It seems like there’s a crash at a particular stretch of the northbound GW Parkway near Key Bridge where crashes are always happening, particularly during bad weather. That’s the subject of this month’s local Mike Mount cartoon.

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But more importantly… drive safely out there!

Cartoon by Mike Mount

Arlington is, in some ways at least, a place of contradictions. That’s the subject of this month’s local editorial cartoon.

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Note that the cartoons will be taking a brief hiatus over the holidays. As with all opinion content published on ARLnow, the views expressed are are solely the author’s.

“All I did was think about where I was going to park, and they just showed up!” (Cartoon by Mike Mount)

Each week we’ve been bringing ARLnow Press Club members a new editorial cartoon by Arlington resident Mike Mount.

Starting this week we’re going to start publishing the toons here on a regular basis, after hearing from members that they prefer that Press Club content be seen by the entire ARLnow community.

Members will still get an early look at the cartoons, much like they get the Morning Notes four hours early each day, as well as a a preview of the stories we’re planning to cover later in the day.

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