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A Lyon Park resident has been arrested and accused of firing a bullet that whizzed by a man’s head.

Police say Laselle Booker, 57, was armed when he was arrested at his home on the 700 block of N. Edgewood Street. Booker is charged with attempted malicious wounding and reckless discharge of a firearm in public following a bizarre alleged incident that ended in the early morning hours of Friday, May 25.

According to Arlington County police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck, Booker had earlier approached a man at a gas station in D.C. and wrote him a check for $500, claiming he was on a mission to help less fortunate people and had been told by God to write the check.

The man then drove Booker to his Lyon Park home, and Booker subsequently offered to let him stay in his guestroom, according to Sternbeck. The men had a four hour conversation at the house, which investigators say eventually escalated into an argument in the home’s front yard. Booker is alleged to have asked for the check back, writing a $50 check instead after the victim asked for money for a hotel.

The victim became “agitated” at that point, Sternbeck said, and eventually Booker took out a .40 caliber handgun and pulled the trigger several times, without actually firing the gun, investigators say. He then racked the gun’s slide and fired a round that whizzed by the victim’s head, according to Sternbeck. The victim fled the scene and called police.

Booker had the weapon in his possession when he was arrested just after 4:30 a.m., according to Sternbeck. As of this afternoon he remains in custody.

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Love will be in the air for Crystal City’s outdoor movie nights, which start next week. This year’s series will feature romantic comedies.

Starting next Monday, June 4, the movies will be shown in the courtyard at 1850 S. Bell Street. They’ll run every Monday through August 27, starting at sundown.

Attendees are encouraged to make the event a date night by bringing a blanket and picnic gear. Short chairs are allowed, but courtesy for other visitors trying to see the movie is requested. Organizers are asking that moviegoers leave their pets at home.

As with Rosslyn’s free outdoor movies, these will be shown rain or shine, unless weather becomes too severe. Should there be a cancellation, information will be posted online, but organizers hope for a continuation of the good weather they’ve generally enjoyed during the event’s six year history.

“We’ve had great weather karma,” said Crystal City Business Improvement District President Angela Fox. “Even one year when we started getting a deluge, we were able to cover the equipment and show the movie after.”

The schedule is as follows:

  • Sex and the City — June 4
  • The Wedding Singer — June 11
  • Sweet Home Alabama — June 18
  • Hitch — June 25
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding — July 2
  • Sleepless in Seattle — July 9
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary — July 16
  • The Proposal — July 23
  • You’ve Got Mail — July 30
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days —  August 6
  • Pretty Woman — August 13
  • Love Actually — August 20
  • When Harry Met Sally — August 27

Disclosure: Crystal City BID is an ARLnow.com advertiser.

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A new Mediterranean restaurant is in the works in Shirlington. Medi is going in at 4037 Campbell Avenue.

According to the Village at Shirlington website, Medi says it “offers the vibrant tastes of Mediterranean food, with uniquely blended flavors, healthy ingredients, and great value.”

It also says, “At Medi, we want you to Meet, Eat, Drink, and Indulge – That’s our motto!”

Although no menu is formally listed yet, the restaurant’s description includes references to grilled meats and vegetables, Mediterranean sauces and dips and imported beverages. It mentions sandwiches, salads and rice bowls as entree options.

A sign in the window says the restaurant is looking to hire “freakin’ awesome people.” Medi’s Facebook page shows June as the targeted time for opening.

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A brick was thrown at the front door of a man accused of unlawfully filming his ex-girlfriend as she slept, then sending the photo to her.

The incident was reported around 11:30 last night, May 28, in the Radnor – Fort Myer Heights neighborhood. According to the police report, a brick was thrown at — but did not break — the front door of an individual accused of burglary, stalking and unlawful filming on May 13. Police would not confirm the identity of the victim, but the charges referenced in the report match those lodged against a 27-year-old Arlington man, whose trial is scheduled for June 27.

The brick had a note with the words “sleep tight” attached to it, according to Arlington County police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

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Work is underway at the site of a new California Tortilla restaurant coming to Crystal City.

The eatery is going in on the 2400 block of Crystal Drive, right next to Buffalo Wild Wings. The Mexican restaurant will compete with a Chipotle right down the street, at 2231 Crystal Drive.

