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Buffalo Wild Wings Coming to Ballston

by ARLnow.com March 2, 2012 at 11:49 am 11,336 90 Comments

A new Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant is coming to Ballston, according to building permits filed with Arlington County.

The restaurant will be located in the office building at 950 N. Glebe Road, at the corner of Glebe Road and Fairfax Drive. That’s just one block away from the recently-opened Greene Turtle, another large format sports-and-beer eatery.

Ballston beer lovers will not have any shortage of options in the near future. In addition to the Turtle and the forthcoming BW3, a World of Beer location is set to open across the street at some point this year, and that’s not to mention Rustico, which is a couple of blocks away on Wilson Boulevard.

There’s a large vacant retail space on the ground floor of 950 N. Glebe Road, though so far no permits have been posted in the windows. No word yet on when Buffalo Wild Wings hopes to open — presuming plans are still on track — but it took the company less than six months to build out their Crystal City location (2450 Crystal Drive) following the announcement that they had signed a lease.


  • Ballston Irish

    Bring on the wings!

  • NrNy2ArlVa

    Bring on the sobriety checkpoints.

  • bobco85

    Aw, man, their Crystal City location was just far away enough for me to resist the temptation! Now that they’re going to have a location in Ballston, looks like it’s time to bring on the boneless wings w/ Caribbean Jerk sauce (my wallet will hurt, but my tastebuds rejoice)!

    • nunya

      your wallet wont be the only thing hurting the day after….

  • AltaW

    The Turtle vs. The Buffalo, no way they both survive… who is going to win in the battle for bland cookie cutter sports bar grub?

    I don’t think Rustico deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence with the Applebee’s of sports bars. Bailey’s, Rock Bottom, and Union Jack’s perhaps but not Rustico….

    Let me guess a Friday’s will be opening soon in the Peck’s space? A something a little more profound would be nice.

    • D’oh

      Agreed. This is pretty disappointing.

      • JamesE

        Nothing less than a Michelin 4 star restaurant will please me.

        • OldTimer

          Cheesecake Factory. Where else do you see gaggles of waddling patrons carrying doggie bags and belching while they attempt to cross a road during one light cycle! The Clarendon location is absolutely overrun! But the people watching is amazing.

    • Rustico Fan

      I agree. Rustico is in a different and better league than those others. Incredible beer selection, knowledgeable bartenders, and high quality food, as opposed to run of the mill pub grub.

      • darx

        But…it’s a CHAIN!!!!!

        • Southeast Jerome

          with very salty pizza

          • Clarendon Skank

            You know why that is…

      • Steve Dave

        More like overpriced overrated snobbish yuppie food.

    • Josh S

      I’m seeing a Hooters in that location…..

  • MC 703

    Only good if they bring the AYCE Tuesday feature that my co workers and I enjoy in Ashburn once a month.

    • Josh S

      Wait, do we have to endure another marketing acronym? Or did you make that up yourself?

      Either way, it’s L.A.M.E.

  • Friday!

    Haven’t been to to a BW3 forever…better than Green Turtle, Front Page, Rock Bottom, or Union Jacks?

    I’m all for burgers and beers, but hopefully we’ve hit the saturation point for this type of joint, and subsequent Ballston restaurants will skew a bit more local (ideally a tad more upscale such as Willow/Rustico/Grand Cru or granola/organic like Sweet Green).

    Fingers crossed for 800 N. Glebe and eventual Founders Square tenants (I’ve preemptively given up hope for Chevys replacement)!

    • Ren

      There’s also the building coming on Fairfax and Quincy, which will have 1st floor ‘commercial’.

      • bred

        I think that this location is a hotel. Maybe a restaurent, but street retail? Another building is planned at Randolph & Wilson. Probably office and they could have street level retail.

        • bred

          Opps. I have the first location wrong. Quincy & Fairfax is an office building with street retail.

        • nom de guerre

          Don’t forget the black box theater!

          • OldTimer

            Black Box Theater… People go in, but they never come out…

          • Plunkitt of Clarendon Blvd

            Not to mention the tax dollars that go in and are vaporized into county board fairy dust !!

    • Curious George

      Well Wiinkys is still burgers but at least it is local.

    • John

      Isn’t the World of Beer sports bar opening up across the street?

  • typicalarlingtonmale

    I’ll stick with first down.

