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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com March 16, 2012 at 8:35 am 3,131 25 Comments

St. Paddy’s Day Is Almost Here — Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, so expect some crowded bars and some intoxicated individuals along the R-B corridor. See our 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Guide for a list of some of the local watering holes that are holding special St. Paddy’s Day events.

Groundbreaking on New Courthouse Apartments — Construction is now underway on Grayson Flats, a 67-unit luxury apartment building located at 1200 N. Rolfe Street. The developer, Tysons-based Insight Property Group, say the building will be convenient to the Courthouse Metro station. Construction is expected to wrap up this fall. [Washington Business Journal]

Arlington Dems Get New Website — The Arlington County Democratic Committee launched a redesigned website earlier this week. In a blog post, the organization acknowledged that their old website was “lame.” [Arlington Democrats]

T.A. Sullivan Starts Removing Gravestones — Gravestones are apparently starting to be moved off the old T.A. Sullivan & Son property in Clarendon. The cemetery monument business, and every other business on the block, has closed or is closing to make way for a new office complex. [Clarendon Culture]

  • Swag

    Yay, more luxury apartments.

  • BreakPause02

    Reminds me of craigslist ads which say they are blocks from the Metro and turn out to be 1/2 mile or more.

    That apartment building will be across 50 (at least according to google maps.) I would not call that convenient 🙂

    • R. Griffon

      Either that developer knows nothing about the Arlington market, or they’re blatantly putting a semi-dishonest marketing spin on the project. Or both.

      I’m gonna go with “Both.”

  • KalashniKEV

    I hope they’re not affordable…

    • Vinh An Nguyen

      Affordable “luxury”.

      • OldTimer

        Luxuriously affordable.

  • DarkHeart

    God forbid we leave a little character in Clarendon. Happy Trails Tombstone Place.

    • Meh…I don’t think this place really has any character at all, it’s right next to a shuttered used car outlet and regional bank branch. If you’re into the Tim Burton, gothic movement that you’re perhaps alluding to with a username such as yours and comment referencing a headstone salesman and lamenting about it’s closing…might I suggest taking a trip across the pond to Highgate Cemetery. Off tangent and clearly not in Arlington but that place has got character.

    • Arlingtonian

      The office complex will have more character than the buildings that it will replace. It will preserve two historic art deco facades and will create several others.

      An art deco facade will replace the tombstone place at the corner of Highland St. and Washington Blvd. As a result, each of the four buildings at that intersection will have have curving corners and other art deco features on their first one or two levels.

      The model is the 1945 Dan Kain building (now Lyon Hall) on the southwest corner of the intersection, which has an Arlington County historic district marker near its door. All three high-rises built on the remaining corners of the intersection will have lower levels that more or less resemble that of the Dan Kain building.

      Visit the intersection. See the three buildings with curved corners on their first one or two levels. The curved corner of the new office complex will complete the picture.

      You won’t see anything like it in Arlington outside of Clarendon. That’s character.

  • Elmer

    The Dem’s new world class web site that: “…reflects we are and how we work..”.
    Sorry, Its missing the photo that shows the hand reaching for the taxpayers wallet.
    County tax increase coiming-guaranteed..

  • JamesE

    That’s a purty photo

    • agree.

      Where is this street? LOVE the trees. Anyone know???

      • nunya

        it is pretty.

        caption is: Ballston in Bloom (photo by Katie Pyzyk)

        • Rick

          I believe its 10th Street

      • JamesE

        I believe it is 11th between Stuart and Taylor, facing East.

        • Rick

          That makes a lot more sense! 11th @ Stafford, facing east after google review.

  • CW

    Hmm, convenient if one had a jetpack. But if you had a jetpack, you wouldn’t need the metro.

  • thanks everyone – I’ll drive by and check them out. Just lovely!

  • Unbeeweebable

    Thanks for the pretty pic! I’ve been fighting a scratcy throat for at least a week, but the beauty is worth it!

    • Arlingtonian

      You can’t get a scratchy throat from pretty flowers. They are showy so that they can attract pollinating insects. Their pollen is too heavy and too sticky to waft in the air and cause allergies.

      Pollen from oaks and other wind-pollinated trees with unattractive flowers are causing your stratchy throat. Don’t blame your scratchy throat on the cherry trees, magnolias or Bradford pears that bloom at the same time.

  • Tree Queen

    Although the Bradford pear is a hardy tree consistently producing showy flowers in the spring and some fall color, the tree is not without its fair share of problems. The trees have a relatively short life span due to structural integrity issues, they are susceptible to a few disease issues and they can be overbearing on landscapes with limited space and block virtually all sun when full grown. They also produce large amounts of surface roots so they shouldn’t be planted where lawn/soil surface needs to be smooth such as high traffic areas or near concrete patios that may be broken by the tree roots.

  • Ryan

    What kind of trees are those? It has been killing me trying to remember lately but I have seen then a lot.

    • Hoffa

      Why don’t you read the comment above yours.

  • T.G.E.0.A….

    Don’t forget to wear Orange and order Bass Ale


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