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Each time we publish a story that’s marked “JUST IN,” “EXCLUSIVE,” “TRAFFIC ALERT,” “DEVELOPING” or “BREAKING,” you’ll get the headline and link texted to you within seconds.

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We generally don’t publish on weekends or holidays, but that doesn’t mean we’re not working.

ARLnow’s small but mighty team works hard to bring you the local news even when we’re not supposed to be working. Attending nighttime meetings, tracking down stories on a weekend, sending emails from bed past midnight — it’s how the proverbial sausage gets made around here.

Our team may be mighty, but we’d like it to be bigger so we can break even more Arlington news while providing more breadth and depth of coverage. That’s why we launched the ARLnow Press Club.

Help us cover more local news in Arlington, and we’ll let you know what we’re covering in advance. Join the Press Club and get access to the Early Morning Notes, which chronicles what we’re covering that day, first thing in the morning.

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The new ARLnow Press Club has a number of features we always wanted to bring readers — and now can with your support.

One that we haven’t advertised as widely is local editorial cartoons.

The topical, single-panel toons are the work of Mike Mount, an Arlington resident and news junkie who has taken his love of New Yorker and Far Side-style cartoons, blended it with ARLnow’s local reporting, and created something that’s uniquely Arlington.


Cartoon by Mike Mount

We asked Mike to tell us a bit more about himself and his interest in Arlington goings-on as a humorous subject.

“I’m a former network journalist and news junkie that follows it from the local to international level religiously,” Mount said. “I’ve lived in Arlington for more than 20 years and have always found the Arlington news ranges from big city-type issues to hilariously funny small town ‘hijinks.'”

“My favorite cartoons have always been the Far Side, New Yorker cartoons and political cartoons, and one day I decided to give it a shot for my own entertainment,” he continued. “I eventually got up the nerve and started sending some to the New Yorker, and that resulted in a great collection I called, ‘Rejected by the New Yorker.’ I eventually realized ARLnow stories offered some good material to work with and started making Arlington-focused cartoons to push out on social media for fun.”

“My cartoons don’t always hit a home run, and one of these days, I’m sure I’ll have a great collection of, ‘Rejected by ARLnow,'” he said. “In the meantime, I hope people have fun with them.”

Mount’s cartoons appear weekly in the ARLnow Press Club’s Weekend Edition newsletter, which also features an episodic deep deep into important local stories and topics, as well as a “this week in ARLnow history” look back at stories from 5-10 years ago.

If you’re not yet a member, join today to save time, get informed and support local news. Thank you!


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