This will be the Bethesda chain’s third Arlington location, joining the ones in Courthouse (2057 Wilson Blvd) and Reagan National Airport.

A sign in the window says the company is currently hiring for this location. We’re told the restaurant is expected to open in the late summer or early fall.

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Arlington County police are investigating a shooting that occurred early Sunday morning in Crystal City.

The incident happened just after 3:00 a.m. According to police, four people were posing for photos behind a vehicle parked in front of a hotel on the 2700 block of Jefferson Davis Highway when an unknown suspect fired between 3 and 6 gunshots. The hotel desk staff heard the shots and called police.

Responding units found a male victim shot in both ankles. The man was treated by medics and taken to George Washington University Hospital, according to police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. Four bullet casings were found at the scene.

The victim and his three friends claimed that they had only heard the gunshots and had not seen the shooter. Sternbeck said there was “not much cooperation” from the group, and that the investigation is ongoing.

The incident is not believed to be connected to the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally, Sternbeck said. The Hyatt Regency Crystal City hotel at 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway is the rally’s official hotel.

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Just in time for the arrival of hot weather, the county’s spraygrounds have opened.

The three parks — Drew Playground (3514 22nd Street S.), Hayes Park (1516 N. Lincoln Street) and Lyon Village Park (1800 N. Highland Street) — opened over the weekend and will remain in service until Labor Day weekend. Hours of operation can be found online.

A fourth sprayground was originally supposed to have opened already at Virginia Highlands Park, but now isn’t expected to be ready until next year.

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Obama Speaks of Peace in Arlington Speech— In his Memorial Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery, President Obama spoke of a “milestone” reached in the past year with the end of the Iraq war. “After a decade under a dark cloud of war, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon.” Mr. Obama also spoke of protecting veterans’ benefits. [Los Angeles Times, Associated Press]

Arlington Church Hosts Rolling Thunder Riders — The Arlington Assembly of God church, located just off Route 50 in the Arlington Forest neighborhood, hosted 300-400 Rolling Thunder riders over the weekend. The motorcyclists made camp outside the church or slept in the church itself. [Arlington Mercury]

Artisphere Gets First Artist-in-Residence — Local artist Beth Baldwin has been selected to be Artisphere’s (1101 Wilson Blvd) first artist-in-residence. Baldwin’s residency will stretch between now and November 11. Her 500 square foot studio will be located off of Artishpere’s main entrance lobby. “Baldwin will collaborate with Artisphere to create programming that involves her work and allows for visitors to learn more about her artistry, including ‘Plushie Design’ classes for all ages,” Artisphere said in a press release.

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ARLnow.com readers have spoken, and the photo above — “Morning Coffee at Iwo Jima” by Kevin Wolf — has been chosen as the best of the best in our pre-Memorial Day Summer Photo Contest.

The winning photo received 226 votes. “Fourth of July Fireworks from the Netherlands Carillon” by Clint Farrell was a close second with 210 votes, while our third place winner, “Douglas Park Fire Station” by Mary Troyan, received 183 votes.

Kevin, Clint and Mary will receive $100, $50 and $25 gift cards, respectively, to Fire Works Pizza in Courthouse (2350 Clarendon Blvd). Kevin will also receive a ARLnow.com tote bag. Thank you to Fire Works for sponsoring our contest and helping to give us give us some summer scenes to look forward to as we counted down the hours to Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s wishing you and yours a great holiday weekend, Arlington.

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Arlington County Board Chair Mary Hynes will help dedicate a new obelisk monument honoring Civil War dead at a North Arlington church over the weekend.

Hynes will be the featured speaker when the monument is dedicated at the historic Mount Olivet United Methodist Church cemetery (1500 N. Glebe Road) at noon on Sunday, May 27.

The dedication is taking place as the state and the county continue to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. The 150+ year old church, it turns out, played an important role in the aftermath of the war’s first major land battle.

“The church was used as a field hospital during the summer by Federal troops retreating from the First Battle of Bull Run, July 21-24, 1861,” church officials noted in an email. “Several who gave their lives in the Civil War found their final resting places in unmarked graves in the cemetery. The new monument now marks their presence and honors their service.”

