‘Melody Tavern’ Coming to Potomac Yard

by ARLnow.com June 29, 2011 at 3:17 pm 7,548 22 Comments

A new bar/restaurant is coming to the Market Square at Potomac Yard development (3650 S. Glebe Road) near Crystal City.

“Melody Tavern” will serve healthy, modern American fare and will host live music and comedy acts, according to owner Michel Daley. It will target the more mature “professional set,” he said.

Daley, formerly the co-owner of D.C. waterfront hotspot Zanzibar, says the restaurant will be opening in the large, 7,000 square foot space once occupied by the now-shuttered McGinty’s Pub. He anticipates a September or October opening date.

The restaurant will have fewer flat screen TVs than McGinty’s, Daley said, but will still show sports and other programming during times when no live entertainment is booked. There will be a weekly, live jazz brunch on Sundays as well as occasional live jazz and blues performance at night.

Daley said he’s confident Melody Tavern will be a “destination” that will attract customers to the relatively new retail square, which he admitted is somewhat “off the beaten path.” He said two other new restaurants in the square — the Asian fusion eatery Heebeen and pizza-and-pasta joint Paisano’s — will be opening soon and will also help to add vitality to the area.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Daley said. “I couldn’t have found a better spot.”

At first, the restaurant will only be open at night on weekdays. It will eventually open for lunch during the week when tenants start moving into a new office building across the street, Daley said. Like McGinty’s, Melody Tavern is expected to seat more than 150 people inside the restaurant and outside on its 1,000 square foot outdoor patio.

  • CrystalMikey

    Good luck…that location has been horrible for everyone involved so far. They just need the rest of CC to fill out so that area can attract more traffic.

    • Melody’s Tavern

      Thank you. We will place a lot of effort into advertising and customer service

    • General Manager

      Sure hope your right. We are very excited and look forward to being here a long time.

  • John

    Thank god it’s not another irish bar/restaurant.

    • PikerShorts


      I will check it out for sure.

      What will parking be like?

      • There are about 100 garage parking spots available, as well as some street parking.

        • CrystalMikey

          And a CaBi station!

  • TGEoA

    It will target the more mature “professional set,”

    In other words, Clarendouches should stay away.

    • Clarendouche

      We wouldn’t stoop to being seen in South Arlington anyway.

  • Michael H.

    Developers have plans to build on the remaining open lots between the new Residence Inn and the existing buildings along S. Glebe Rd. But excavation hasn’t even started. Until more of those buildings (apartments?) are in place, it may be tough for any bar to survive at that location. A Potomac Yards Metro station will also help, but that’s still not a done deal. And it will be years before that station can be built.

    The live music and comedy may provide enough incentive for people from Crystal City, Potomac Yards and other nearby neighborhoods to make the short trek over there. Maybe not.

    • General Manager

      It’s not an easy location but we expect our food and customer service to bring folks back.

  • chris

    Wasn’t Zanzibar closed because of a shooting?

    • Melody’s Tavern

      No, the waterfront was bought for the beautiful new tennis stadium. Home of the Washington Castles.

  • Elle Kasey

    Glad to ear it, I guess but that is a lousy name.

    • Tabby

      Agree with that. Tabby’s Honky-Tonk would be better. Anything that doesn’t include “tavern” would be great. Real taverns don’t need to identify themselves as such. Example: The Old Brogue.

      Good luck to them.

      • General Manager

        Please come by anytime.

  • CJ

    As an owner/resident at the Eclipse, welcome!! We have really missed having a pub / tavern / whatever in the building and I’m sure you will find a lot of support from your upstairs neighbors. Now hurry and open!

    • General Manager

      Thank you. We are officially open as of two weeks ago. Please tell your fellow residents.

  • Melissa

    What time is the restaurant is going to be open to what time of the night

    • General Manager

      We are officially open.
      5pm-12 midnight M-TH
      5pm-2am F and SAT
      12pm-12am SUNDAY

  • Andy

    Wonderful addition to Arlington. Great food and vibe

  • Terry

    Love the place…I live in DC and go out of my way to spend an evening there. Great cafe to listen to music, watch sports, eat and drink…


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