    • bred

      I had an interesting experience at First Down a while back. Sitting at the bar I ordered a beer and a Rubin sandwich. After a while I began to wonder why the sandwich was taking SO long. While the sandwich was on the menu they had NO sauerkraut! They then asked me if I would like the sandwich WITHOUT the kraut. Since I couldn’t believe their incompetence I paid for the beer, left and will not go back.

      • nom de guerre

        You should have ordered a “reuben sandwich”- it comes with sauerkraut.

        • OldTimer

          LOL. It’s those damn seeds in the rye bread that get caught between my dentures and irritate the hell of out my gums.

          • truth be told

            Ask for seedless rye.

  • danielobvt

    Woot! I know my siblings and parents will be happy. BW3 is way better than the Green Turtle….

  • info81

    Wow , this is a lot of similar establishments in one area. If they can get critical mass it could work. I would prefer to see more smaller bars it is too bad they could not do it more European style with smaller footage kind of like Galaxy Hut. Plus they are all very male-centric sports/TV/pub food with no dancing/live music you could just have a bunch of guys sitting around hitting on the waitress and watching TV. If there are no girls around , then pretty soon no one is around.

    • John B

      I haven’t been there in a while, but Union Jack’s had a club feel after 10 pm, complete with DJ and dancing. It used to get packed on weekend nights.

      First Down has a deceptively small frontage, but it definitely not European style. They’ll probably be impacted the most by the opening of a wings place neraby.

    • Jorge

      Exactly. A lot of cookie cutter testoserone bars with bland food and nothing but swordfights. That’s Ballston.

  • DarkHeart

    Sports Bars are quickly catching up to 7-11s. I still can’t believe Hard Times morphed into a sports bar.

  • drax

    Wow, they finally landed a tenant. I’ve been going past that empty space for several years, listening to the echo.

  • AltaW


    I think there is the makings of a song here….

  • zzzzz

    The retail space in this building has been empty for years, so this is really good news. I doubt I’ll ever go there, but I’m glad something is opening. It’s been a dead block for too long.

  • PUP


    • Larchmont

      HELL YEAH!

  • Arly

    Woot! Love BW3s! No longer have to treck over to Wing Zone or Crystal City.

  • Rick

    Hopefully they don’t hire any of the Crystal City staff, they are slower than hell..

    • DarkHeart

      This is truth in your words.

      • DarkHeart


  • jan

    where’s the parking?

    • zzzzz

      Underground garage right in the building. Or in the Va Tech building next door, if you prefer.

    • BreakPause02

      Who needs parking – use bikeshare!

  • Lloyd

    Terribly ugly building.

    • John

      I agree. It is hideous. The same for the artwork in front of it.

      • Lloyd

        It’s hard to out-ugly the building, but that pointy glass thing might have done it.

      • DarkHeart

        The “artwork” is meant to acknowledge an Arlington icon that ceased to maximize the value of the property.

        • John

          I think you’re talking about a different building. The building with the Chevrolet dealership facade is not this building.

  • Tre

    Wait… so that means they think people will actually cross Glebe?

    • darx

      Those who do will cross against the light.

      • JamesE

        I would like to see some pedestrian overpasses for Glebe but that will never happen.

        • DarkHeart

          Create another entrance to Ballston metro that opens in Bluemont.

          • Friday!

            That’d be awesome…especially if it could simultaneously serve as a Glebe underpass for pedestrians!

    • zzzzz

      Some people are already on this side of Glebe. And there are already people crossing it (mid-block, thanks to the closed sidewalks in front of ex-Peck) to reach the Green Turtle.

  • The Rock

    Yes, another american restaurants/bar! The 5 miles to the Crystal City location was too long. Plus it was a long metro ride.

  • “another large format sports-and-beer eatery.”

    My sentiments exactly… Can’t wait for the sports bar bubble to pop.

    • novasteve

      And you’d prefer more Taverns or “American….” that are just trend places where people go to show off paying for even more overpriced drinks and food where the chef gets fired every other month? I’d kill for VA to allow bar bars so we could get a real dive.

      • SteamboatWillie

        Wait, Virginia doesn’t allow dive bars? That’s rich.

        • Ballston Irish

          Virginia requires a certain percentage of your sales come from food sales, therefore there are no actual bars in Virginia. In other states (I think NY is one) you can just sell booze and don’t have to sell food, which leads to many more divey type bars.

          • If the only requirement in VA was to serve food, then we’d have more dive bars. But if a percentage of sales must come from food, then a dive bar has to have food that is actually good enough to meet that requirement, which pretty much means no dive bar food.

