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by ARLnow.com October 18, 2011 at 8:31 am 3,175 42 Comments

Merrick Mailer Goes Negative — Republican state Senate candidate Caren Merrick is railing against mudslinging by her Democratic opponent, Barbara Favola, by sending out a mailer that does some major mudslinging of her own. “Barbara Favola: Too extreme to represent us,” the mailer says, before listing a litany of negatives about Favola’s record on the Arlington County Board. “Apparently, she will do anything to get elected in her quest for power,” the mailer also says, before declaring: “On November 8th, vote to reject [Favola’s] mud slinging politics.” [Blue Virginia]

Man Struck By Train DiesUpdated at 11:50 a.m. — The 39-year-old McLean man who was struck by an Orange Line train in an apparent suicide attempt at the Clarendon Metro station last week has died. Earlier, Metro said the man had been in critical condition the Intensive Care Unit of a local hospital with head injuries and broken bones. It took rescuers about an hour to free the man from underneath the train on Tuesday, Oct. 11. The disruption on the Orange Line caused major delays for thousands of evening rush hour commuters. [Washington Examiner]

Boeing HQ Fight Comes Before the Board — Will the County Board approve a plan to build a sprawling new six-story headquarters for Boeing just north of Crystal City. Or will it take the unanimous opinion of the county’s Planning Commission and reject the project because of a lack of community “benefits?” The board will take up the matter at its meeting this evening. [Sun Gazette]

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  • Paco

    Got the Merrick mailer yesterday. I love how it says Favola is mud-slinging but never describes what she’s mud-slinging about.

    Could it be that Merrick feels mud-slinging is having her opponent make an issue out of Merrick’s anti-abortion position?

    That’s not mud-slinging. That’s alerting the voters to a position someone is trying to hide.

    • Referee

      Barbara used an unflattering picture of Merrick in her mailers.

    • AllenB

      Exactly right, Paco.

  • Bluemontsince1961

    “Merrick Mailer Goes Negative”. “Favola Mailer Focuses on Abortion”.

    All politicians and political parties throw mud at each other, go “negative”, and “do anything to get elected”. I can’t recall any election at any level that didn’t end up that way. Nothing new and it always gets worse the last 2-3 weeks before an election, whether the election is local, state, or federal. I always vote, but I’m always very glad when the election is over and the mailings and endless phone calls stop.

    • All the mailers I get go unread right into the recycle bin.

      • drax

        Wouldn’t want to participate in the democratic process or know anything about what the candidates have to say.

        • Lou

          Right, because mailers are the only means of learning a candidate’s positions.

        • V Dizzle

          Reading flyers is part of the democratic process? If that’s how you learn about candidates, does’t that tell us your level of engagement is pretty low? I’d say that’s the equivalent of watching car commercials to research buying a new car. Both are dumb. I dump the flyers as well. I’ll research the candidates and vote for the “right” one.

        • Right. Flyers give me the news.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Ditto. I’ll research on the Internet, read the papers online, and make up my own mind.

        • Bluemontsince1961

          My response was to Overgrown Bush.

    • MC 703

      The election cycle seems to get longer and more annoying every year.

      I think I’ll stick with the Sports / History / Science / Military / Discovery channels for the next 13 months and avoid the news outlets all together.

      • Josh S

        I suspect you would be better off doing so….

      • Bluemontsince1961

        “The election cycle seems to get longer and more annoying every year. ”

        It certainly seems to be that way, each election cycle seems to get longer and longer, with more mailings, annoying robo-recorded calls, more pests knocking at my door. It gets to be an overload after a while. Just like seeing Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, etc. in stores before Halloween.

        • Saw some Christmas decorations this week. Just shook my head. I can remember when they showed up after Thanksgiving.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Isn’t that the truth! I also remember when Christmas decorations and Christmas music piped in all the stores didn’t happen until the day after Thanksgiving. That was a traditional day for people to take the day off from work and take their families to see the decorations and take the kids to see Santa.

      • Grandstander

        The election is only 3 weeks away…

  • RJ

    If I had to guess, I’d say Arlnow.com is upset that one of their stories is referenced by Merrick to support her claims against Favola.

    • Josh S

      Or just trying to balance out coverage yesterday of a recent negative Favola mailer.

    • Lou

      Could be. Also interesting that the Favola story yesterday was authored by this news site (and quite balanced in its presentation), whereas the Merrick story today links to the extremist liberal Blue Virginia blog.

      • There’s nothing whatsoever “extremist” about Blue Virginia, unless you consider all Democrats, environmentalists and progressives (e.g.,pro-choice, pro-LGBT equality) as “extreme.”

        • Lou

          Sure you are. Labeling a candidate as hysterical is just evidence of extremism.

