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by ARLnow.com July 1, 2011 at 8:16 am 4,383 72 Comments

Greene Turtle Coming to Ballston — Sports bar The Greene Turtle is coming to Ballston later this year. The restaurant has signed a lease for a 7,000 square foot space on the ground floor of the new Virginia Tech Research Center (900 N. Glebe Road). [Washington Business Journal]

New Apartment Complex Coming to Ballston — A new 150-unit apartment complex called The Crimson on Glebe is coming to Ballston. The five-story mixed-use building will be located across from Ballston Common Mall at the corner of Glebe Road and N. Carlin Springs Road. Owners are hoping to wrap up construction by mid-2013. [CoStar Group]

Buck-a-Burger Sale at Whole Foods — Get ready for your Fourth of July cookout with the Buck-a-Burger deal at Whole Foods. Today only the Clarendon Whole Foods is offering eight varieties of burger patties for $1 each. (They’re normally $2.) [Clarendon Culture]

Remy ‘Dissed’ in Video — A pair going by the names of Barack Flobama and St. Fatrick have released a music video “dissing” Arlington Rap guy Remy Munasifi. [YouTube]

  • Chris

    “The Crimson”, is that being built where the Mr Goodwrench is? I used to live on North Carlin Springs back in the day and I can’t remember any open land at that location.

    • Greg

      It must be. Either that or it would go on the corner where the Exxon is, but to do that they would have to take down the townhouses behind the gas station. I don’t see that happening.

      Personally I think this is a good thing. It might raise the value of the apartments to the west and south of the site.

    • Lou

      Yes, they purchased the Goodyear Tire Center, and the single-family house.

  • Paco

    With the noise and auto exhaust on Glebe and Carlin Springs, plus the general sadness emanating from the Mall That Time Forgot , I pity the yuppies who buy into “The Crimson.” Then again, if they’re that desperate and wealthy, I’ll reserve my pity for more worthy causes.

    • Tabby

      I get the crimson tide once every 28 days.

      Well? I do.

      • doodly

        And sometimes you get the green turtle.

        • doodly

          Okay, now all discussion of the Greene Turtle is going to be really funny to me after this joke. Not sure if the joke was over everyone’s heads or under them.

    • CW

      I wonder if they’ll get any Harvard grads to live out there?

  • CrystalMikey

    Yay, Ballston gets another “chain” bar.

    • BrownFlipFlops

      This. We have enough places to get our pre-prepared, ready-for-the-fryer-or-microwave Sysco bar snacks.

  • Failed Again

    Remy rocks! The video by the idiots trying to diss him should be posted with the lame art in the Artisphere. Lame!

  • Southeast Ben

    This Barack Flobama guy is on the Junks 106.7 this morning (8:50AM)

    • Jacob

      Yea I think his name is blue pants or something…lame

  • AbeFroman

    Thumbs down on the Green Turtle. I’d much rather see some small independant place open up offering someting unique, interesting with some real value.

    I would LOVE to see that absurdly overpriced Exxon go away for anything, even more yuppies with more money than sense.

    • John Fontain

      “Thumbs down on the Green Turtle. I’d much rather see some small independant place open up”

      Yeah, because Arlington is already teaming with chain restaurants around every corner and nary an non-chain restaurant in site. I can’t walk a single block without having to pass an Applebees, TGIFridays, Chili’s, Denny’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Tony Roma’s, Bahama Breeze, Bob Evans Farms, Texas Roadhouse, LongHorn Steakhouse, Maggiano’s Little Italy, O’Charley’s, Waffle House, or Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

      • DOWNOntheFarm

        I once ate at a Bob Evans in Columbus, Ohio. There were several of us, mildly hungover after a college reunion. Dead silence during the meal. Finally, my then-boyfriend said, “Well. THAT was disgusting.”

        • doodly

          Did you get rid of the taste with some truffle oil-infused Quinoa, some smoked salmon foie gras, and a Zinfandel after driving back to Clarendon in your Lexus?

          • CW

            That sounds more like Bethesda to me…Clarendon would be frozen yogurt, burgers, and a leased 3-series.

          • DOWNOntheFarm

            You don’t want to know how I “got rid of the taste” and p.s. I’d never lease a car.

          • CW


          • doodly

            Maybe you dipped your brown flip-flops in a skinny caramel latte and licked them clean.

        • John Fontain

          I pray for your current or future soul mate.

