Construction on Walter Reed ‘Super Stop’ to Wrap Up Next Month

by ARLnow.com January 8, 2013 at 10:00 am 1,570 57 Comments

Walter Reed Super Stop on Columbia Pike Walter Reed Super Stop on Columbia Pike

Delayed by “unexpected issues,” the first of the Columbia Pike “Super Stops” is finally expected to wrap up construction next month.

The new deluxe bus stop in front of the Rite Aid at the corner of Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive will offer shelter to 10-15 passengers with seating and lighting, real time electronic schedule information and other enhancements. It’s one of 24 planned Super Stops on the Pike.

The Walter Reed stop was approved in Sept. 2011 and has been beset by construction delays.

“The Walter Reed Super Stop is the prototype for this project and the first bus stop of its kind in the region,” said project representative Corey Cranmer. “Given that, there have been a number of unexpected issues regarding construction and new materials that we have had to work through with WMATA during the project.”

Cranmer said the stop is “slated for completion in late February.” This spring, crews are expected to start work on the “Barton West” stop near Penrose Square. Construction on a pair of stops at Columbus and Dinwiddie Street will start at some point after July 1, following the completion of road work in the area.

  • Douglas Parker

    Ha! I’ll believe that when I see it.

    • Josh S

      +1 My sentiments exactly. This has been such a fiasco that I really am not looking forward to construction beginning on the “Barton West” stop.

      • MissKittenCat

        How is this going to protect me from the elements while I wait for the bus? “Barton West”? isn’t that only a block away but in the other direction? Seems like they are only choosing to install there on the gentrified blocks of Columbia Pike? I can imagine the problems that will occur once the streetcar construction starts.

        • FrenchyB

          “Construction on a pair of stops at Columbus and Dinwiddie Street will start at some point after July 1, following the completion of road work in the area.”

          Not sure that anyone has ever labeled that area as ‘gentrified’.

          • South Awwlington

            We can’t wait for it to be gentrified.

          • John K

            Yes, we can.

        • Bob

          “isn’t that only a block away but in the other direction?”

          Are you suggesting that people traveling WB use the stop across the street and then dash through traffic once they spot their bus approaching?

        • southie

          Don’t worry, all aspects of gentrification will be gone as they become expensive homeless shelters and toilets.

  • Douglas Parker

    What a folly.

  • Stew Magnuson

    I pass by this on the way to and from work everyday. Will it actually be capable of keeping rain off those waiting for the bus during a heavy storm?

    • Parkington


  • SoArl

    THIS is an example of your tax dollars at work.

    • Josh S

      Or not at work.

      Actually, to be fair, every bus that goes by that stop is also an example of your tax dollars at work. As is the road itself. And the streetlights. And the sidewalks you walk on. Etc. etc etc. So I’m really not sure what point SoArl is trying to make.

      • SoArl

        My point is TIC that its taken incredibly long to construct a bus stop that provides features that are unnecessary. And if we want to get into the buses, roads, streetlights, and so forth, then, Columbia Pike needs EVEN MORE tax dollars at work.

        • BRTCreepAtWork

          “we don’t need stupid street cars, you can get the same ridership by providing equivalent service and facilities to buses, at less cost”

          “Okay, lets start with bus stops that are more like rail stations”

          “Of god no, thats a stupid waste of money, lets cut that. ”

          “oh, now we have plain old bus service. Oddly, it doesnt draw many riders who have a choice”

          “SEE – you stupid hipsters are all hypocrites – you want density but still take your cars to work. Lets preserve the suburban character of the area, and our god given right to drive”

        • SoArl

          hey… SoArl is taken…

  • novasteve

    Maybe the incompetence here will be an argument for the streetcar? We clearly can’t handle making busstops, so we must try something even more complex, like a streetcar

  • G Clifford Prout

    I was beginning to like the orange barrels.

  • Becoming Indifferent

    Are these being constructed in anticipation of the trolly?

    Construction delays? It’s a bus stop, not a skyscraper!

  • WeiQiang

    24 Super Stops? It’s roughly 4 miles from the Pent to the FFX Co line. That’s a crazy amount. Wouldn’t the objective be to limit the number of Super Stops to consolidate passengers at the Super Stops, thereby reducing wait times at other stops? Maybe it’s just supposed to increase ridership overall … who knows, but that many Super Stops seems to be overkill.

