FroZenYo Store Opens in Ballston, More on the Way

by ARLnow.com August 15, 2012 at 11:58 am 7,692 51 Comments

A new frozen yogurt store has opened in Ballston.

FroZenYo opened last week in the old Smoothie King location at 850 N. Randolph Street, across the street from Ballston Common Mall. The store offers more than a dozen flavors of frozen yogurt and nearly three dozen toppings. Frozen yogurt flavors include original tart, vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream, red velvet cake, cake batter, coffee, butter pecan, dulce de leche, mango, coconut, kiwi strawberry, and raspberry pomegranate tart.

The store is open from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 10:00 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday. We’re told the store is in the process of applying for an outdoor seating permit.

The store is owned by Kevin Grevey, Jr. and his father, retired NBA star Kevin Grevey. Grevey played for the Washington Bullets from 1975 to 1983 and helped the Bullets (now the Wizards) win their only NBA championship.

The junior Grevey tells ARLnow.com that he’s currently working on a lease for a FroZenYo store in Rosslyn. He’s also exploring the possibility of opening a store in Clarendon.

At least two other frozen yogurt shops are currently in the works in Arlington. A Menchie’s frozen yogurt store is under construction on Columbia Pike, in the Penrose Square development. A Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt store is under construction in the Arlington Ridge shopping center on S. Glebe Road.

  • drax

    Please make it stop.

    • YTK

      click your heels together and make a wish?

  • Tomn

    Rosslyn would be a bad idea. THere last night, PinkBerry had a few customers, Red Mango was dead. The employees looked so bored.

  • DarkHeart

    Smoothie Kings are horrible. More Robek’s!

  • Tomn

    Correction … Clarendon** would be a bad idea. I think this will od well in Ballston but so far its been pretty dead

  • Ralph

    What an original idea! Frozen yoghurt!

    • CW

      Actually, if a place used the UK spelling it would be original. Fish and chips, curry and frozen yoghurt!

      • Ralph

        Nice catch, mate.

  • Wilbur

    When are we going to get a Go Remy Rap about all the FroYos in Arlington.

    Here’s a bad business plan: There are 50 FroYo’s in Arlington. Let’s open another one.

    All you can implicitly guess is that the mark up on Froyo is so ridiculous that the owners are wetting their pants, and new ‘entrepreneurs’ cant restrain themselves from opening up another one.

    Okay, contest – after this FroYo closes in 2 years, predict what overpriced franchise will next fill this space.

    • Arlingtony

      I’m still waiting for a TCBY to move in. You don’t need 50 yogurt places when you it all in one place: THE COUNTRY’S BEST YOGURT!

      • Andy

        There was a TCBY/Blimpies just around the corner from this store, in the same building even (where Pizza Autentica is now), and it was forced out of business by the absentee landlords based in NYC because they wanted something more upscale. That was told to me by the owner of the TCBY after he posted a going-out-of-business sign in his window about four years ago. He was a nice guy and ran a good business. His old spot remained a vacant storefront for over two years until the pizza place moved in. How is that good for the neighborhood, or even for the absentee landlord?

        • Tomn

          As a resident of this building I loved that TCBY/Blimpie. I was wondering why he left.
          And it’s an Archstone building, with a local manager. But she does not care about the building and its residents … it’s all about money and keeping Archstone happy.

          • Rick

            Yes but Pizza Autentica, Frozenyo etc don’t pay rent to Archstone. These units are either sold outright as condos or managed through a commercial real estate company.

          • Steve

            The old Chevy’s space is still vacant in Ballston Mall. I predict a FroYo Mega Store by the end of the year there.

          • Andy

            I’m saving up to open a Taco Bell. Think Outside the Bun.

    • drax

      True, except Starbucks is on every block and they aren’t exactly failing.

      • Farfield

        Caffeine is addictive…milk products are not.

        • b0rk

          Coffee isn’t seasonal either. Most people don’t want to go get ice cream / frozen yogurt when it’s cold out.

  • Eds

    Did the Tropical Smoothie place on Fairfax that ArlNow profiled as opening in VA Square in April ever open for business, or is that place already dead and gone? The inside of that space has been getting a facelift the past few weeks.

  • Grevey JR


    • DarkHeart

      Surprised your old man isn’t opening a second sports bar location in Arlington.

      • Grevey JR

        Oh daddy def izzzzz! We are gonna have a real cool concept with lots of Flat Screen’s, Miller Lite Specials, and who knows, maybe we will get crazy and make it a Virginia Tech bar!

        • C Spackler

          Any ideas of opening a boutique that sells overprice fabrics disguised as fashion for pixie like women?

  • Release the Trolls!

    • Troll Sound

      What do trolls yell as they are being released from the troll pen…..do they have a high pitched battle cry ??

  • karzai

    Exploring a location in Clarendon?? Are they serious? We already have Pinkberry and Red Mango, as was mentioned. South Block also has similar offerings. There is no need for another one of these places in Clarendon.

    • Justin

      Neither one of those are very good though. South Block doesn’t have fro yo.

  • b-money

    You know what, say what you will, but this place has been pretty crowded every time I’ve walked past. Stopped in and got myself a cup the other day too – it was good, and it cost way less than any ice cream.yogurt of comprable size elsewhere in the area would cost.

    I don’t see this place going anywhere anytime soon.

    • Tomn

      Fro-Zen-Yo I agree is the best of the weight your own. Not comparable to Pinkberry, but compared to others, quite good and pretty inexpensive

  • C Spackler

    Where on Earth do they get this much Yogurt????

    Think of the poor Cows!!!

  • MustHaveTaro

    no Taro? why no Taro? They will fail.

  • South Awwlington

    I’d like to see a GIS map with all Frozen Yogurt store distribution county-wide. Also included, opening date and date out of business.

  • observer

    Another new business for North Arlington. Figures.

  • craig

    my waistline’s furious.

  • Chris Slatt

    Don’t forget the Tutti Frutti coming to Lee Harrison.

    And seriously, anyone considering opening a frozen dessert shop of any sort in Clarendon has no more business sense than my shoe.

    Red Mango

    And I’m probably missing a few.

    • Sherriff Gonna Getcha

      well based on the $600K 2-bedroom condos in clarendon and the 2-bedrooms that rent for $3300, there is plenty of money to support multiple businesses.

    • mattdeanTCU

      Great…more competition for what is already limited parking.

  • C Spackler

    Will they have the chlorinated anchovy special? AKA the flavor of the month: “Four Mile Run”

  • Brian

    Just visited this location .. the new machines they have really spurt out a lot of froyo when you just open them … so your weight goes up quickly! But still mostly reasonably priced compared to others

  • D’oh

    Coming up, in Arlington news: frozen yogurt…assault…frozen yogurt…assault…frozen yogurt…wildlife…assault…frozen yogurt…

    • JamesE

      FroZenBro, featuring Trevor encased in carbonite.

  • Stitch_Jones

    It’s not really that healthy if you eat a lot of it. Just saying.

    Really missing Maggie Moo’s that used to be in Shirlington. You ever hear a kid clamor for “FroYo”? Ice cream, baby! ICE CREAM!!!

  • Fro Yo Boy
  • South Awwlington

    In protest of the flibber flab over Frozen Yogurt, I’ll be having hand-dipped Ben & Jerry’s tonight.

  • AnotherCraze

    First cupcakes, then burgers, now frozen yogurt! Typical Arlington — not making trends, just following them.


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