Sangam Restaurant Moving from Ballston to the Pike

by ARLnow.com August 29, 2011 at 11:25 am 6,302 22 Comments

Perennial Taste of Arlington favorite Sangam Restaurant is moving from Ballston to Columbia Pike.

According to an employee, the restaurant will close its current location — on the ground floor of the Comfort Inn hotel on Glebe Road in Ballston — after Wednesday. Then, on Thursday, Sept. 1, Sangam will hold its grand opening at 3205 Columbia Pike, in the space formerly occupied by the Kabobs Inn restaurant.

“Sangam Restaurant is crossing one more milestone,” owner Edward Dean said in an email. “The grand opening is on September 1st 2011… we would like you to be here and enjoy our quality food and good service.”

Sangam’s Pike location will feature dine-in service, free delivery, carry-out, catering and a kid’s menu. No changes are planned for the restaurant’s George Mason University kiosk, according to the email.

The Columbia Pike location is open for business all this week, the employee said.

  • G Clifford Prout

    Can’t wait to take the trolley there!

  • John B

    This place definitely suffered from a poor location. I bet most of their clients were from the Avalon complex across the street and the office complex next door, otherwise it’s pretty hard to notice.

    I’ll miss having Indian food in Ballston (anyone know of another one?) and wish they had instead relocated to the (apparently cursed) spot vacated by Flattop Grill /Aladdin’s in Ballston.

    I wish the owners the best of luck in their new location!

    • JamesE

      A Greek place called Zoe’s is opening where Aladdin’s was.

    • Torie

      As one of those Avalon residents, I am heartbroken that this place is moving! First we lose Mei’s (the new hotpot place is great, but not the same), now this …

    • Mickey

      The best Indian Food on the East Coast is The Delhi Club. Check Yelp

  • Veeta

    I tried the limited pre-opening take-out menu and was impressed. They have really cleaned the place up, and I think it will be quite nice inside. I’m excited to have good Indian food in the Pike!

  • Brandon C

    I think it would behoove you to quantify which GMU campus Sangam currently holds a kiosk. I’m pretty sure it’s not the Arlington campus.

  • Chris Slatt

    As a former Avalon resident (across the street from their old location), I am really excited to have these guys in walking distance again. The owner is just a genuinely awesome human being and the food is really good.

    • PBJ

      Well, I’m still feeling pretty peeved at his Groupon fiasco of a few months ago. The waitstaff steered us toward the buffet and only then told us the Groupon (for that day only) wasn’t good for the buffet! Not cool.

  • JamesE

    Terrible location, it was really segregated from the rest of Ballston.

  • GreaterClarendon

    Really great food, I hope they will still deliver to their old neighborhoods. They were signed up with UPromise – and usually out of every order, i’d get about $5 -$7 deposited to that account.

    • modestproposal

      I hope they’ll still deliver to Ballston. Best delivery option in the area. I’m going to be a very sad panda if they don’t 🙁

  • Zach

    I’ve liked the food at Sangam every time I’ve had it, but it was always kind of a miserable dining/take-out experience. They always screw up my girlfriend’s orders so she put a moratorium on going there. I’ve had better luck, but still.

    It’s funny though, since every time I’ve been there, the owner (or manager or whoever, but it’s always the same guy) has talked my ear off about how much his location sucks. Glad to see he is doing something about it.

  • CrystalMikey

    Good to see more things coming to the Pike!

  • charlie

    a great loss. one of the few places always open.
    a little lipstick and it would do better. so hoping they found the lipstick on COlumbia PIke. unfortunately I’ll probably never go there again.

  • RP

    Unless they got a new cook recently, you guys are out of your mind. What this place calls Indian food is a disgrace to Indian food. Regardless, since I support all Pike businesses I will give them a shot. Another bad experience, and my next review is on Yelp!

  • Pablo Hector Ortiz-Diego

    The Pike is caliente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    I would love to see something like this come to the 5000 block of Columbia Pike. Maybe once the new community center opens we will get lucky down on this end of the Pike.

  • John Andre

    Hey…how about relocating the Clarendon Ballroom on the Pike…perhaps at the now-defunct Casa Blanca location???…or at least, let’s get the old Murry’s grocery store back at the Casa Blanca???

  • John Andre

    Addendum to “Clarendon Ballroom” request posted earlier…let’s confine it to the swing dance and 40-plus singles dance crowds…there’s really no need for the rather rowdy twenty-somethings hip-hop crowds which seem to be causing late-night policing issues on weekends at the Ballroom nowadays. As I understand it the Casa Blanca had an alcoholic beverage permit which sometimes resulted in late-night police calls on our section of the Pike before it closed its doors.

  • CW

    Is it wrong that I would not have expected the owner to be named “Edward Dean”?

  • Lisa M

    Move is not a huge surprise for me. I was unfortuate enough to be in the restaurant for lunch when a huge shouting match broke out between the landlord & the manager. Scared the daylights out of me & my guest. Haven”t been back since. Did like that buffet, though.


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