“Mount Olivet United Methodist Church is proud of its Civil War heritage,” said Hank Hulme, church historian emeritus. “This dedication will be one more important event in the Sesquicentennial celebrations honoring Arlington’s place in Civil War history.”

In addition to the Civil War graves, Mount Olivet also has a connection to the Memorial Day holiday itself. The church contains the grave of Sue Landon Vaughan, one of the early founders of Memorial Day.

Photo courtesy Mount Olivet United Methodist Church

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Editor’s Note: This sponsored column is written by Nick Anderson, beermonger at Arrowine (4508 Lee Highway).

Today we’re wrapping up our ABCs of German Lager with a rundown of seasonal and slightly more obscure styles that you may come across, or maybe you’ve seen before but not known what they are. With a brewing tradition as storied and long-reaching as Germany’s there are many regional variations and sub-categories, but for today’s purposes we’re going to look at the ones you’re most likely to run into. Let’s start with perhaps the most famous seasonal beer in the world:

Marzen/Oktoberfest: Yes, the mighty Oktoberfest Lager. The first Oktoberfest was the celebration of the marriage of then-Crown Prince Ludwig in 1810 in Munich. Citizens frolicked and celebrated, but the horse races seen by the royal family were a hit and when it was decided to make them a yearly occurrence the festival tagged along, eventually being scheduled back so that it ended on the first Sunday in October. Marzen (“March”) as we know it today came into existence nearly 300 years before the Prince’s wedding: a 1539 Bavarian brewing law (yes, another one of those) stated that brewing could only take place between late September and late April. Most of these beers were brewed during March for the summer and early autumn months, hence the name. Marzen, with its higher alcohol content than standard Lager and balance of malty notes and easy drinkability, was readily available at the time of the first Oktoberfest and became associated with it to the point that today most people only know it by this newer name, though not every Marzen is an Oktoberfest. Only a handful of breweries within Munich’s city limits are allowed to use the term Oktoberfest for their versions — everyone else opts for everything from Marzen to Fest or Festbier. Personal favorites include the Oktoberfestbier from Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbrau, Paulaner, and Augustinerbrau (though this one is tough to find). Weihenstephaner Festbier and Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen (clever name, that) are great as well. My absolute favorite Oktoberfestbier however, is the world-class Bell’s Oktoberfest from Michigan; it never lasts long so jump on it when it’s around. Other great American examples are Heavy Seas Marzen, Schlafly Oktoberfest, Great Lakes Oktoberfest, Victory Festbier, and Avery’s insane 10.03% ABV The Kaiser. Most Marzen-labeled beers are available year-round, while Oktoberfest beers start arriving in early August.

Maibock: Essentially a Helles Lager brewed to the strength of a standard Bock, Maibock are notably lighter in color than a Bock or Doppelbock, with a slightly more intense hop presence. Mostly released in May (the “Mai” in “Maibock”), this style has become associated with many spring festivals and events. Hofbrau and Einbecker are the German versions you’ll likely see the most of here, with many American breweries jumping in on the fun of a stronger style beer that is still easy for most palates to approach. Rouge Dead Guy can be classified as Maibock, and other great examples include Smuttynose Maibock, Victory St. Boisterous, and the now-retired Sierra Nevada Glissade which I was a big fan of. Abita makes two versions: The spring-release Mardi Gras Bock and the year-round, decidedly stronger AndyGator, which holds the proud title of Most Dangerous Beer in America in my book for its combination of great flavor, balanced feel, and 8% ABV. The ‘Gator always leads to trouble, folks — but that’s half the fun.


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If you happen to be sticking around town for Memorial Day, you’ll have more than a dozen open houses to choose from around Arlington this weekend.

