget the name, but it is authentic. There are even a bunch of fat hairy Greek guys wearing track suits.

    • SoCo Resident

      Those aren’t Greeks.

    • jjbug

      Yes, at 2300 – The Astor Mediterranean –
      Go get your falafa or lentil salad right nowl! Quick counter service: good prices: indoor or outdoor seating surrounded by tubs of growing tomatoes! Parking. Good view of the construction across Pershing!
      Try it! The Ft Myer Army troops are noticed more regularly than fat hairy Greek guys.

    • ballston

      astor is awesome.

  • (another) Greg

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…

    …mixed use?!?

    …in Arlington?!?!?

  • steve

    A replacement for the Royal Lee would be nice. But of course since brand new it would only attract clarendouche hipsters.


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