          • Riiiiiiiight.

          • Lou

            You probably meant hilarious. But when you’re throwing around labels like extremism where they don’t apply, why stop with just one butchering of the English language? See how it works both ways?

  • Jennifer

    Josh, that was my first thought. The election is only a few weeks away, but I’m sure there are more mailers (or hand fans, as I like to call them) to come.

  • Quoth the Raven

    I think we need more median strip signs — those things are incredibly helpful. For example, when I see 23 of them in a row, supporting the same candidate, I know that the candidate is very, very serious about the issues and would definitely be a great politician. Thus, they get my vote.

  • Rick

    Who wants action on the county scaring away Boeing? If this doesn’t go through I hope the developer salts the earth the county wants

  • Arlwhenver

    No need for Arlington to diversify its economy — the Federal Government will grow forever. Boeing must be stopped.

    • Josh S

      I believe this was an attempt at sarcasm.

      It’s the regional headquarters for Boeing. In DC. What do you think they’ll be doing here? Uh, perhaps lobbying the government for more contracts? Boeing headquarters will not “diversify” the Arlington economy in any way.

      Besides, I don’t think the Planning Commission is objecting to the presence of Boeing, I think they’re probably just objecting to the size, location, a secured parking garage, the need for more traffic compensation, etc.

      • Arlwhenver

        There was a time when major coporations like MCI and US Airways were headquartered in Arlington. They’ve not been replace with similar entities. Boeing can lobby from Fairfax County or Alexandria.

        Good luck watching the tax base shrivel starting n 2013 going forward. Enjoy the spiralling taxes and reduced services as the County struggles to pay for its skyrocketing debt service (a lot more than the GO bonds that the County says it manages carefully) and plays catch up with funding for post retirement liabilities. Arlington is setting itself up for a big fall.

        • GreaterClarendon

          +100 Story is getting old. Liberals without any challenges from conservatives run up the bills on feel good projects, handouts, and union payments and end up driving out the busines owners / producers and then claim the wealthy need to pay more of their fair share. Luckily, arlington has the Fed Gov’t waste which helps support our area, but pretty soon, the music will stop when no one is left to pay the bills. If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

          • PghBigDog

            Yes. I’ve noticed the dearth of business owners / producers in/around Arlington. It’s those pesky democrats who’ve driven them out!

  • brendan

    this is kind of hilarious… Most counties would be bending over backwards to attract Boeing. Though I guess playing hard to get is working fairly well for the county.

    • Michael H.

      Actually, Boeing is already in the county. The company merely wants to consolidate its existing presence into one location. They have offices in Rosslyn and Crystal City. They would move those workers into the new Crystal City north location (if the project is approved).

  • Michael H.

    I’m not sure I understand the need for residential units at the proposed Monument View project (Boeing). There are two relatively new apartment buildings on that street (10th St. N.). Ground-floor retail would be nice but that location isn’t the ideal spot for retail. There are many buildings that are more convenient to residents, workers and visitors to Crystal City and Pentagon City. And of course, there is already a lot of retail in those neighborhoods.

    Swapping that plot for the future site of the 2nd phase of Long Bridge Park would provide significant benefits for the general public. Construction on the Boeing project would also eliminate the existing eyesores of the old Clark Street Playhouse and the empty warehouses on S. Ball St.

    I don’t see why the commissions are objecting to the development.

    • MC

      I’m all in favor of Boeing building here, but reading the Sun article, I sense they and their developer partner want to special favors, but aren’t willing to offer anything in return. They need the County-owned land, they want to change how the land is zoned (and make Crystal City less residential, something it is trying to reverse.) They are asking for a prime spot literally in the shadow of the Pentagon – can’t they offer some community benefits such as contributing to park funding, which will benefit their employees?

  • Charlie

    Does the planning commission actually review the community benefit package that the county manager puts together. Didnt think so.
    This action by the planning board is arrogant and contemptible and shows how bloody stupid they are when it comes to what is good for a jurisdiction — jobs.

  • JimPB

    Who is/are the photographer(s) for the great “Morning Notes” photos?

    Be nice if the location of each photo was identified.

    Keep ’em coming.

    • Charlie

      Too bad today’s pic was taken in DC and barely shows Arlington. Are we mergingwith DCNOW?

    • OX4

      “Flickr pool photo by Webaroo”

  • Barbin

    As a result of the Merrick mailing, I just sent a contribution to Barbara Favola.

  • JB

    Arlington needs a business person to eliminate all the
    affirmative action programs the Dems have forced down everyone”s throat. Time for a change and that includes getting rid of Obama……It used to be the Arlington Way now it’s their way or the highway….


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