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Board Expected to Approve Bus Stop Improvements

by ARLnow.com September 12, 2011 at 2:00 pm 4,205 17 Comments

While Columbia Pike will be getting its first of two dozen planned “Super Stop” bus shelters later this year, more modest improvements are in the works for 31 other bus shelters around the county (see map, left).

This weekend the Arlington County Board is expected to approve a nearly $400,000 contract to upgrade bus stops in various “County designated high-priority zones.”

“Improvements include improved crossings, curb ramps, the addition or replacement of bus shelters, benches and trash receptacles, the addition or upgrade of existing sidewalks, and landscaping,” according to the board report. “As the construction progresses, periodic traffic restrictions may be required upon roadways in the vicinity of the active construction zone.”

The project is being fully paid for with state and federal funds. A second, more limited phase of the project is expected to follow the current contract.

  • Mike Oksmal

    Any clue where the specifics for each project can be found? One of those blue blobs seems to be close to a stop I use, but the report in the link gives no specific details about each stop.

    • Jezebel

      They will make the improvements and you will now wait at the blue blob.

  • Guiness

    How about a better map?

    • Eyeoooota

      Justin Trawick could make a better map

    • It is nearly worthless.

  • steve85

    I think most of the important stops where a lot of people wait for the bus would probably get the first upgrades

    • Richard Cranium

      Agreed. The stops where people where people don’t wait for the bus aren’t that important.

  • Michelle

    What type of funds? Which part of the budget?

  • CW

    Tough crowd today.

  • charlie

    will this bus stops serve the future trolley? or will they be torn down?
    i thought no one rode the bus on Columbia Pike and that is why we have to put in the trolley.
    oh so many good questions.

    • NPGMBR

      It was stated in an early posting that you may have missed; these new stops will indeed serve as shelter for future Streetcar stops.

      Plenty of people ride the busses that travel Columbia Pike. Like myself many of use use this route as out way into work in the District. I occastionally use it after work but if traveling off the Pike I used my own vehicle.

  • JimH

    No one rides the bus on CP? A few thousand ride every day. That’s the reason for the proposed trolleys.

  • Matt

    So wait, we can make significant improvements to 30 something bus-stops with just $400,000, but it will cost more than double that amount to install ONE single bus-stop with “new lights,” a “lighted sign” (you can buy these for ~$30 at a sign-maker’s shop, btw), two glass panels (why glass is being used is beyond me, given how often the plastic gets destroyed), and a bench with a radiator under it’s seat?

    Somebody really needs to call the f***king FBI corruption unit about this one.

    • For that kind of money I’d expect air conditioning, sofa, and satellite dish. Oh, wait, that would be A CONDO!

      • Matt

        And all of that can be yours for less than the cost of one 4×18 half-box shelter.

  • John

    The current green bus shelters along the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor look hideous. I wish we could get rid of those first.

  • There just needs to fewer stops on Lee Hwy and people need to stop being so lazy and walk an extra half block to their apartment.


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