          • DOWNOntheFarm

            What a bizarre thing to say.

          • John Fontain

            No, not really. You’ll understand it at some point down the road.

        • CW

          This story really needs more bodily fluid references to be entertaining.

          • DOWNOntheFarm

            Urine big trouble.

    • jack

      Sorry, if you want small nonchain places, you have to go to South Arlington!

      • SamsontheCat

        It’s only a matter of time before Crystal City Restaurant franchises and you guys get a chain in Ballston.

    • Tom M

      Look, the Green Turtle is COMPLETELY different than Union Jack’s, Bailey’s, Rock Bottom, and Front Page. Do they even have a Jagermeister chilled shot machine??? Oh they probably do… nevermind.

      • CW

        Honestly, I have no problem with chains like this. You know what you are getting and there is going to be a measure of consistency. They have good deals for happy hours and such, and they don’t inflate prices in certain locations. I like going to all the local places as well, but it doesn’t seem to bother me as much if something is part of a chain. I think that the presence of chains could even raise the standards of locally-owned places in some cases because they have a level of consistency and value that could push the local market to match it.

        • Tom M

          My amusement with all these bars isn’t that they’re chain/non-chain, it’s that they’re all essentially the same bar all within a block of each other.

          It’s still my theory that many patrons at these bars aren’t from Arlington at all, but from Fairfax and points west that can’t quite stomach the extra 15-30min drive into DC. Ballston is nothing if not convenient to I-66.

          • doodly

            Arlingtonians would NEVER set foot in such a place with the riffraff from out west.

    • Westover

      Green Turtle is local and small enough to not count them as a chain the way you would with Ted’s Montana Grill, TGI Fridays or Cheesecake Factory

      • CrystalMikey

        They are spreading though. They just opened one down in the Hampton, VA area.

  • Hikin’ the Pike

    ARLnow…you tempted me into the Anti-Remy video and now I want my 3 minutes back.

    • John Fontain

      The concept and lyrics were decent, the flow was terrible. It sounded like they were on sleeping pills.

  • CW

    Meet you at the turtle!

    • SaveDaveMcKenna

      Increases the chances of a Gary Williams sighting.

  • Arrrrrlington


    I enjoy Remy’s stuff. It seems like these guys want some “cred” by dissing the man on top. Their video is decently well done. I challenge them if they don’t like Remy’s stuff to make something better with their own originality.

    • SaveDaveMcKenna

      Is showing off your hairy back anti-hipster?

      • red

        sorry, no. the irony inherent in hipsterism is that the more one tries to disavow it, the more likely that one is, in fact, a hipster.

        • doodly

          Only a true hipster would deny his hipsterness.

  • Southeast Ben

    Ballston should rename itself Franchiseville and Cheesecake Factory should move down there. Ballston sucks for being that major bus hub and having a lousy mall. Too many loiterers.

  • TJ

    I’m surprised ArlNow gave that video that much attention. I saw it yesterday and thought it was a complete waste of time.

    • CW

      I link and a sentence constitute “that much attention”? Jeez, I guess this is the world of twitter that we live in, where 140 characters is considered long.

      • TJ

        By “that much”, I meant “any”.

        • PhilL

          Hi Remy!

  • cj

    As far as I know, the Crimson project hasn’t yet been approved by the County Board. It’s been on-again off-again for several years. What makes it suddenly so definite now?

    • Lou

      Partnership with the original developer and one of the big hitters in the region. The major developer brought in the money, obviously, and now has a 90% stake in the joint venture.

      • General Zod

        Yup… WRIT is the $ I believe.

    • John Fontain

      A campaign contribution to one of the Board members would do the trick.

  • 22205

    Another douchey bar for loud stupid 20-year-olds. Just what we need in the Ballston area. I pray to God that the Green Turd and Crack Bottom steal just enough customers from each other that they each go out of business at the same time.

    Remy is a genius. Thanks to him, I can’t hear that Delilah song without thinking “Oh, it’s how you cook the meat…” Love it!

    • CW

      Aside from the Wednesday evening happy hours, I think that Rock Bottom is a perfectly respectable place to eat and drink.

      • doodly

        I second that. Get off the Rock’s back.

      • JamesE

        I go there just for the pretzels.

      • 22205

        You apparently have never lived within a few blocks of it and been awakened at 3AM by hollering d-bags. It seems to be the big magnet for them, second only to the places in Adams-Morgan.