See our real estate section for a full listing of open houses. Here are a few highlights:

3650 Glebe Road South
Condominium — 0 Bed / 1 Bath
Listed: $254,000
Agent: Nikolas Groshans
Open: Sunday, May 27, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

5300 Columbia Pike
Condominium — 2 Bed / 2 Bath
Listed: $271,900
Agent: Brace Kennedy
Open: Sunday, May 27, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

1001 Randolph Street North
Condominium — 1 Bed / 1 Bath
Listed: $337,500
Agent: Sangsook Roche
Open: Sunday, May 27, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

4942 34th Road North
Single Family Detached — 3 Bed / 3 Bath
Listed: $750,000
Agent: Kevin Love
Open: Sunday, May 27, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

2622 Upland Street
Single Family Detached — 4 Bed / 3 Bath
Listed: $949,000
Agent: Dawn Wilson
Open: Saturday, May 26, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

2138 Patrick Henry Drive
Single Family Detached — 4 Bed /6 Bath
Listed: $1,350,000
Agent: William Hoffman
Open: Sunday, May 27, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

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Parking has been temporarily restricted along the side of Old Lee Highway due to a lane striping error.

The VDOT-owned street was recently repaved, but the crew that added the double yellow line apparently failed to take parking on the eastbound side of the road into account. As a result, eastbound traffic has to partially cross into the westbound lane to get around parked cars. Residents worried that this posed a grave danger to drivers.

“It’s only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs,” one resident said on the Cherrydale neighborhood listserv.

Arlington County has now put up temporary no parking signs between Taylor and Randolph Streets, while VDOT prepares to re-stripe the lanes. Arlington County Director of Transportation Dennis Leach told the Cherrydale listserv that the work may be performed over the weekend.

“Weather permitting, parking and striping should [be] normal by Tuesday,” Leach said Wednesday night.


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Update at 7:45 p.m. — Arlington School Board Chair Abby Raphael has responded, in writing, to the PTA letter.

The Jamestown Elementary School PTA has fired off an angry letter to county officials after new relocatable classroom trailers were placed in a field near the school’s playground.

The PTA says the community was not consulted about the placement of the trailers, and that the loss of green space will be detrimental to the school.

“This lack of communication on the County’s part is disrespectful, rude, and flies in the face of the Arlington tradition of ‘respectful dialogue,'” the Jamestown PTA said in a letter addressed to the Arlington County School Board, Superintendent Dr. Patrick Murphy and the Arlington County Board.

The incident is similar to another recent controversy, in which parents at Tuckahoe Elementary School protested the placement of classroom trailers on the school’s playground blacktop. The temporary trailers have become increasingly necessary as Arlington Public Schools deals with a capacity crisis.

The PTA is requesting a meeting with the school board “before we are faced with a fait accompli.” See the complete PTA letter, after the jump.


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‘Flags-In’ Ceremony at Arlington National — As they have done every year since 1948, members of the “Old Guard,” 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, placed an American flag at every grave in Arlington National Cemetery yesterday evening. The annual “Flags-In” ceremony is held each year in advance of Memorial Day weekend. The flags will be removed after Memorial Day. [Houston Chronicle]

Shuttleworth Campaign Profiled — Bruce Shuttleworth, who is challenging incumbent Rep. Jim Moran for the Eighth District Democratic congressional nomination, says he’s running against the 11-term congressman because of alleged ethics violations. “I think he votes the right way on social values, but he brazenly embraces conflicts of interest, and I think that’s unacceptable,” Shuttleworth told the Washington Post. Shuttleworth’s campaign, however, seems like a long shot — in March a group called the Campaign for Primary Accountability pulled its support of Shuttleworth to focus on “races where challengers understand what they must do to prevail.” [Washington Post]

Guas Returns to New Orleans — Bayou Bakery (1515 N. Courthouse Road) owner David Guas has returned to his native New Orleans — for the weekend. Guas will be appearing at the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, a food festival, where he will demonstrate how to make “crawfish cheesecake” and then serve as a judge for the fifth annual Louisiana Seafood Cook-off. Guas is described by his hometown newspaper as “a New Orleans-native, Harley-riding, duck-hunting, bass-fishing chef.” [New Orleans Times-Picayune]

Zapatat Tackles Tough Tattoo Removals — Ballston-based Zapatat (820 N. Pollard Street) has already attracted some 1,500 clients for its laser tattoo removal service. The business is now experimenting with a new laser removal process that is purported to remove tattoos in a quarter of the time of the usual method. [Washington Post]

Flickr pool photo by BrianMKA


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