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by ARLnow.com April 18, 2011 at 9:03 am 2,399 23 Comments

Capital Bikeshare Stations Launch in Rosslyn — Four Capital Bikeshare stations were quietly installed around Rosslyn on Saturday. There were no public notices or proclamations before the installation — unlike earlier in the week when officials announced that four stations were to be installed on Wednesday. The county followed up that announcement with a notice that the installation was delayed indefinitely. Update at 12:05 p.m. — See info on the installations from Bike Arlington. [Patch]

Humpback Bridge Work Nears Completion — The National Park Service expects construction on the Humpback Bridge reconstruction project to wrap up in mid-June. The final construction phase will allow a full merge from I-395 onto the northbound GW Parkway. [WTOP]

Bengali New Year Celebrated on the Pike — The local Bengali community came together for their traditional New Years celebration on Saturday. Despite the wet weather, Bengalis gathered near Columbia Pike for a parade, musical performances, dancing and ethnic food. [Pike Wire]

County Pay Raises in the Works? — On Saturday, Arlington County Board members instructed County Manager Barbara Donnellan to proceed with a study of county workers’ compensation, which some within county government believe is too low. Also on Saturday, the County Board voted to raise their own pay ceiling from $49,000 to $57,337. While board members won’t be getting any more money this year, the move opens up the possibility of a pay raise next year. [Sun Gazette]

  • steve

    I saw the Bikeshare spot in Rossyln, it’s right by the Interlingua language center. My concern with it is that I would think cars will be tempted to block in that area. There’s supposed to be another one by courthouse pretty close to where i live, so I might consider becoming a member.

    • borf

      plus you can smoke there!

      • KalashniKEV

        plus there are some smokin’ sexy foreign ladies smoking outside Interlingua!

        • borf

          LOL! I have observed this also.

          • KalashniKEV

            When I’m running, I always take my time to take in the sights there just before I blast up the big hill. One of these days I might just have to sign up for a class and learn a foreign tongue or two…

          • steve

            Why are cell phones forbidden in that place? Sign on the door says no phones beyond this point? Too many people taking pics of the hot chicks?

          • mehoo

            Wait, Kev – you use your legs for transportation?

  • countyserf

    Glad they voted themselves a raise. Kinda sounds like congress.

  • bob

    Curious how many parking spaces Arlington is losing by installing bikeshare on the street rather than the sidewalk.

    • mehoo

      I wonder how many cars they’re losing. 😉

      • OX4

        One at Pierce and Clarendon. If that keeps you and your car off Pierce St, then I’m fine with that.

  • RosRes

    There is that big empty triangle of brick sidewalk where N 19th and Fort Meyer Drive intersect. Seems like that could be a good location for bikeshare, and there’s no praking there anyway plus I can’t see any other use for that space.

  • me

    off topic – Anyone know if any of the local Post Offices are open late for tax day tonight. Clarendon used to have that tax day blues festival but I haven’t heard it mentioned this year?

    • borf

      I think the tax day blues fest was canceled due to a complete lack of actual blues music played there.

  • LyonSteve

    What about the station by the Courthouse Metro that has mysteriously been delayed after being announced last week? No information in that press release.

    • bob

      10+ weeks.

      Zimmmie loves f**king with everyone, even if you don’t drive a car.

  • hank hill

    Can’t wait to mock the hipsters on bikes from my suv. Warning to bikers who don’t follow traffic rules…

    • Hopefully while you are paying so much attention to running down bikers you won’t actually be paying attention to where you are going and run head first into a telephone pole.

    • borf

      I witnessed an SUV rollover accident in Arlington the other day from my bike.

    • Gman

      I hope your not too distracted by the amount of gas your burning at $4+ a gal.

  • Hank HIll

    human bowling pins

  • Steve

    Does anyone know if on the bikeshare you can return the bike in 30 minutes and get another one, or do they consider that continuing the time you used it and then they start charging for use?

    • bob

      30 minutes, then re-charge, then another 30 minutes — really, you can do it all day. Fun contest for Michael Hurley to play.


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