            Although I think good food and dive bars aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

          • SteamboatWillie

            So does NC, and there are plenty of dive bars there. There are dive bars in Arlington, too, but novasteve is a chronic complainer.

          • Coyote Decent

            Sin Bin – NYC – the greatest dive bar in America. No food, only booze, all passion, no glory.

      • No. I’d actually prefer more dive bars and communal eating halls. We have enough yuppie taverns and American restaurants in Clarendon.

        • DarkHeart

          Galaxy Hut is fighting the good fight.

      • Em

        Yeah! Screw places that try! Bring on more chains, they have things that I recognize and I like things that I recognize! Boo any sort of eclecticism and the very slightly higher price that comes with it!



        Things that I’m used to!

        …Go America!

        • Em

          …Also, anything different is for “yuppies” and “hipsters” and other ambiguous terms that I can hang my anger on when I see something that does not conform to my expectations!

          Again: AMERICA!

          • Southeast Jerome

            man you got me so fired up. I am going to go fill up my SUV, drive to cost co and walmart. Then I am going to take down a big mac combo meal while watching a nascar race. After that, I am going to invite Rush Limbaugh over to throw darts at the dart board shaped like a womans body.

          • Mitt Romney

            I’ve never been to a Buffalo Wild Wings, but I have some friends who own them.

    • JamesE

      All I want is a nice seafood place, and a taco bell.

      • Good Grief

        Well, there’s a pretty classy Ken-Taco-Hut on Lee Hwy.

        • Lee-n-Glebe

          Yes – our very own little Slice of Heaven.

        • JamesE

          I meant within walking distance. I frequent the holy trinity of fast food quite often but sometimes I don’t want to drive.

      • drax

        You want a tuna taco?

  • Henry Spencer

    Meh, the wings are good, but the rest of the food is bad even by sports bar standards. Also, can someone explain why it’s called BW3 when there’s only two Ws in the name?

    • Arlingtonian

      Their original name was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck. A weck is some type of roll or bread.

      • OldTimer

        Yes, you are correct. A weck (bread) was used to soak up the juices and also help cool the burn when the sauce was just too spicy.

        • OldTimer

          I just had to doublecheck my memory, so I went to, uh, Wikipedia and found the following: “The kummelweck roll gives the sandwich its name and a distinctive taste. A kummelweck (sometimes pronounced “kimmelweck” or “kümmelweck”) is topped with kosher salt and caraway seeds. Kümmel is the German word for caraway, and weck means “roll” in the south-western German dialects of the Baden and Swabia areas (northern Germans generally say Brötchen).[2] The sandwich has been introduced to new areas of the United States with population movement. In Austria a similar type of small white-bread is known as Kümmelweckerl (diminutive from Wecken, which refers to a whole big bread, i.e. Brotwecken).”

          • Arlingtonian

            Yum, I think I’ve had a weck then! They are good 🙂

  • MC

    The only way these formulaic sport bar chains will survive will be to draw people from Fairfax and Loudoun counties for mock urban experience. The success of a place like Rustico shows that people who live in the area actually something a bit different. The danger is that these places will be popular, and attract roving groups of drunk people hopping from one place to another.

    • ArlyMon

      Have you ever been to the Crystal City location? It is generally very busy. Try going on Super Bowl Sunday, 2 hr take-out wait. I would say they are doing more than surviving.

      This is a great location for BW3. Ballston/Bluemont is not as saturated with bars as Clarendon ism and a good option in walking distance for these neighborhoods. Rustico is popular for many of us in Ballston not only because it is different, but becase we don’t have to drive/metro to Clarendon.

  • Rick

    I wonder why they didn’t take the space Ruby Tuesday had? Built-out restaurant with kitchen and hiiiiiiiiiiigh visibility.

    Are the homeless in Ballston scaring restaurants/anyone from opening near the train station?

    • OldTimer

      Pigeons + panhandlers + patio = Oh hell no!

    • Southeast Jerome

      yes Rick – precisely the story. That area around the ballston metro needs to be cleaned up a bit unfortunately.

  • TooEzy

    Hokies bar, called it!!!!

  • Henry Fernandez

    Green turtle is going down. It’s already empty.

  • suge

    Seems to me that buffalo wild wings needs to spend sometimes worrying about the people that serve all this great food u all eat .they treat their staff like crap ( this location) .iam not sure. If its just the unprofessional managers they have running this one or the company it self that allows these things to go on .learn how to treat the people that work like a dog for u


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