    • CrystalMikey

      It’s quite shocking how many stops are on a line. Especially noticeable when you get stuck behind a bus.

      • DB

        They have bus stops on each block, sometimes about 20 feet apart. It’s ridiculous.

        • jackson

          So you wouldn’t have an issue if you had to park your car three blocks from your residence?

        • Parkington

          It’s mostly every other block, let me know where there are two withing 20 feet of each other, pretty sure I’ve never seen that.

    • suzy

      so, let’s see, 24 super stops at one and half years each, that’s 36 years to get them all built!

      • YTK

        Suzy – I applaud your optimism.

  • JohnB

    Hopefully they’ve figured out the issues and the next stops take no more than 3 months from start to finish.

    • YTK

      3 consecutive months — in the SAME year

  • drax

    Construction delays never happen in the private sector.

  • YTK

    What an ungly P.O.G. The ORIGINAL bus shelter that had been there was FINE. This is an example of wretched excess — that took FOURTEEN months to build!!!

  • Columbia Pike Lover

    Now, if someone could *please* knock down the Ski Chalet, we would be making progress.

    • Josh S

      I feel like we’ve had this conversation before, but –
      Actually, knock down the entire block. Maybe it could be reconstructed with street parking and a wider sidewalk.

      • Lover

        Some of those buildings in that block are “historic” so they can’t knock down the entire block. But, ski chalet has got to go. Not historic. Streetcar will widen sidewalks. 😉

        • South Awwlington

          Trying to picture the block at work….Dominos (not historic :)), Arlington Animal Hospital (Yes, this is historic and I love the building) Ski Chalet (unsure of this)…but I cant see any demo coming to this block unless we would relocate the AAH back a few feet.

          I dunno. I do know that the CVS Shopping Center across the street is on a limited life span and I would bet Rite Aide will be offered up to the highest bidder with perhaps groundfloor lifetime lease back to Rite Aide.

          • South Awwlington

            PS – I have a n affinity for Rite Aide as a Pennsylvanian by birth.

          • drax

            The historic nature of a building isn’t about what business is currently in the building.

          • Like I said, Domino’s (not historic).

          • South Awwlington
      • YTK

        Maybe try something totally novel and wierd– make it into a PARK!! with…huh….!! TREES! and benches and….no no I must be dreaming…….

        • Josh S

          Also a good idea.

    • MissKittenCat

      The Old Ski Chalet should become a Ice Bar and Lounge. I don’t mind having the block redone where the Manee Thai, LA Bar and Pizza Movers are. They need a proper building.

      • Lover

        The building that houses those retailers is historic as well. :-/

      • Wiz

        The decor would make it a great “Biergarten haus” type place, if it could accommodate having a kitchen installed.

        • CrystalMikey

          I like the way you think.

          • SARL

            YEEEEEES have thought the same thing about the old Chalet!

        • YTK

          Biergarten, Oompah-pah band, Dance floor, REAL German and Belgian brews (if you want something else, there’s always Giant Food down the block), and real German food that sticks to your ribs.

    • Sebastian Melmoth

      frankly i think the old Ski Chalet building would make a great independent coffee shop hangout. the building has alot of character, and it’d be nice to have a hangout like that in the neighborhood.

      • YTK

        Alot better than Rappahannock, which has gone downhill fast. Other than Paul and the Proprietors, the rest of the wait staff there seem to be there to enjoy languid lunches behind the counter.

  • Dirk Digler

    Nice new homeless shelter….

  • Mercedes

    “Construction delays” must mean “people not showing up to work.” I have never, ever seen a live body out there.

    • Sebastian Melmoth

      perhaps they were all deported.

    • MissKittenCat

      thats exactly what I was thinking. maybe the guy who flips the sign on the corner has been working on the bus stop all by himself. that would explain why its taking so long.

      • YTK

        Perhaps they ran over budget and can no longer afford Legos.

  • Stan Rumph

    My grandparents operated a restaurant at this location during the 1930’s. It’s interesting as to how much things have changed through the years, not always positively.

    • YTK

      Norton’s? Things were much more positive in Arlington back then – up to the early 80’s- then they started tearing down whole forests, polluting and ruining the landscape.

  • SArl2

    I wonder how that roof is going to hold up if we get ice/snow or another derecho. Ugly design too.

  • Scott Stanley

    Any update on this? It’s the end of February and it’s still closed off with the porta-potty sitting in the middle. I’ve seen some work being done, but not much.


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