        • Westover

          Unless you moved in 55 years ago, you knew what you were getting into moving near Ballston Commons/Parkington Mall.

  • ClarendonBlvd

    Well if they deleted the lame references about the Remy’s name and the chorus, which made my dog howl, the rest wasn’t so bad.

  • John Fontain

    Ah Love Oil and Vinegar update – I was in Shirlington last weekend for dinner. I had to check out Ah Love Oil to see what it was all about. The store looked great from a design standpoint, but lacked a single customer. Seriously, it was so deserted there might as well have been tumbleweed blowing around. The rest of Shirlington was busy.

    • DOWNOntheFarm

      It’s the perfect spot to take your “soul mate”

    • G

      I bought a small bottle of traditional balsamic vinegar… $20. It’s pretty good, but I don’t think I’ll be back. I wasn’t a fan of the flavored varieties.

      • John Fontain

        I tried a sample of “bacon-infused” oil. The worker asked me what I thought. I told her I was having a hard time discerning the bacon flavor. She told me it didn’t have bacon in it at all, but had other spices that were supposed to taste like bacon. Not sure why they would say it was bacon infused.

        Anyway, at $18.95 or so per not-too-big bottle, I can’t see a lot of folks lining up to buy this olive oil. But what do I know.

        • Lou

          LOL. I could fry up some bacon and let it set in oil for a week if I wanted bacon infused oil. But that would be a waste of good bacon.

  • Take it down a notch

    The Green Turtle will be practically next door to my office, so maybe we’ll try it out for happy hour sometime. And given the complete lack of ground-floor tenants in the building on the corner of Glebe and Fairfax, not to mention the half-empty offices there, I’m happy to see pretty much any company move into that block.

    Does anyone have any details on the construction on Carlin Springs at N. Wakefield St? There used to be two houses and lots of tall, leafy trees. Now there’s a giant dirt pit, and they’re ripping the crap out of the road which was completely repaved just a few years ago. The developer’s sign says they are building ten single-family houses. Seems to me that going from two houses to ten requires a new road in order to access them.

    I am so sick of the construction around here, and all the giant holes in the road that go with it.

    • Don Ager

      “i am so sick of the construction”
      construction is the best sign of a strong local economy. Many locales around Va haven’t seen a crane in years and would beg for one.

      • Take it down a notch

        Yes construction in general is fine. But I would like it to end on the street where I work and the streets I use to get to work. It’s someone else’s turn to enjoy it now.

  • Barbin

    Watched the video. Would have been a better idea for the two to do their take on Arlington instead of on Remy. I don’t go for personal attacks.

  • Don Ager

    it ain’t a real Green Turtle if it doesn’t have a leprechaun drinking at the bar greating customers!

  • J-nonamous

    If u don’t like the Green Turtle, then don’t go. I will say I’ve had nothing but great experiences at any GT (except for the Verizon Center one, but every place down there has the same issues), and it’s going to be great to have a sports bar option better than ‘warm beer Carpool’, ‘smokey Baileys’, ‘3 tv Rock Bottom’ or ‘Club/thug wanna-be Front Page’…I’ll be at the turtle, you can have your coffee/wine fusion, or wait be treated like cattle at one of the other ‘fine’ establishments I mentioned…

    • Don Ager

      I didn’t say I didn’t like it. Just reminscining about the original GT in laurel, Md in the early 90s that had a leprechaun.

  • Brandon C

    The Remy diss rap is kind of awful. Isn’t one of them the guy who runs the open mic comedy night at LA Bar? Nice guy as we’ve chatted before but I think they could have come up with something far more creative.

    What I like about Remy is that he doesn’t take himself too seriously and is not above using some slapstick and cultural humor.

  • Alexander McDougall

    The transition of Arlington into Lawn Giland continues.

    Building a 150-unit concrete bldg on Carlin Springs & Glebe just means even more traffic on roads that can not be expanded to handle the additional capacity. Carlin Springs is already a speedway. Impossible to cross the road at any point from Glebe to RT 50 during any weekday morning due to the manic single-occupancy vehicles booming by.

    ASC is moving across the street to where Teeter is. Teeter is shoving down to where the ASC used car division is currently located. And developers are going to build 15-story towers where Tutto Bene & ASC currently sit.

    The County has its head firmly up the developer’s asses.

    As a result, YOU get placelessness & no character. Arlington is a lost location.


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