Major Redevelopments Slated for County Board Vote by July 2022

More than a dozen major redevelopments are in the pipeline in Arlington, from the second phase of Amazon’s HQ2 to large-scale apartment buildings.

Of the 16 ongoing and anticipated major site plan reviews, the county’s planning division expects 10 of them to go before the County Board for approval over the next nine months, before the beginning of the 2022-23 fiscal year on July 1.

1. Amazon HQ2 / PenPlace

One of the most consequential projects slated to go before the County Board by the end of 2021 is the second phase of Amazon’s HQ2 in Pentagon City, PenPlace, the public review process for which is ongoing. If approved as initially proposed, the “PenPlace” site would feature The Helix, a 350-foot tall spiraling office building that recreates a climb in the Blue Ridge Mountains..

2. Vacant Wendy’s site (2525 Clarendon Blvd) in Courthouse

Another notable development winding through public meetings is the apartment building proposed for the long-vacant Wendy’s site in Courthouse. A date has not yet been set for Board review.

3. Marbella Apartments near Rosslyn

The Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development recently accepted an application from Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing to redevelop the Marbella Apartments near Rosslyn. The public review process is just kicking off with an online feedback opportunity slated to open today (Monday) and close Wednesday, Oct. 13.

4. Joyce Motors site in Clarendon

Planning staff say a site plan application to replace Joyce Motors in Clarendon with apartments and retail, filed in May 2020, has also been accepted, with a County Board review expected before July 1, 2022.

Continued progress on the Joyce Motors project, however, is tied up with efforts to plan the future of development in Clarendon, precipitated by a bevy of other projects proposed there. Planning commissioners continue to provide feedback on the Joyce Motors development as part of their input on the Clarendon Sector Plan update, which currently includes three other proposed projects.

5. Wells Fargo/Verizon site in Clarendon

Site plans for two of the projects proposed in the Clarendon Sector Plan — one for the Wells Fargo and Verizon sites and the other for the Silver Diner site — could be filed by July 1. Only the Wells Fargo site is expected to see County Board action this fiscal year.

The Wells Fargo site is slated to be redeveloped as a mixed-use building with retail, office space and apartments. The second would be a hotel and apartment building over on the Silver Diner assemblage at 3200 Wilson Blvd, which includes well-known beer garden The Lot (3217 10th Street N.) and neighboring office retail buildings. Staff don’t anticipate this one reaching the board before July.

As part of the sector plan update, the county’s Long-Range Planning Committee is examining everything from building heights to historical preservation to open space. According to a recent timeline, the committee will issue draft recommendations this month that the County Board could consider in November or December.

6-8: Ballston Macy’s redevelopment, Rosslyn’s Xerox site and Crystal Plaza 5

Meanwhile, some early site plan documents and renderings have been filed, but not yet accepted, by the county. Still, planning staff anticipate the Ballston Macy’s redevelopment, the Xerox site (1616 Fort Myer Drive) and Crystal Plaza 5 to go to the County Board for a vote before July 1.

The Ballston shopping center, the Rosslyn office building and the Crystal City office building and adjacent restaurant space would each be torn down to make way for apartment buildings. The Crystal City development would also see the demolition of the building that for 17 years has housed Jaleo, which closed on Sunday.

9. Americana Hotel in Crystal City

Planning staff expect County Board action on only one more site plan they’ve yet to receive: the Americana Hotel site. The Crystal City hotel closed in December and was purchased by JBG Smith to be turned into apartments, along with the Inn of Rosslyn.

10. Garrison duplex renovation near Crystal City

A local resident is looking to expand his duplex to better accommodate families, but Arlington’s zoning code requires the project to seek a full County Board vote, including input from county commissions rather than an administrative approval by county staff, as would be normal for a single-family home project.

County staff expect a few other site plans will be filed over the next nine months, but won’t make it to the County Board this fiscal year. That includes a major redevelopment proposed for the RiverHouse apartments in Pentagon City, new office towers at 2525 Crystal Drive and a new YMCA building with apartments in Virginia Square.